It is based on the same principles as the Bashar space-time antenna, that is, it collects subtle energy and transforms it into useful energy ... it's comprised of a generator coil and a pyramid receiving device

alt text

Here are the references

Has anyone tried this device ?

have fun

asked 06 Mar '12, 00:22

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think that this website here by Patrick J. Kelly is a good place for anyone to open up their pre-existing concepts, because his information is free and nonprofit.

If you check out this site, you may want to download the entire pdf based book (with all the chapters).

Sites like this are often taken down without explanation, when the site traffic begins to attract too much attention.

Google even inserts a viral infection warning to certain links, when the site actually doesn't contain such malicious code.

It is now possible to learn about these ideas without going to the "For Profit" sites.


answered 06 Mar '12, 01:44

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The Traveller

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@The Traveller - thanks for the feed-back, i'll carefully study the Patrick J. Kelly website link ... :)

(06 Mar '12, 02:15) blubird two

Wait, how much output can you get from one of these machines? Like are these actually devices that could be used to power your household electronics?

(06 Mar '12, 02:49) Snow

@blubird: Well yes, I realize that they generate a charge. I took a quick look over a few schematics and they reported generating milliwatts, which is obviously scientifically notable but on the topic of actually powering ANYTHING it isn't particularly helpful. That would put these into the category of "Very cool science with potential if researched."

If any of these could put out even a few watts they could be used to power small devices, and that's why I ask.

(06 Mar '12, 12:57) Snow

@Snow - yes, i agree this device has potential ...

(06 Mar '12, 23:35) blubird two
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Yes I have built the device and tested it ... when you drop the magnet through the tube you get a surge of electrical current, this is exactly the same as manually turning a generator to produce electricity, you're the one providing the initial energy, so nothing new.The capacitor inside the pyramid seems to have little effect on the phenomenon.

Conclusion niet.

However recently this came to my attention, a free energy magnet motor, I feel like giving it a spin :)


answered 09 May '15, 01:45

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