My wife and I collect shamanic and religious articles from many primitive cultures. Primarily Souhtheast Asia and Africa. To us they have great beauty. To the cultures they came from they are working tools, not decorations.

Many of these were created at great effort by the artisans. Tress cut on auspicious days after blessings and ceremonies. Carefully dried and consecrated wood, pigments were assembled. Artisans went through purification ceremonies and worked only on very specific days. It took years to create many of these pieces.

We know that these "primitive" or "pre-contact" cultures were very concerned with the invisible kingdom. These artifacts were working tools to help them relate with this invisible kingdom from which spirits and all manifestations came forth.

For the most part we only have a dim view of their original functions, yet we are drawn to them. Holding them quietly can induce altered states of consciousnesses. A tingling in the solar plexus, in the gutskie wutskies that is very pleasurable.

Some pieces we are deeply drawn to, others not so much. But some exhibit very powerful attractions. Why do we, and others, find these artifacts have beauty? That stir chords deep within us?

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Dollar Bill

Yes primitive religious art can be amazing. I think of the Hindu paintings, over a thousand years old and absolutely beautiful! Or the Tibetan Buddhist painting again very beautiful art work! Also the old Christian paintings like Michael Angelo or Leonardo Da-Vinchi amazingly beautiful stuff!

I think the thing is with this ancient art work is that because it was a devotional piece it was carefully made to be the most colorful beautiful piece because it wasn't to please people but to please God. When these artist made these they had to be absolutely perfect! Probably they feared to make the tinniest mistake or offend God himself!

I think that is why they are so beautiful, because the artist that made them knew they had to be perfect! So first is fear to get anything wrong but as well another important factor is LOVE! The artist is making an expression of his devotion and love to God and so it has to be the most beautiful perfect thing a human man could make for his God.


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Wade Casaldi

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the unmeditated intuition
at the center of your mind
may recognize the harmony
and agree with the
angulation of the form


answered 11 Mar '12, 20:10

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