What if we have got it the wrong way round ... what if we are all originally invisible beings from another dimension grounding ourselves more firmly in physical matter ?

Update 13 jan 2013

Using the yin yang model

alt text

with the yang part representing lower vibrational dense matter and our physical body ... and the yin part representing higher vibrational matter and our spiritual body ... then an entire being, an entity, is a physical human functioning in perfect harmony with it's non physical "extraterrestrial" counterpart ... the whole can be represented symbolically by a simple grey circle, a total unified being living on earth.

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blubird two

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We're all physically born here on earth and under constant influence of the magnetic extra-terrestrial influence of the star that we name the sun, without the sun life on earth as we know it would quickly fade and disappear ... we could say we're maintained by extra-terrestrial forces

(07 Jun '22, 04:05) jaz

by self imposed beliefs and language we're by definition terrestrial beings ... many people believe there is life on other planets ... for a life form living on the planet ùl:kj for example we are extra-ùl:kj

(09 Jun '22, 01:00) jaz

Guess science finally proved it - we are beings of light :))

(10 Jun '22, 22:35) ele
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Yes we are! I once saw this on a show maybe Nova. It showed a one dimensional object "a point" then a two dimensional object "a line." Then it showed a three dimensional object "an apple."

It said if these were beings each would be invisible to each. None could ever describe the other because to understands you would need to be in that dimension. So we are invisible to the second, first, fourth, fifth and all other dimensions except our own third dimension.

Now as for the choice of words, "Terrestrial" means having to do with Earth so "Extraterrestrial" would be beyond Earth. I suppose you could apply this to dimensions instead of space so I can see how that fits if we consider Earth only the third and forth dimension.


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Wade Casaldi

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Interesting Wade, so what would a 0 dimension correspond to ?

(30 Dec '11, 23:34) blubird two

That is the void, it is where there is no dimension.

(31 Dec '11, 23:49) Wade Casaldi

Thank you ©bluebird two for picking my answer best. :-)

(14 Jan '13, 16:08) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- and thank you for providing the best answer ... so instead of extraterrestrial a more appropriate name for us would be multi-dimensional beings ... with this way of thinking a lot of pieces of the puzzle fall into place ... in the film "alien" by ridley scott the alien would then represent a projected image in a symbolic form, of ourselves ... have fun :)

(15 Jan '13, 02:33) blubird two

My brother gave me a link to a video series that is TOTALLY mind blowing. It is stuff that I'm not sure I'm glad to find out.

Annanaki Don't watch this movie

(19 Feb '14, 22:54) Wade Casaldi
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I realise what I am going to relay may be upsetting and confusing to some, but I will relay it nevertheless.

The aspect of ourselves that is exploring and experiencing concurrent incarnations as Earth human beings in physical form is terrestrial in nature. Do we have extra-terrestrial DNA in our physical vehicles? Yes! All organic life is seeded, including planets themselves. We refer to this process as terraform. In a sense, our physical vehicles are organic robots. But keep in mind that what we truly are is non-physical, eternal consciousness and creativity. The physical bodies that aspects of our consciousness temporarily reside in are merely vehicles we manifest in order to experience physical sensation and physical creation.

We are all co-creators of this Universe. Through the exploration and experience we amass from the perceptions and 'feelings' of our physical incarnations, we expand the Universal Creator's initial construct. When our Eternal Essence enters a Universal construct we explore and experience every aspect of its construct concurrently, as well as the Universal constructs derived from this initial Universal construct by our fellow co-creators. Through this process we concurrently formulate our own, unique Universal constructs.

As we are all co-creators of this Universe, and Universal Creators in the making, aspects of our Eternal Essence reside in everything inside (non-physical awareness) and outside (physical awareness) our perception of Creation. The expanding fractals of our Over Soul permeate this entire Universal construct. We all have counter-parts that are Reptilian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, etc. We all have counter-parts that are elements, vegetation and trees, and animals. We all have counterparts that are murderers and rapists and counterparts that are victims of such acts. We all have counterparts that are masters and students, saints and gurus.

