How can you be happy all the time? What happens when you feel real and genuine disappoint. Would suppressing real feeling deny you of know who you really are and becoming a zombie for the sake of peace, or seeming a not real person- zombie or fake.

I say this because I have perceived this before in others that way, before know, but now know and practice, kinda feel as though I am leaving my true self behind.

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@Victtoria, I've rewritten your question title to make it fit the body of your question. Your previous title was a duplicate of a question that already exists: What's your secret to consistent happiness?

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This is actually a really great question. I think I know what you mean.

When you first start delving into material such as the Abraham books, it is easy to take it all too literally and so in those moments of negative emotion as you attempt to turn things around by thinking happy thoughts you can so easily tie yourself into a knot of anxiety and end up feeling worse. Someone described it as slapping a smiley face sticker on your fuel indicator - it doesn't fill up the tank!

The thing is that it isn't those darker feelings in themselves that are the problem, it is really your negative reaction to those feeling states that then becomes the problem. For example, feeling grief when someone close to you dies is a normal and natural part of the grieving process. When these feelings are suppressed and they remain trapped in the body, the energetic signature of that experience remains as an unintegrated emotional charge.

Firstly you have to allow yourself to feel your feelings because that is how they are integrated. When you find yourself in a moment of negative emotion - ask yourself "What am I feeling in this moment?" And as you identify the emotion, give yourself permission to really FEEL it and as you are doing so, OBSERVE yourself doing this and completely accept yourself, don't add to the situation with your judgment.

As you run a programme of FULL ACCEPTANCE of yourself in that moment, you start to then expand your consciousness into the fifth dimensional realm (you're getting in touch with the wiser, larger part of you). As you do that you can then access a vastly greater source of unconditional love and that then allows you to pull in more positive frequencies. It is hard to be joyful if you are judging yourself - the two are very different frequencies.

I think many people trip up is that they attempt to chase out the negative emotions by forcing themselves to feel joyful. It is really about feeling your darker emotions ... grief, anxiety, pain etc .. and loving yourself even as you are feeling those feelings. You are really just running the emotional experience (the 3D you) whilst engaging with your higher self (the 5D version of you).

This all sounds really difficult but as you start to work with it a little bit you should soon see that this is really how it is meant to be. By fully allowing yourself to feel the emotion you integrate it and by observing without judging you open up to higher states of consciousness. By remaining open to these higher states of consciousness you are able to open yourself up to receiving them, rather than closing down and remaining trapped in the story.

Is it possible to stay happy all the time - IMO not whilst in human form. Life is set up to offer you contrast - you came to experience a range of emotions but not get trapped in them.


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@Catherine - Great answer. This can seem such a puzzle. I still wonder off my path at times; something happens, usually pain or illness, and I'm suddenly thinking "Wait, it's not my normal to be unhappy anymore", and before I know what I'm doing, I'm resisting and giving energy to what I don't want. For me, what helps is to remind myself to stop attatching that story you mentioned to the situation. That's right where I tend to get lost. I'm good when I can remember to just Be...

(23 Jan '13, 23:57) Grace

@Catherine-What a great answer! Tremendous! [Clap, clap, clap!} Thanks! +1 from me...Love, jai

(24 Jan '13, 00:51) Jaianniah

"Life is set up to offer you contrast - you came to experience a range of emotions but not get trapped in them." Without the ups and downs of the ocean ,there would be no waves to surf

(25 Jan '13, 04:41) ursixx

@Grace @Jaianniah I can't take any credit for this at all - it was Nora Herold channelling the 9DPC but I have been working with it for a few weeks now and am finding it most helpful. Thank you for your kind comments. @Ursixx Nice point!

(29 Jan '13, 14:29) Catherine
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know your self and be your self do not suppress bad feeling or though meditate and learn from the experience. if you have obstacle on your course and always avoid it. when you will have no choice to avoid it what will you do? your though and emotion even if you avoid them or suppress them they are still there in you and belong to you.they are just waiting for a disturbance to pop back in your give you a metaphore if you put dirt under your carpet it might seams clean but it is not,so you need to clean your room.


