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Answer: Because we have pinched off our connection with Source! Please bear this in mind as I give some examples.

Yesterday, I was working with my computer, trying to access a new GPS. It was not going well. The computer was slowing down, not allowing me to connect with the site that might allow me to easily access the new GPS. In working with computers, it sometimes seems that everyone else knows the answer to make software work, but I can't find it!

One of our spaniels has a cough that gets on my nerves. The vets can't seem to find an immediate cure. The AC seemed too hot, so I turned it colder and it then seemed too cold. Our favorite antique oriental carpets are covered with dog hair and the vacuums (we have three) are all clogged with dog hair.

My wife was not paying attention to my plight and insisting that we leave home and go take care of other matters. I wanted to get the new GPS working better so we could have a more enjoyable trip, but the harder I tried, the more resistance I met from the $%^$#$^$% computer!

So, I had several more events to add to my "Bother List" in the Manifesting Experiment 2, including my wife asking me what was bothering me and putting me in such a state?

We are now driving. The day is murky, clouds, grey rain clouds. I am still grousing. Did not meditate. BUT I am deep breathing as I am driving along. A nondescript car in front of us slows for a traffic light. The taillights are glowing with a scintillating brilliance. Red light streams from them. Beautiful light! The traffic light is red, also. Then the light turns green, emerald green!

Spots of brilliant color begin to appear. The murkiness becomes an intimate, soft, luxuriating, overall gentle glow. I feel at one with the traffic. Another fish in a huge school. A oneness. Our spaniel is no longer coughing, but I only dimly realize that.

We are laughing. Our spaniels are wagging and crowding Anne's lap. It feels really good. "Problems" have cleared away like a morning fog when the Sun comes up.

We stop at a traffic light. An older man in a beat-up truck rolls down his window and motions to us. Anne lowers her window. He leans out and says, "Have a great day!" He continues, "I think that people want to connect with each other, and I want to wish you a blessed day!"

We heartily responded! "Thank you! God is shining on us! You have a blessed day also! We will pass on your greeting!" I was back in the Zone! The Zone of Joy! The rest of the day passed in effortless joy and easy accomplishment.

There is only one bother, though it may manifest in myriad ways -- it ALL points back to your SOURCE! Get in alignment with your Source and the rest dissolves.

I suggest that the next time someone asks you, or you ask yourself, "What is bothering you?" Stop, focus the spotlight of your attention on the beauty that surrounds you, right now, in this moment. Allow the alignment. Source has built its side of the bridge. See the Beauty. Or Feel the Beauty. Or Hear the Beauty. Taste it! Smell it! Allow your sixth sense to connect.

That is all you (I) need to know. ALL.

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Dollar Bill

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Dollar Bill that is beautiful and amazingly enough my second book is exactly on seing, touching, hering, tasting, smelling and feeling beauty. When you do that you live from love.

(05 Jun '12, 14:10) Paulina 1
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Dear Dollar Bill, Anger can become habitual and sometimes people don't even notice that they are angry. With a lot of people it is a problem to such an extent that one can even go for anger management to try ane control the anger.

By focusing on beauty in all its many wonderful forms one lives from the heart and anger simply dissipates. Yes you are right you become one with source or you are in the zone or the vortex or whatever people want to call it. You are living from love and that too can become habitual. It is a wonderful experiance and a very easy one for changing ones life arround for the better.


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Paulina 1

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