I can't help but notice that this happened to me so many times every time I want to manifest a high paying job.

It started when I wanted to work overseas for a medical position. All I wanted was to get accepted in this hospital I was trying to get into. Then an equally great overseas work offer arrived. Both had pros and cons, it became very confusing. I ended up working at a local hospital instead, one with a higher position but with lesser pay.

This kind of scenario happens every time I try to apply for overseas work, and I end up choosing something else outside of the two. Sometimes because I get overwhelmed, other times because I don't want to be away from family for too long.

It's always two or three options, all positive but conflicting. Was there something wrong with how I try to manifest these things? I am always given more than what I ask.

I am thankful, but sometimes I wonder if I've done something wrong somewhere for me to manifest confusion and difficult decisions.

I have just received two calls for a new position in two different countries recently and I am confused as hell.

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Why do I always have conflicting positive manifestations?

Right now, it's happening because you have a firm expectation that it happens. You've even used the word always in your question title.

So there's a limiting belief in place that it always happens for you, and the belief is playing out just like any firm belief should play out.

Even if there is "something else" going on, this belief needs to be soothed down and neutralized before you can see what that "something else" is, if there actually is anything else apart from the belief.


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I would ask myself the question: What is conflicting in myself? Since the circumstances we experience reflect our inner state of being, it would seem that your reality is presenting you with two competing choices. This means that your inner state of being has competing beliefs, not necessarily related to overseas work, although this is also likely. There must be a fundamental belief which rests on this inner state of being which is conflicting/competing. I would suggest that you find out what it is: basically by identifying your feelings and thoughts which will lead you to the fundamental belief that is present in you. It could also be a 'desire' to work overseas which is also accompanied by a 'fear' that it will not work out. So you are presented with these conflicts in your reality to clarify further what you want to chose as belief inside yourself. Will you tilt the balance towards the desire and let go of the 'things that might go wrong' idea? That's how I see it.


answered 12 Dec '20, 06:20

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