Studied a bit on quantum leaps and to my understanding they supposedly don't last (Abraham Hicks) or even exist for that matter. Some say it's just a temporary mental climax which and then you drop back down to quite a low level of consciousness when you're not able to keep up with the momentum of your manifestations (which theory has it when you're in that state of mind they are exponentially faster).

The majority say there is always a complete drop mentally and you experience all of the negative emotions, fear, anger, doubt, worry, etc. tenfold because of all of the built up energy. I have done this before quite a few times the longest being a month and dropped, but with only myself to blame because when I wasn't feeling 100% in tune what would've been a few small doubts here and there felt increasingly stronger and I snowballed.

To my question, 1. I understand we all are capable of using the law of attraction, but do you believe that when you truly practice it and get into that very high rate of vibration where your confident, powerful, having faith, etc. that you can permanently increase the speed of your manifestations? 2. THE BIG ONE, do you think that you can actually get yourself into that godlike and deity (in terms of creation and feeling) state of mind and just stay in a constant "quantum leap" so to speak? Where you are so connected and in tune it becomes YOU, instead of just being a temporary phase?

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I have felt powerful streams of energy before. They come in spurts. I have felt someone looking at me, and then I would feel a beam of energy coming from their direction. Once a man I had met had a get together in his apartment. While sitting next to him I felt a stream of energy come from his way. When I jerked from this, I then looked his way and he was staring at me. Neither of us had many words to say at that time. Since God/intelligence is light, then we are light created by quarks of light

(08 Dec '21, 17:25) MagicallyEternal
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The majority say there is always a complete drop mentally

I can only speak from my own experience and I found this to be true sometimes. I think this happens because sometimes there are still other limiting beliefs in us that contradict that the new achieved high vibration.

For example, let's say you want a new house and you have the vibration of "depression" about it. Then you mold your belief about it and you make a quantum leap in one day and reach the vibration of "joy" on the emotional guidance scale.

But it could be the case that you have another belief about life in general or about yourself that you don't deserve good things. And maybe you have this belief because you had experiences in the past totally unrelated to having a house.

And those limiting vibrations cannot exist with the vibration of you joyfully having you new house at the same time.

So in this example you have a vibration of "I have a new house now and I feel joyful about it" and at the same time you have "I don't deserve good things in my life". So you feel this contradiction in the form of "mental drops" aka "all hell breaks loose scenerios".

So what should you do to avoid this?

So far as I know you have three options.

  1. Move up one emotional setpoint a day and keep yourself in a general happy place (vortex). This way your other existing limiting beliefs adapt to this new vibration or they simply move out of your reach. This approach is smooth and easy.
  2. If you are more advanced, uncover all limting beliefs and memories that relate to this subject and clean them all up in one go. Stingray's Manifesting experiment 4 or Robert Smith's Faster EFT "Whole life clean-ups" are great for this.
  3. Just let "all hell breaks loose scenarios" appear and go directly into that flood of negative emotions. And clean them all up using your preferred clearing method.

Another point is that you might want to think of creating as allowing instead of making things happen.

Because if you try to make things happen, you keep yourself in the vibration of "It's not easy and I have to work hard to make it happen". So the LOA says "your wish is my command" and you attract more things to work on. And you also keep the powerful state that you are after out of reach.

Because the real truth is that you don't have to work hard to get what you want. And the powerful, godlike state isn't something that we have to earn through increasing some kind of abilities.

The truth is that everything is already done

Your biggest dreams and things beyond your current ability to imagine are already done. They are done like the air you are breathing or the things you can touch right now.

The reason we direct our thoughts using those methods is only to allow our desires and our power. We would all live happily ever after if we could just stop doing what we are doing. So we use methods to stop the inner struggle and alow the power that's already there :).

Alternatively we could also just chill out, bask in the sun, stop thoughts (meditation), really enjoy just anything and smile and it would easily bring us into the Vortex and closer to our biggest desires automatically.

In every moment the Universe is trying really hard to bring you everything you want. Your only job is to find ways to sooth yourself, your limiting beliefs and surrender into well-being.

The only problem is that we have accumulated limiting beliefs over a long period of time. So now our thoughts almost think themselves if we don't direct them deliberately when they make us feel bad.


  1. Everything you want is already done
  2. Your job is to find ways to relax and sooth yourself (beliefs)
  3. If you have 1. and 2. in place, the Universe shows you the "doneness" of your desires as fast as possible.

So the more you find ways to relax and sooth yourself, the more you tune your frequency to relaxing aka Vortex state and it becomes your default state over time. And the more you chill out and relax in the Vortex, the faster the Universe tries to show you the "doneness" of everything that you want.


