hello everyone, I have a question for all of you who can see angels, I am being followed constantly by a tornado of energy, colors kinda purple, blue, maybe pink, has eyes, I can kinda see its face, I don't feel like its anything bad, it is a little intrusive cause I can't even go to the bathroom with it not being there, I see it also when I close my eyes. It seems like its something that if it was human could be called pretty. I have asked it If there is anything I can do for it to let me know.. also, told it if it was something evil to back off, also told it if you are my angel cool and everything but let me chill sometimes. It feels like a bunch of energy and my right ear and crown tingle a lot because of it. can anyone be of help please.. I know I should "experience and enjoy" or whatever, but I do need some guidance from those of you who have been woken up for a while now, or have been born with gifts just to know it is not something evil and to learn how to deal with it.. thanks everyone.. :)

asked 15 Oct '11, 23:45

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also, it has two main eyes, and little eyes all around it.. bunch of circles of energy going round and round incredibly fast.. thanks still waiting for an answer!..

(16 Oct '11, 00:41) jinxx

I always saw an angel from heaven every time I look at the mirror. Yes, he is very handsome.

(25 Apr '15, 09:50) Romel
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Hi Jinxx, Angels are seen differently by different people but to reckognise an angel is easy for they radiate love and peace and are sort of illuminated from within. Angels will never stick around if you dont want them there and will give you the peace you seek. You simply know they will not do anything against your wishes.

The vision you describe is of a spiritual colour purple, blue, which could be indigo and any violet color, pink represents love so acording to the colours it is nothing bad but if you ask it nicely to leave you in peace for a while and it doesnt than it is not an angel but could be some other being or a thought form. This thought form culd be coming from your own subconscious desire to see an angel or it could be coming from someone else that you are picking up on.

Read Doreen Virtues books for she has many differnt ones on angels and they are usualy represented by different colours. For instance Archangel Michael is deep blue and Zadkiel keeper of the purple flame is of course purple while Chamuel is pink.

Maby the intergrated colours and many eyes could simply mean that you are being watched over by angels. This is something that you will have to figure out for yourself but if it makes you feel uneasy in any way and you ask it to leave and it doesnt want to but plays on your sympathy to stay than get rid of it by being firm and telling it in no uncertain terms that you wish it only the best but it has to leave as it is not welcome.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

P.S. You say you pray a lot. Have you ever heard of Santa Lucia. She is the patron saint of eyes. Here in Portugal many people pray to her to heal their eyesight. Little statuets of her actualy have little eyes on a platter or eyes oll over. Maybe it is Santa Lucia that you see and maybe she is trying to tell you to have your eyes seen to. You never can tell so ask the vision if it is Santa Lucia. The fact that the vision wont leave is maybe to impress some kind of urgency for you to have your eyes checked.


answered 16 Oct '11, 05:04

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Paulina 1

thx I was waiting for your answer, and It came right after I saw it completely in a wall.. it is a circle of energy and it has eyes, I dont think it scares me, I think that the fact that I am not used to this sort of presence is what scares me. this is so new to me as you already know. It is kinda pretty I guess, I do see pink in it and pretty other colors, I guess I need to forgive myself for not wanting to see things in this lifetime and maybe it will leave. I will have my eyes checked, I do have problems with one eye so It might be something telling me to check them. I will praty tonight,

(16 Oct '11, 05:26) jinxx

I don't feel like it wants to harm me, it is just wierd to see it every time I look. you have been of a lot of help my friend. Something i do feel and I dont know if it makes a difference, I see it with my eyes closed, and I see it with my eyes open, also whenever i see it my crown tingles a lot. I will deal with it as much as I can, and I will definetly let you know what happens. Thank you Paulina, you are an angel to me right now. :)

(16 Oct '11, 05:28) jinxx

nicely done Paulina Giao. but i do not think the problem is the eye. he see it with eyes shut. so it is from the mind or the spirit. that is why i told him to meditate.

(16 Oct '11, 05:29) white tiger

Very good comment Paulina. I agree that a good force of any kind would not stick around when unwanted nor follow one into the bathroom during personal "business".

(16 Oct '11, 15:40) LeeAnn 1

well Lee Ann a good force can stay even if the person is naked because it as not anny impure thoughs. but evil force would be expulsed.

