For the past 2 months or so I have been trying out a few experiments or so and this one in particular I can never seem to find any solid clear explanations on yet. I was hoping if maybe you guys could help me out with this, or possibly already know of some information about this and maybe point me towards the right resource.

You know when you get a feeling about something? Like when you have to make a big decision or even when someone says something to you that makes you have a feeling instantaneously right as they are saying it to you?

Well I've curiously been trying to pay attention to when these in the moment feelings happen, to take notice to where the location of where the feeling is coming from when I have these types of feelings. To see if I can learn anything new from this.

Like for example, I notice when I learn something completely new, I feel a sensation at the top of my head of where the crown chakra is right at the same time as I am having this "A-ha" moment. If I have a conversation with someone about a movie that I thought everybody loved, but someone tells me they hated it and then explains to me why and how they are able to hate it, upon absorbing this new perspective I will feel a light almost release of compressed bottled up energy come from, not so much the center of my forehead, but my entire brow line, but comparing to the picture chart below I notice that it is still right around the location of where the third eye chakra would be nonetheless.

I notice when I dig to past memories or even think about what will happen in the future, I will feel a slight tug in my solar plexus where the solar plexus chakra is. If Someone says something that hurts my feelings or something that makes me feel love, I feel it in exactly where the heart chakra is.

This is so freaking interesting to me, because I've always just referred to these sensations as "gut feelings," but I am learning that they are so much more expressively detailed than that. Its just I and everyone I know never paid attention to it before on actually focusing where these feelings are coming from, because in all honesty I feel we are more taught to just discard these sensations naturally or to the very least just lump them up into a generic category of just "Feelings."

It fascinates me that everytime I will feel these same type of feelings like an "A-HA" moment at the top of my head everytime, but never in my right toe, my elbow, or my hands. What I have discovered though is sometimes I will feel a combination of the feeling coming from multiple locations depending on what it is I am feeling at that moment. So like, when I think of a person who did something very kind to me in the past, I will feel a sensation from my heart chakra and also my solar plexus chakra as I am thinking of it in that very moment. The feeling will feel like a light tug on the solar plexus area, as well as a "mint fresh cool" light feeling in the center of my ribcage area.

So I will go ahead and spoil that so far they always seem to be occurring from precisely the areas of where the chakras are. So after seeing that, I decided to pay attention to what type of feeling I am getting from these particular locations whenever I get a feeling from a moment or a situation.

This has changed my life in such a way now that I feel like I have more awareness of myself now. I will actually catch myself in how I truly feel about a thought or situation with myself, from almost like a third perspective if that makes any sense. However I am curious if this is just me feeling these sensation in this way and even possibly only in these locations. If someone tells you they love you or says something that makes you feel love, where do you feel it? I mean, where precisely do you feel it? And what does it feel like? What exactly does it feel when you become disappointed and where do you feel that sensation?

So far I've learned that when I have what I classify as a "good feeling" in any of these locations, I will feel a lightness in that location as well as a sensation that is kinda like what you get when you take one of those listerine cool breath mint strips., but when I feel a "bad feeling" it feels like something condensing into a hard liquid and then hardening even further into like a clay block within me, almost trying to turn itself into a solid metal weight." I still have not been able to pin point where the feeling anxiety comes from though.

alt text

I've been searching the internet for topics related to this, but I can't find anything that is 100% dead on. I've been using this particular picture chart above a lot when I get a feeling and then coming home to look up of what is in the description of the chakra related to where I had this feeling and it seems to be extremely accurate for a lot of the sensations, but for others it still seems a little off. Any help would be so greatly appreciated, as well if you wouldn't mind sharing with me exactly what certain emotions of yours feel like and how the differentiation of "good" and "bad" feelings feel to you. Please don't base it off recalled or remembered emotions though please, because I have been learning that you cannot re-emulate a feeling you had from a moment in the past and then have the exact same sensation when you try to remember it, you will get a different feeling than it was before if you base it off memory. Hope I don't sound too crazy to you all. And thank you to all of you for helping me grow so much on here.