Everything that exists we are apart of and linked to. Imagination brings us into alignment with All There Is.

Our experience of this Universe is a simultaneously, multi-dimensional cumulative expression and understanding of all these experiences.

We do not come from this Universe; we merely experience every aspect of it and further it simultaneously to expand our own Universal creations. In a sense, we are but students in this Universe. Every experience, every expression furthers us to a graduational level of Universal Creator.


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ok @TGunn i get the picture ... you are acting as a relay, a channel and so your text comes from elsewhere ... you are what most people would describe as a channeler, a medium

(20 Feb '14, 01:23) jaz

We are all channels, my friend; all relays. I do not indulge in New Age practices or meditation. I do not ACT as a channel, but I am open to receiving information without resistance, and relaying -- after discernment-- such information to others.

(20 Feb '14, 02:19) TGunn

yes we are all relays and the info that we pass on is always more of less colored by our individual filters, our own level of perception

(20 Feb '14, 02:59) jaz

@jaz: perception, reaction, and response is what our outer ego is designed for. Guidance and navigation is what our inner ego -- our High Self is designed for; it sees beyond our immediate perceptions, and transmits a trajectory path that is the most harmonious to our well being and experience. But I must admit, I do enjoy, to a certain extent, those coloured filters :o)

(20 Feb '14, 04:28) TGunn
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Well I don't feel invisible.My bathroom scale show 100+ kilos so that is physical matter to me.I am pretty sure that most of my genetics are earthly and not ET based.But that is not to say that there are those that feel the way you do.
So you can put me in the "earth-man" category.


answered 29 Dec '11, 10:01

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yes there is the "spiritual being having a human experience" Spiritual being as not being from earth thus ET. or not being from any planet coming from the "non-psychical",and that is without matter, space or time.

(29 Dec '11, 10:37) ursixx

We are all One. Us and the ET's are One too.

One God, One Love.


answered 29 Dec '11, 11:38

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That is right Brian I love your answer.

(30 Dec '11, 09:22) Paulina 1

Who knows? Maybe to someone we are, and if so isn't it just another label?


answered 30 Dec '11, 04:43

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Yes you are right ET or Earthling are just lables.

(30 Dec '11, 09:28) Paulina 1

perhaps the earth was made
especially for mankind
an environment for his
senses to percieve and get

information on which to
unfold to his potential
desiged by Infinite Mind
to enhance the whole cosmos

she provides us a body
and nurtures so we grow is
this extra terrestial
or the ultimate design


answered 12 Aug '13, 19:46

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Imaginary objects are just as real in the imaginary dream world as real objects in the real physical world ... we're all master creators and in our imagination can create whatever we can clearly imagine, including fireworks and extra-terrestrials

alt text

Update 16 fev 2014

Ok blubird with the yin yang model, the whole can be represented symbolically by a simple black circle on a white background

alt text

the physical visible part of the entity being represented by the circle and the non physical invisible, the unlimited counterpart being represented by the blank background.

The physical and non physical are of course opposite sides of the same coin, they are different expressions of the same original force. So you could say that we have a physical presence on the planet earth and at the same time we are capable being present in some form or another elsewhere in the universe.

Update 20th june 2015

Hello blubird or more correctly should I say hello "me" because blubird two was one of my earlier pseudonyms :)

Recently in fact yesterday I came across a couple of photos that I find extremely intriguing, they're photos of Cassiopeia A taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

alt text

alt text

What struck my attention was that if you swivel the photos 180° so that they appear upside-down, there seems to appear humanoid heads

alt text

alt text

or is it just my imagination ... mind you if you can imagine it clearly enough in your inner space you can manifest it into your outer space and wow and behold you have real photos of what you imagine extra-terrestrials to look like ... lol


answered 16 Jul '13, 02:58

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Dream world ... hmm ... if you can imagine it; it's real. Isn't an illusion as much a reality as reality is an illusion? I think @blu had it right . . . We are NOT from this world ... 'beings' of light having an earthly experience ... technically that makes us all aliens...