(16 Oct '11, 18:13) white tiger

I heard that before white tiger, they say that entities from other dimensions dont see our human private manners the way we do, thats why they dont care and stick around for them, for us it is pretty creepy and for them is like when we take our dog for a walk to do their business

(16 Oct '11, 18:16) jinxx
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Angels are energy and as such can take any form that we wish to imagine ... we often refer to them as "beings of light" because these energies help us to pierce the secrets of the hidden (darker) side of our lives.


answered 16 Oct '11, 06:53

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blubird two

The one who aided me in my childhood was transparent, yet shimmering....like when you see a water-mirage on the road ahead of you. If you can imagine a large strong person made of water, this was what he/she looked like.


answered 16 Oct '11, 15:43

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LeeAnn 1

the one i see is exactly like that but instead of the water effect, mine has like a strong whirlwind energy effect, I don't know if it make sense. but just a lot of energy in a round motion

(16 Oct '11, 18:14) jinxx

It sounds like what you described ("mine has like a strong whirlwind energy effect") is something called a sylphs .Here is one Description of such there are many accounts of human interaction with these elementals . The study of them is quite interesting ,a person can find many description of the and interaction with them and other elementals .


answered 19 Oct '11, 08:13

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thx, i just read it, it is air going around incredibly fast with an eye in the middle and little eyes around it. I was advise to get an MRI and discard any tumors or neurological damage, if it is all good I will continue to find out what it is in a spiritual way.

(20 Oct '11, 09:34) jinxx

well jinxx you said that you have talk with it did it not answer you? if it did not answer you sit down and meditate on the meaning i am sure you will find out what it means experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Oct '11, 01:40

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white tiger

this will probably sound stupid to all of you, but I have never meditated in my life, I don't even know how to go about it. I pray because thats all I really know, I have nothing against meditation, I would love to try it, I just don't know how :/

(16 Oct '11, 02:27) jinxx

well jinxx sit down be comfortable so that your body does not disturb you. then focus your sight on a point in front of you that is not there. then you will see though and emotion pass by understand the meaning and put them to rest. once your mind and hearth is clean you will achive dhyana. and like i said the journey is more important then the goal. it will take many months or years to reach dhyana. meditating each day. well experience and enjoy.

(16 Oct '11, 03:50) white tiger

usely what disturb you the most will come first. when meditating so it will solve your problem pretty quickly. experience and enjoy.

(16 Oct '11, 03:55) white tiger


(16 Oct '11, 04:08) white tiger

white tiger, thank you for your endless light and patience with all your help. I think that what you say that whatever troubles you comes first is healing to me. I will try it tomorrow and see what happens, I have heard meditation does wonder to your alignment and I have always wanted to try it. thank you for always helping out..I will let you know what happens.. :)

(16 Oct '11, 05:30) jinxx
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angels do not possess material form as ours,
do you ask them to put on a suit
of which your imagination has settled on
or has it been your fantasy?


answered 19 Oct '11, 22:56

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that is so insulting in so many levels. God bless u anyways.

(20 Oct '11, 09:21) jinxx

I have been reading trying to find an answer to my unwelcome friend here, I read that cherubs and seraphines have eyes on there wings.. mine i see its eyes and in the large field of energy that encircles it are a bunch of little eyes.. they go round and round.. it is big i see it with my eyes closed and my eyes open.. if anybody knows whats up with this.. I will forever be greatful.. its cool there is a forum where i can ask such questions and not sound crazy.. peace everybody!


answered 16 Oct '11, 03:29

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eyes have meaning to you look at the eyes and tell what you feel when you look in them. you see in this world many judge and it can show in how they look at you even if they try to hide it. what disturb you is that this thing look at you and follow you around. why does it disturb you that it look at you? and if you asked it to leave you why is it still following you reflect and meditate on this.

(16 Apr '15, 20:37) white tiger

you see that you call it angel, entity, spirit or imaginary friend. is there a difference? angel are messenger in the flesh or in the spirit. entity are conscious things. and imaginary friend are something created by you and by stuff in you that you know about it or not. if you understand your self and know your self you can understand and know other. but if you do not understand your self or know your self that something is outside of you or in you remains a mystery to you.

(16 Apr '15, 20:56) white tiger

if you seek the truth you all ready know what is the first step. know thyself.

(16 Apr '15, 20:59) white tiger

@jinxx- I hope you are still around, @jinxx. This is a form of migraine- it is not an angel, I think. Please get that MRI!!! ♥♥♥ Jai

(25 Apr '15, 23:25) Jaianniah
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