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Wow, thank you very very much for the amount of input you have given me. I appreciate it. I guess I have yet to master the whole "chill out" method so to speak, because I am constantly trying to stay in a really energetic state of mind and hate when I'm not there. I guess I'm more action oriented and that could be where the fault lies, in feeling like I have to make everything happen. I will definitely try these methods, I understand what you're saying when you're in a high state of vibration

(24 Sep '13, 02:17) lex

or what I've been calling that "quantum leap" state of mind if you experience deep seeded contradictory thoughts they are more intense than normal. Makes complete sense. I will check out the manifesting experiment 4 and every else you suggested. Thanks

(24 Sep '13, 02:19) lex

@lex You are welcome. "I'm more action oriented and that could be where the fault lies" There is really no fault. I also find myself wanting to make things happen often. And often it works too. However, my experience is that it's easy to find yourself feeling stuck when you are trying too hard to make things happen. So I think it's a good idea to keep the truth in mind, in case you feel the need for simplicity and an easier way once in a while :). Because there is a much easier way.

(24 Sep '13, 11:20) releaser99

@releaser99 - magnificent answer!

(13 Nov '16, 07:05) spacemetalfantasy

Since existence is energy frequencies, then images are embedded within these frequencies. Draw cartoons of what you want. First they will be shallow, maybe with fewer strokes of the pencil. Then with desire these strokes will become more frequent filling up all the spaces where there are no pencil marks. Color in the spaces left. In my case, I would color in all the hummingbirds and flowers and bumblebees thinking how beautiful they are, how they smell, melting into them like a dream exposed.

(08 Dec '21, 17:34) MagicallyEternal
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It's a very good question. I share same experience as you. Some days I'm feeling great and manifestations occur with great speed. Other days I'm slouched on the couch, troubled by one thing or another and nothing happens. Going up and falling back happens all the time. The secret is about choice and will. We're always creating, so we're li'l gods anyway. But when there is nothing happening and everything is going routine, even then we're creating. It's about our emotional default and every time we fall back to our habitual default, it seems as nothing is happening, no manifestation, no nothing. But actually we're creating the same things we've been before and we think: 'Damn! I had the power to create and now it's gone. Well it's working fine, as it should! You just have to make an intention for lifting your 'emotional default' to 'excited', 'joyous', or 'content' based on your preference. It'll take some days and you'll see. Once a creator, always a creator. Hope this helps. :)

To know more about emotional default go here:


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Well glad I'm not the only one haha, it seems everyone else on this site in particular is quite calm when trying to manifest (I haven't obviously gotten there I'm either high or low vibrationally speaking). The emotional default concept is pretty neat as well and has given me some clarity on being in that state of mind. I guess it's not impossible to stay there constantly it's just a matter of relieving yourself of deep seeded contradictory thoughts as releaser99 suggested. Thanks for your input

(24 Sep '13, 02:22) lex

Deep seated contradictory thoughts like PHYSICAL and DEATH and GERMS/VIRUSES and ENEMIES and LACK OF MONEY. I WAS a whole lot happier when I told myself every day that I AM A MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL BEING OF LIGHT, eternal light.

(08 Dec '21, 17:38) MagicallyEternal

I think you can. I think it says somewhere in the Bible that to he who has MORE will be given.

I think its a bit like pushing a car that's broken down and needs push starting. Once the "momentum" has built up its possible to coast along with little effort or even accelerate with only a bit more.

I think that when you've merced manifesting a few thousand a couple of times it makes sense that the next target of ten thousand or so should be doable.

The first time someone ran a 4 minute mile was a beakthrough. But after that Roger Bannister did it loads of times and improved his time. In actual fact after that a number of people then broke thru and bettered it.

Could this be the same with manifesting? I think so.


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Monty Riviera

Interesting perspective. I agree. Could be a matter of trial and error, each time you "drop" you don't stoop down to that lower level of vibration you were at originally, instead if you practice regardless of if you drop you're still getting higher vibrationally each time. 3 steps forward 1 step back in a way. Thanks for the input though

(24 Sep '13, 02:25) lex

Since we are constantly being created by quarks, which are light, then we ARE constant creation itself full of quarks that create. Creation happens with every thought. In the Seth books are one explanation I remember well. Seth is another dimensional being like Bashar and Abraham are said to be. Seth gave a demonstration to Jane Roberts and a few others one day. In my words, He said "look at that table". It just sits there looking like one dimension. But with the intention of everyone in the room, Seth helped the others to see THEIR versions of that one table as they overlapped the first table. Those versions existed but were not as clear. They were like ghost tables because they lacked the intention to cut down the tree to begin with. All around us are our own versions of what we see. This is how we create.


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