What is it we are really looking for? I have been visiting here for about 4 months and some I see want to manifest money. Some want more knowledge. And some are in search of that ever eluding Happiness.

What do we all have in common? What is growth?

There really is a mixture here. Manifest money or jobs or things maybe. Maybe my visits here will lead to Happiness.

I think it is safe to say that though we all have a different definition of Happiness and some confuse gratification with said idea, what ultimately constitutes our well being?

As I drove home this evening on my last night in Florida, I heard a commercial for sinus medicine. That is when out of no where it struck me.

Without any sort of problem, we do not get challenged and grow. Technology beats "doing it better", Medicine beats "staying healthier" Prosperity beats lack. All we need do is to overcome an obstacle.

Listen to all of the noise, it is that, that generates money.

We need lack in order to grow. Lack of anything and everything. In all actuality we are feeding what exactly we need to defeat what we do not want (wow that felt like a Darrell moment).

But ultimately when you strip down all of the nonsense that does not really make us grow as HUMANS. What do we have?

Our relationships.

That is what will set our minds free. Understand ourselves and how we deal with each other is so much more important than Quantum physics, Space travel, all of the wealth and power in the world, more important than manifesting a pair of shoes or a great career, more important than being right on any subject, more important than being the funniest guy in the room.

This is about our relationships with each other, how we treat each other and give another the ability to love. And that is it.

Keep your books and cd's and all that. We all have the ability to know how to take care of each other.

And that is all we really need to do.

So the question is, What is spiritual growth to you? And should it cost you money?

All the love I have to you


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jim 10

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Cant argue with that Michael.

(23 Jan '11, 12:14) Monty Riviera

I think you've pretty much hit the nail on the head Michael.

Real spiritual growth is about how we live our lives and interact with each other on a daily basis. It is whether we come from a place of love or fear in our daily interactions with others and how we treat them that determines how much we are growing spiritually.We can read all the books and attend all the workshops we want, but if we are not becoming a living embodiment of that Divine love in all our relationships, then we're really only fooling ourselves that we're growing spiritually. When we make giving and receiving heartfelt love a priority,we just know that we're moving in the right direction.

Have a good trip - look forward to connecting again when you make it to Seattle


answered 23 Jan '11, 03:44

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Thank you Michaela, I so want to buy a vowel :0).

(23 Jan '11, 03:49) jim 10

Michael, I love you too - Thanks for the chuckle :)

(23 Jan '11, 03:51) Michaela

Yes, quite right Michaela! Thank you

(23 Jan '11, 07:17) daniele

That's so not like a Darrell answer :P

(23 Jan '11, 08:41) wildlife
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What is spiritual growth?
What do we all have in common? What is growth?

I’m going deep…

Spiritual growth is remembering more of everything that exists (All That Is), through the experiencing of it.

By now we’re all familiar with the idea that in reality there’s only the eternal moment of now. Therefore,
All That Is already Is all of All That Is. Thus without the idea of separation made possible by this time-space reality, All That Is (of which we’re all a part) could not experience itself.

Somehow All That Is created the idea of time and physicality for the purpose of experiencing itself through the separation of itself into known and unknown, made possible by time and space. But time, space and physicality do not have an ultimate reality, independent of or absent the observer!

So we believe in the idea of separation and break it up into ideas like physical being, mind, higher mind, soul, over soul and the one great soul, but in truth there is no real separation. So paradoxically another way of looking at it is: spiritual growth is a journey back to oneness from whence we came and where simultaneously, we have always existed.


answered 25 Jan '11, 02:06

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Good point Eddie! thank you

(25 Jan '11, 11:51) daniele

Very well said, you went deep indeed. @eddie

(19 Jun '12, 07:08) streetsanto

Spiritual growth without the baggage of knowledge is to instantly arrive where you have always been.

The feeling of beingness is wisdom. The interpretation of that wisdom attached to personal agenda is knowledge.

It is no different than talking about riding a bike and actually doing it. We get stuck and absorbed in the knowledge aspect and necessity of path and forgo the wisdom of our own presence in this very moment.


answered 24 Jan '11, 18:52

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no1wakesup 2

Spiritual growth is wisdom overtime, and life experience shared! It is a collection of ones history told, or untold to the world, and understanding life’s nature, and how it all works in the world and universe. It is exploring life dreams, and adventures to unfold to you anything, and everything known, or unknown. It is inspiration shared, and received to broaden ones horizon, and to enhance ones development spiritually.

Money could have a bearing upon spiritual growth, but of course, it is not necessary. Of course, we should not have to pay for it, but if we choose to do so, it would be our choice!

I see family as a significant part of the unity, and uniting in connection with true spiritual growth. But for each of us spiritual growth will mean something different!


answered 23 Jan '11, 08:07

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Inactive User ♦♦

I like Vee. Wisdom overtime. I might just use that as my name-of-the-week :)

(23 Jan '11, 13:01) jim 10

Spiritual growth is growing into who we really are. We are one with God and God is love.

So loves the REAL measure of spiritual growth.



answered 23 Jan '11, 12:16

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Monty Riviera

Wow. You just made my day! That's it. I am so happy to have found this place because I was longing for friends to share ideas with.

My personal Relationships are where it's at, but when they look at you like you have three heads when you want to talk about the origin of the cosmos instead of watching HBO...

I am learning to appreciate what they are and how we benefit each other. I remember hearing Abraham say, "just cheat on him with your mind..."


answered 23 Jan '11, 13:30

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spiritual growth is the developement/unfolding of self-consciousness through individualty to a greater appreciation of universality, seeing uniformity in diversity.


answered 23 Jan '11, 20:13

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I haven't made for myself an objective measurement of spiritual growth. What are the units on a spirituality yardstick? Is there a unit of love? How could one quantify how much love or spirituality they had one day compared with another?

I see this spiritual questing game as an exploration and entertainment, a map maybe-maybe of my terrain, but not itself anything different than any other manifestation I interact with. Growth can only happen in comparison with something else--a previous state or an analogous phenomenon. If you are looking towards something specific against which to mark your "progress", you may notice growth (or it's opposite) happening. That growth exists ONLY in relation to the unit of measurement/comparison. "I have grown in 'x' as measured by 'units of x' between time 'a' and time 'b'..."


answered 23 Jan '11, 21:47

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Hu Re

We are on a journey of return. All that is needs a point of reference because perfection cannot choose. That is our job to represent the infinite amount of choices that leads back to the one source. Spiritual growth is to not require choices to have experiences. Knowing is enough for the spirit to progress.


answered 27 Jan '11, 07:32

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The Knights Alchemy

spiritual growth is evolving the counscience of the spirit! money will not come with you in death nor annything material! you come to life to experiance many things to make you evolve! by what you experiance think speak and act in life that is where the answer is! can you developpe it in a way of being? of you can you are achiving spiritual growth!


answered 22 Apr '11, 06:59

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white tiger

Spiitual growth is overcoming self.You can't have growth until you let your true nature rise to the serface.And the only way to let that be so is to except yourself,and let yourself find out what it is that the true light has in store for you.Overcome all your fears,and let go of your want,greed,or whatever you hold as a treasure and you wil start to see what Spiritual Growth is.


answered 04 May '11, 22:39

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randy 2

So for some reason I type into google search... "Spiritual growth quest" I figured this site would come up, but this question was the first hit.

As it turns out I am the one who asked this question under a different name in my old account (that story is a doozy)

Anyway, I like to share synchronicities


answered 15 Jun '11, 07:39

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