As I become more spiritually conscious and realize how powerful this is, I feel a strong desire to tell the world about it. Can we really help others to grow or will every individual figure it out in his or her own time?

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See this question:

(05 Mar '10, 16:27) Vesuvius

I agree with all the answers given here - and I'd like to air an additional and, seemingly rarely-mentioned, viewpoint.

Let's take one of the most non-spiritual, perhaps even anti-spiritual, stereotypes I can think of right now...say, a materially-minded, money driven, ruthless businessman. Let's say someone like the fictional character Gordon Gekko (from the 1980's Oscar-winning movie Wall Street) or a real-life example like The Donald (Donald Trump)

Aren't people like this through their success demonstrating their own innate understanding of spiritual principles?

You could say that they are applying those principles in ways that many would find unacceptable. But is anything really unacceptable in a Law of Attraction universe? Are they really any less spiritual than someone who studies a Holy Book all day long?

So do we really need to help people that have found their own way already, just because it isn't our way?

And, even if we come across those that we do not already consider to be successes in life, how would we judge that? They may just want different things out of life than us.

Or is it the case that we need to re-examine the notion of what we think spiritually conscious really means?

Perhaps when we think that we need to help them, we are just projecting onto others something within ourselves that needs helping?

Just some food for thought :)


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In my neighborhood groups of well meaning individuals belonging to a particular religion come knocking on the door about once every month, with magazines in hand and bright smiles.

They believe that they have found the right path & want to share their faith with everyone. When I try to explain my point of view they are only interested in counteracting my point of view, for in their minds every point of view that is not from their perspective needs to be rescued.

So each time we part company we both secretly hope that the other will see the light.


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The Traveller


I always go to the door "armed" with one of my own books.I will listen to their point of view if they will listen to mine.Funny I have not seen them in quite a while. :)

(05 Mar '10, 19:35) Roy

Thanks Roy. Maybe I'll try your technique :)

(06 Mar '10, 02:06) The Traveller

They have their own path.

Your responsibility is to be the best person you can be, so that you are a positive example to others.

Of course, you can always help if they ask. But helping people can be a double-edged sword. If you try to help them before they are ready for your help, they become dependent on you for their miracles, or they resent you for trying to make them do something they don't wish to do.


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I subsribe at your answer.

(05 Mar '10, 23:14) Gleam

When we finally begin to wake up to our true nature, we want to share this revelation with everyone. However we have to realize that not everyone is ready or in a place they can hear us - "When the student is ready the teacher will appear". The best we can do is, in Gandhi's words, "be the change we want to see". It is not something we can force on anyone else - each individual will wake up when the time is right for them and for each the path may be different. Many roads can lead to the same destination.


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Vesuvius said in his answer, "Your responsibility is to be the best person you can be, so that you are a positive example to others."

This is so true! But you do not want to appear fake and falsely cheerful, like a television minister grinning his or her way through an interview. We all have days when things are not going so well- and that is precisely when people can see whether we are genuinely doing something that they might want to have for themselves.

Here is an example from my own life. It is my hope that I don't sound like I am beating my own drum; rather, I just want to show how it seems to work for me.

I have a teen aged friend who I shall call Eve. She is a sweet girl, slightly autistic (needing very gentle handling indeed)- a former neighbor who occasionally comes to my house and helps me with chores. I try to pay her as much as I can because I know that her family is poor. (So am I, but that is besides the point...LOL!) She has helped me on and off throughout the past year while I have been sick. I always tried not to mention my pain or my illness around her. I tried to always keep things light.

Anyway, last summer, I casually asked Eve if she went to church. She said no. I guess she read something in my face, but I just said that she might find some nice friends if she found the right church for her. Then I dropped the subject.

Much to my surprise, she called me a few months ago, and told me that she was going to be Baptized and did I want to come to see her be baptized? I was very happy for her, but due to my $%^&# health, I could not go to the ceremony.

Yesterday, my phone rang once, then stopped. A few minutes later, it happened again. I thought, "Hmmm...", checked the ID, and it was Eve. I called her. She was crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that "it was too complicated to talk about." I quickly thought, and luckily, had a crock pot full of stew simmering on the counter. I asked her to dinner. I specifically said that I would not ask her to do any chores- just dinner. I picked her up, (complete with Wound Vac and IV running),and brought her to my house. We sat down to hot stew and applesauce. I deliberately did not bring up the phone call. Suddenly, out poured her story. I was able to help her by telling her that the person who upset her was wrong. I suggested a plan of action, and said a short prayer, and then dropped it. We finished dinner.

Eve and I were clearing up when she suddenly said, "You feel like family to me, and I love you." This brought tears to my eyes. We hugged, and she suggested that she help me with some housework of her own free will.

I hope you see my point. I have to be very careful with Eve because of her autism. But I never knew that my casual comments had such a profound effect on her. She was visibly relieved when I supported her in her trouble, and I saw a great change in her attitude.

I feel fortunate to know this sweet young lady. And I am glad that she is happy with her new church and her new friends.

To make a long story short: this is why I support what Vesusvius said in his answer. You just never know. You might be the first, or only, copy of the Holy Book that someone sees!

Blessings, Jai


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