Dont missunderstand, I have always been the type of person who believes you should work for what you have, you should always put money in the charity box etc. But ive noticed I seem to have a problem with my manifestations.

When something good happens to me, I have an overwhelming urge that I have to do something for someone. Or when I imagine that im living all of my vision boards day to day, I immediately think of myself doing extensive charity work or something!

Now, I probably would do charity work, but I have strong feelings sometimes that you cant have something for nothing, I simply cant relax when trying to ask for something without thinking of the huge act I'll have to do when I get it.

I repeat, I'd love to give back. I imagine people saying 'I would love the life she has, her perfect job, her husband, children, great home by the woods etc' and then I always see myself saying 'yes, but I really had to stuggle to get here' or 'yes, but I give a lot my money away and I help the homeless at night.'

I cant see an easy way of manifesting things, I believe because I have seen evidence, but i cant get past that you should work for everything you have. Why cant I just bloody enjoy my good fortune haha xxx

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Giving and receiving is part of the same process. If you don't give, you constipate the process. But give because you want to give, never because you feel an obligation!

However when you give, be careful not to make one-way bargains with the Universe! Give because you want to give, never because you expect to get something back in return. If you give, expecting a return, you are *not really giving*. You are making a one-way bargain.

You are expecting a return. If you are expecting a return and don't get it, you can become unhappy.

When I give, I do so because I want to give. I am not waiting around for a "Thank you masked man." If I did, it would not fit my definition of giving. I would be buying a "thank you," and that seems trite. Like paying a prostitute to make love to me.

@ Red Shoes If you believe that you must struggle to receive and that leads to a struggle to give, to justify your receiving, then from my perspective, you are putting out a lot of effort. Your manifestations come through your path of least resistance. If you really, really want to receive and you really, really think you must justify your receiving by giving, you are giving yourself a tough row to hoe!

I see no need to justify either receiving or giving.

When I first gave to my church, I looked at their Annual Report. Where did they spend my money? I saw waste and business decisions that I could not justify. But then I thought of John 12:3 where Mary was criticized for pouring expensive oil on Jesus. Jesus responded that when someone does something in His Name, it is appreciated because it shows appreciation.

Just for clarity, I see Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Love, etc as Source in different aspects.

I realized that making a business decision and giving were two entirely different things. When I invest, I will want to see a return. When I give, it is because I want to give. I don't seek underlying logical reasons.


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the world we live in
believe it or not
may not have been designed
for consumption only

intuitive flashes of
knowing ones design
are there as guides
ought we see them


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