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white tiger

I will try that, but I thought negative feeling attract more negative things from my understanding of LOA, and I'm I seen it more immediately now that I'm going through the steps.

(19 Jan '13, 00:26) Victtoria

@victtoria of course negative attract negative but ignoring the negative in you is far worse.solving it in you so that it can become positive is the answer.example: you can get mad(negative) at someone seing only what does not please you. but if you can find what makes you happy(positive) about the same person and enjoy the experience.what will you chose? will you chose to see only the negative or to see the positive?

(19 Jan '13, 00:40) white tiger

if you chose the positive it will bring positive things.the truth is that everything as booth positive and negative.but what do you make of it? if you refuse to see and decide to judge as negative and i ignore it are you solving the problem? or are you only putting dirt under the carpet?

(19 Jan '13, 00:42) white tiger

Right. I got it, a charmed life is followed by a charmed state of mind. Then you becoming charming. I choose a positive state of mind, same as I choose positivity in my life. Gotcha.

It's pretty tough at first but I'm coming from you don't know where. It's is a mental evolution for me.

(19 Jan '13, 01:30) Victtoria

@victtoria every thing complex at first seams tough,through learning of simplicity it becomes less complex.there is some lotus flower still under the water some that reach the surface of the water and some that see the sun and some that knows the sun. each one is equal in nature even if at different level in the now moment. rest and peace is required with open eyes focusing in a single spot keeping awareness filling the room with light removing the darkness,by learning the truth and solving your

(19 Jan '13, 07:49) white tiger

own inner division,eventually you should reach the water and see the reflection of the light that you are that is divided from you and will probably see it as something apart from you then you will know that you are 2 and how much will you have to bear.learn from the light that you are solve those inner division in truth. when everything is solved in truth with no more division and duality,the water and the light will become one.with no fear the last door can be achive to leave the flesh and go-

(19 Jan '13, 08:09) white tiger

above to the kingdom where the light established it self by it self in the beguinning,with a pure heart you can know for the question that you are asking your self right now i will say this:"You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment."

(19 Jan '13, 08:12) white tiger

White Tiger loved the lotus flower analogy , thanks for sharing ♥♥♥

(19 Jan '13, 08:23) Starlight
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States of happiness & joy are our natural states of being. You don't need to do anything special to be happy but stop doing what you do to be in a negative state. For example, children don't do anything special to be happy, they just are & the same is a natural state for you.

To change your negative feelings, you need to change your beliefs as ALL your feelings are a result of your beliefs i.e. you CAN NOT have a feeling without a belief first as is explained by bashar.

You may like to use bashar sessions like, "Changing Core Beliefs" & "Bricks, Walls & Beliefs" to gain more clarity & become aware of your beliefs & change them as you may wish.


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Gumnaam , do you think Universe might be giving me a message ;-) I just received 4 email notifications of your answer , lol

(20 Jan '13, 00:51) Starlight

"Children are quite often" - I suppose you acknowledge that not all are the way you are describing. I have been a child & seen many .

(20 Jan '13, 00:52) Gumnaam

@Starlight : There are no accidents. When I was posting my message, the browser was somewhat unresponsive & I clicked several times (posted several times) & deleted the duplicate posts afterwards.

(20 Jan '13, 00:55) Gumnaam

I know Gumnaam ,I was teasing. Synchronicity is just awesome :-)

(20 Jan '13, 01:35) Starlight

I am in the process of watching the Bricks, Walls etc vids and what an eye opener , thank you for sharing ♥♥♥

(20 Jan '13, 03:41) Starlight

Thank you. ivwill take in to mind. Where can I find these suggested sessions?

I myself was never happy as a child.

I found something similar in another board, and read suggested reading "principles of happiness" & "love is letting go of fear"

(20 Jan '13, 04:50) Victtoria
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