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Happiness, Sadness, Doubts and fears are all valid emotions. They are all supposed to exist within our consciousness.

None of them are meant to completely consume our attention, for they each have their purpose in guiding our growth.

They only become an obsession when we try to avoid them. It is the old "putting off something because you don't want to deal with it now" situation.

It is like doing your taxes on the day before the deadline. You know you have to deal with it eventually, and the more you ignore it, the more the universe thrusts this un-dealt emotion until you deal with it.

I believe that while most of us look for happiness, what we are actually picturing in our consciousness is a state of contentment; a state where we are OK while experiencing all the emotions.

I am adding some clarification to my earlier statement. When I say "avoiding what needs to be dealt with" I am not talking about avoiding the activity that is connected to the emotion. I am talking about avoiding examining your own consciousness to see what caused you to feel that fear or doubt. Because if you follow through with the physical activity to overcome the fear, but fail to examine the root cause of the fear from within your own consciousness, the situation that you are afraid of will keep on appearing again and again and again until you examine the source for this, within your mind itself. So, one has to respond with both physical activity and inward activity.


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Life is a series of days. Do things you enjoy each day and you will have a happy life. Doubts and fears are a result of feeling seperate from our source. I like to think I am one with my source and this makes me smile everyday.


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I think the main reason we fear things or doubt things is because we take life too seriously. Life is supposed to be fun and we are not supposed to make it hard for ourselves.

Try and fit in more things in your life that you enjoy doing, whether you start with doing those things only once a week and then you will see that it becomes easier and easier to fit in things you enjoy doing. Let's say you decide that you are going to have a day out visiting an exciting new place every Saturday. I love to be out and about and this is something I have started to do myself and I can tell you I definitely feel like I am living life more than when I was not doing this.

I think it is important to if you will book some time in your calendar to actually do those things you enjoy and not take them lightly as it is too easy to find something "more important" that needs to be done.


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Pink Diamond

I dunno! When you find out let me know... and I am a cup half full person by nature.

When I think about it a person who never has doubts, or fear, is probably not so bright.


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