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U did a GREAT Job asking this question

(22 Jun '13, 14:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you sir :)

(03 Jul '13, 14:05) ikaruss21
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Well the way Treb describes them, they are from imbalance with either whatever u r doing, thinking, or beliefs, and then depending on what it is, it links itself to each chakra. If it is lets say a bad belief about loving, then it is bad thoughts or experiences that do not align with the soul. This is sent from imbalanced frequency from soul, through the chakras, through the dna, and then manifest itself out to the physical body. It is a red flag system that helps us understand what and how we are imbalanced. Because it has to do with the love, and heart chakra, it usually manifest itself out in the general area of the heart chakra. Ill find the recording and post it here.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks, Rob! That helps a lot actually. Definitely appreciate that and would definitely look forward to listening to that recording.

So from what you are saying so far, it always has to do with imbalances? I am curious because I can definitely understand that with the feelings that feel hard and heavy, that that would makes sense that they represent imbalances or blockages, but what about when you actually feel "good" and "light" in those areas? Are those still red flags?

(22 Jun '13, 15:49) ikaruss21

NOpe. that is a blue flag that it is JUST RIGHT lol, that the soul is alighned with the thought, action and belef. :-)

(22 Jun '13, 22:13) TReb Bor yit-NE

Awesome, good to know. That would of just rocked my world a little too hard if the "good" feelings were just another form misalignment as well lol.

Doing my best to do whatever it takes to transform the red flags into dem Blue flags. Thanks a bunch man! :)

-Oh and I must ask now, so what location do you feel anxiety when you feel it? Anxiety is a very strange complexed feeling to me still.

(22 Jun '13, 22:28) ikaruss21

LOL, U r welcome, i am glad this helped. for anxiety, it is usually in beaten stomach and chest, depends on what u r anxious about. If it is about love, then it is in heart chakra.. If it is about money, it is root, and if it about time, it is in solar plexus, sex in sacral,. so on and so forth. It will always manifest itself out to where it is root from. Does that make sense?

(23 Jun '13, 11:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

That makes a lot of sense. I think it was really difficult for me to pin-point because I was classifying these feelings into only two categories, "good" or "bad." That kinda opens a whole new can for me now, because I can see and feel now that you are totally right. It makes me realize now though that there is even a further detailed complexity to "the way the feeling feels like." It is way more diverse then just only the two feelings I was trying to differentiate from before,

(Part 1)

(23 Jun '13, 15:16) ikaruss21

it never occurred to me to look beyond that until you just telling me that. Anxiety was such a confusing feeling to me, because it doesn't feel heavy, nor light. It feels if anything like a fuzzy feeling, but a kinda fuzzy feeling that makes me feel like I am getting more nauseous as time keeps going by while its there. Kinda like you threw that chakra next to the microwave, just getting more and more nauseaus as it stays next to it longer.

(Part 2)

(23 Jun '13, 15:23) ikaruss21

Anywho, this changes everything for how I was orignally percieving all of this. Thanks for enlightening me man!

(Part 3)

(23 Jun '13, 15:23) ikaruss21

Well, try to use awareness in the day, like treb said, and i do it it works. be aware of ur thoughts every min, and soon u can trace them back, i really enjoy it when i am able to start feeling angry, and i can back-step my own thoughts and see exactly what the trigger is, It makes me understand myself much better, it tales practice. but it can be done. Thank u. LOVE

(23 Jun '13, 16:05) TReb Bor yit-NE

TY for making this the OFFICIAL answer//

(25 Jun '13, 22:19) TReb Bor yit-NE

No, thank you for giving me such great insight into myself. You have truly changed my life in how I now have more awareness of myself on a day to day basis after you exposing another dimension on how to perceive all of this into a higher level.

I cannot thank you enough. :)

(03 Jul '13, 14:08) ikaruss21
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when truly percieved it be
your whole body, but the brain
is what sends the impulse,
to where and how intense
do you harness it


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