My life would be so much better if work was more fun to me and had better emotions around it.

These 8 hour days at work are making me feel so bored, and the boredom leads very light speed to frustration, rage and then the flashing swicthes between the pinacles of depression and anger. It's a recurring pot hole that makes me automatically think about my habitual problems.

I try to spice work up by doing little petty 'manifesting games.' For example, I try the faith game, where I put my phone on timer for 30 minutes, and I try and attract a penny when that clock runs up. The faith in God thing seldom works, like "all is well...I'm meant to be here." Again, however, it usually ends up in relapses of bitterness.

It's also very much in my face that I am thinking about inward quest at work, like, "It's my own doing I attracted these angry customers." This makes my crazy at times.

Caffeine used to help, but it comes to the stage it doesn't make my temporarily happy, just more physical energy which isnt used very effectively.

I'll be quitting the job as soon as my parents sell the house and move to a completely new area, but the optimism that "this job is nearly done with" won't cut it either.

Please tell me Inward Quest, any suggestions about how to make my days at work more joyous?

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I know how you feel :/ I used to have a job that I absolutely hated, sometimes I'd lock myself in the toilet and just cry. If I had known then what I know now about manifesting, I would probably have been able to change it, and it would probably have been easier for me to find a new job if I was in a better feeling place. (I knew about LOA then, but I didn't know how to apply it to my life).

The best advice I can give you, no matter how hard it may seem or how much you want to resist doing it, is to find things you feel grateful about your job. Just little things that you appreciate throughout your day. If I was back at my old job, this is what I'd focus on. When you're in that place of absolute negativity, things like visualising 'the perfect future' are hard to do. But gratitude and appreciation are powerful emotions, and even if you only find one tiny thing to be grateful about one day, if you really focus your attention on that for as long as you can, the next day there might be two things, the next day three, and so on. And you'll find your vibration improving faster than you think.

You might want to try gratitude lists, a lot of people find them useful. Personally I prefer meditating and surrounding myself with the feeling of gratitude, everyone is different.

And this is a bonus: If you can learn to improve your vibration when you're in a job that you really don't like, it'll be super-easy for you to do it any situation. I like to think of happiness as a muscle that needs training. People don't expect to become bodybuilders in one day, but they persevere, pushing themselves a little bit more each time, and hey presto!

So train your happy muscle. It's a challenge and may sometimes be the last thing you want to do, but just keep the goal in mind (being a vibrational bodybuilder).

I'm still working on my happiness-muscles. I was in a very dark place a few months ago, and I'm definitely not a vibrational bodybuilder yet - I still struggle with frustration and sadness sometimes - but I look at how far I've come and I'm so proud because I did it ALL BY MYSELF! And I just know that every good thing in my life now is a product of me persevering even when it was hard. It's an amazing feeling, and the best thing is I know it'll just get better :)


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Writing this just got me into the Vortex :) Awesome, because I was feeling so out of it. So thank you for posting this question, you have helped me make my day a lot better. Hope I (or someone else) can do the same for you.

(01 Feb '12, 14:27) cassiopeia

The employer hires people to do task they either can't do or won't do. That's why they call it a job. Gratitude is your only answer, but it's a damn good one.

(01 Feb '12, 15:42) Tom

@ Cass Thankyou for the answer. Hey when I posted this question i was expecting some typical gratitude answers, but I like your response because of your real life examples in here; in makes all the difference when theory into actions produces real life results.

(02 Feb '12, 09:09) Nikulas
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I agree with the-prophet

Also, try this suggestion.


Get a copy of "The magic of thinking big" and read it.

Here is a link to a bookstore chain in Australia

Step 2.

Did you complete step1?

Everything below depends on you completing step 1.

OK….go ahead and read the rest, but please make sure that you complete step 1, otherwise you won’t have the momentum of excitement to complete the exercise.

Step 2.

Since, according to your profile you are just 18, you are at the best place to start planning for the rest of your life.

Take a piece of paper and put the heading


Now start putting down all your dreams (remember that this is your Wish list, and not your capability list)

Go nuts and dream big but work fast & put down the major points.

Now fold that paper and carry it with you every day.

When you get bored study that paper, pick an item on the list and expand your dream with greater and greater detail.

You will be so excited that you will start to get a really silly grin on your face and you will begin to buzz with excitement about what your life is going to become.

Since this is about enjoying your current job, this is a good place to stop this answer because the first step is excitement, and you need some excitement into you right now.

Good luck!

Oops...I forgot to mention, when you are excited, even an un-bearably boring job becomes effortless because you stop giving un-necessary meaning to the details within your current reality.


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The Traveller

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accepted answer

(03 Feb '12, 05:18) Nikulas

Make a conscious effort to look for the customers you would like to have. Make a mental list, or write down the different customers you will look for that day or every day. For example you could decide to look for a polite customer, an old wise customer, a young hip but respectful customer, a very rich customer, and a customer who loves cats.

Don't look for bad customers. If you start to sense this negativity, try to draw a good customer out of them. For example if a customer starts being rude, smile at them and say something nice to them. Be sincere and mean what you say. That requires finding something nice to say about them which requires looking for something nice to say about them. We cannot control other people, however we can control how we choose to respond to them. Our response to them can draw out more anger in the other person, or help turn their attitude around. We respond differently if we are on autopilot, letting our reflex actions take control of our behavior than if we contientiously respond with attention, awareness, determination and intention, self control. At any moment you notice negative thoughts in your head, just look for something to appreciate, like the smell of coffee, or the sound of water or whatever is in your environment. Every moment, you choose what you allow to go on in your head.

Remember to breath. Use EFT or FasterEFT or Zpoint Process to eliminate the negative emotions.


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Fairy Princess

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Hi Nikulus,

I dont see it as your fault that customers are angry any more than drivers on the freeway being angry. Its out of your control because we are all given the power to choose for ourselves our direction in life. In the Michael Teachings frustration and anger stem from false expectations. If you can accept that you wouldnt be paid if your job was fun, and expect the difficulties as normal it might become easier to cope. Edgar Cayce repeatedly advised people to get out of their slump by actively striving to be more helpful. That could make your work more satisfying and allow you to shift into the positive pole, instead of continuing the downward negative spiral which leads to more negativity. Ultimately its up to you to choose your direction .


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Nikulas, Start Your Own Business!...

There's no better way to find out who you are and what you can really enjoy doing...

Success can feel WONDERFUL... especially if you're doing what is truly yours to do.

Stop being afraid of life...

Enjoy success in your own right... Be the person you've always wanted to be and enjoy recognition for doing something good for yourself AND the world!


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The Prophet

I like your thinking

(02 Feb '12, 09:07) Nikulas

You'll like it even more if you DO IT!

(02 Feb '12, 09:19) The Prophet

adjust your expectations,

is your job to provide currency
allowing for more independence
or of obtaining desired possessions

do you wish it to fulfill a lifes purpose


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