(12 Aug '13, 04:51) ele

All? No.

Absolutely not, not even close. In fact, 99.99% are not.

Furthermore, the very vast majority of people (myself included in this statement, just for anyone who likes to jump to conclusions) have not met any in person.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 29 Dec '11, 09:05

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Hunting? Eff that. I only hunt when I need something. And when I am forced to take another life it is done quickly, humanely, and I eat what I kill. If you don't respect ALL LIFE then you don't deserve to be attempting to take any of it in the first place.

(29 Dec '11, 10:21) Snow

And regarding the invisible statement: Some, probably true. Others are probably able to change form. (Which do you think is harder, inter-stellar travel [we already can do this, just poorly] or shape shifting? IDK bout you, but if I do some bicep curls my biceps change shape and get stronger, and I'm just a stupid monkey like everyone else here. So imagine what a 'more evolved' creature could do...)

(29 Dec '11, 10:23) Snow

TBH I imagine the Earth is probably like a zoo to aliens. They come by, sometimes take part in the festivities, other times just observe, or just do whatever they want (up to and including hunting humans.) After all, we are all just animals, and we act as such, so why not be treated as such?

(29 Dec '11, 10:24) Snow

touché. Because of the people whom I associate with regularly I unfortunately felt the need to clarify... it is a very sad and disturbing thought that it was in any way necessary, but c'est la vie. =( But anyway: You too! ^_^y

(29 Dec '11, 10:44) Snow

My brother gave me a link to a video series that is TOTALLY mind blowing. It is stuff that I'm not sure I'm glad to find out.

Annanaki Don't watch this movie

(19 Feb '14, 22:46) Wade Casaldi
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Our physical bodies are made of the stuff the earth is made of plus the spirit of God. Beings with physical bodies from other planets would be made of the stuff their planet is made of plus the spirit of God. Beings from other realms don't have physical bodies. I haven't met them, so I couldn't say what they are made up of.


answered 29 Dec '11, 16:56

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Fairy Princess

Symbolically speaking the Bible speaks of fallen angels. My understanding of this is that they came down to the 3rd dimension of the earth plane to assist ones. Some of those fallen angels forgot why they fell. So I would have to say many of us on earth came here to assist ones in their life as to remembering who they are and where they came from and ultimately how to complete our purpose and what we came here for so we may return home and evolve. I look at the Earth as a school. After we return home we can decide what we want to learn next and where that will take us. The universe is like love and the God essence that resides in all of us... infinite. But if you were to tell 99.99999% if the people here on earth you came from Pleadies, Sirius or Orion and they currently held a limited consciousness they would look at you kind of funny. So the fallen angel story works with most peoples consciousness.

From the Heart!



answered 29 Dec '11, 17:24

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And from my heart to yours, love this answer.

(30 Dec '11, 09:26) Paulina 1

Hi Bluebird, If God, or the universe or the crative mind or whatever one calls it made all that there is than there is no such thing as an alien for we are all Gods creation. We are all brothers and sisters and children in God.

That doesnt mean that there arnt any beings on different galaxies and solar systems for if we are here on earth maybe there are other beings somewhere else on some other solar systems but if the same god made us than they are not aliens.

Are we all Alians? God created us from himself so where was God when he created us. Everywhere which simply means that everywhere is where we come from and that means that we are part of the whole universe or universes so I supose you could if you realy wanted to say that we are in part alien or that thereis no such thing as an alien. Whatever takes your fancy is OK.

Personaly I consider myself and Earthling and love it for if I look at the other planets they all look so unwelcoming and our earth looks so beautiful that I thank God for planet earth. She is the most beautiful planet. Viva la tera.


answered 30 Dec '11, 09:54

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Paulina 1

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