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Hello everyone. Brad Johnson here. My good buddy, Rob Gauthier (@TReb Bor yit-NE) introduced me to this website and I'm seeing some really great questions on here that could make some excellent future videos.

For those of you not familiar with who I am, I am a Conscious Matrix Communicator as well as the official channeler for the entity known as Adronis. You can visit my YouTube channel through the username: selfempowermenttv.

I'm currently putting together a DVD for those who may have a question or two for the entity Adronis, or any other questions that hold a spiritual, metaphysical, conscious expansive theme. I'm going to be looking through the questions on this site and would be happy to offer my take on some of these as their well put together. Should you have any additional questions that you think would make a good video for my channel, please feel free to reply with that question.

Wishing you guys all the best. With love, appreciation and gratitude.

May it be well with you.

Brad Johnson.

asked 15 May '13, 17:00

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Brad Johnson

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Brad Johnson - Welcome to Inward Quest. I'll definitely come up with a question or two. I greatly enjoyed the recent Google+ session with you and Rob.

(15 May '13, 17:11) lozenge123

Hello Brad welcome to our family here on IQ. Rob had been here with us a while. I think you'll like it here too. As Rob may have told you I used to trance channel verbally too. Too long to remember now, I think it was the 90's or early 2000's.

Have a great time, I know I do.

(15 May '13, 22:30) Wade Casaldi

Good to have you here Brad :)

(15 May '13, 23:37) ikaruss21

Welcome to IQ, Brad...and Adronis :)

(16 May '13, 05:24) Stingray
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Ok Brad my question is with the utmost respect... Why would I even need to ask you or any other channelled entity for an answer to my questions when my questions arise from my own individual aspect of consciousness and, as such, always contain the answer themselves if I go deep enough? In other words the answer is always within me if I'm willing to put aside my mind's own self delusions to hear it.

And the fact I'm asking you this, in a way, disagrees with my own words lol!


answered 17 May '13, 20:43

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@Michaela I love your question lol. This is so true. I think we ask other's because they are sometimes more in a state of "allowing" than we are. When the desire to know the answer is so strong and the allowing part is so weak, sometimes it can be beneficial to ask another person that is more in "allowing mode". That's why the teachings of Abraham came into being. Because Jerry had the desire and Esther could allow the answer to come. You are right. All answers actually are within us.

(17 May '13, 21:03) releaser99

With that question, let me ask you one of my own:

When doing a math problem, when you have figured out an equation, do you require a tutor to assist you with that problem? The point is when one is already within the level of acquiring insight on their own levels, assistance from another whether it be a channel, psychic or otherwise is not necessary. However, when one does not know the answer to the problem, a tutor can indeed be a blessing to have in offering assistance. That's the idea.

(17 May '13, 21:17) Brad Johnson

@Brad I hear you...the tutor is only needed till the light bulb goes on. Fortunately, for me, I've always had an amazing gift for numbers haha!. Although I do admit it took me a little longer to hear the words coming through...think my little buddy ego turned mute on for a while lol! Thank You :) And thanks releaser99 :)

(17 May '13, 22:06) Michaela
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Hello brother, so so great to see u on,. I am so glad you made it. I am so happy to see this place so full with great folks. You will love it here. I will welcome you here from me and as I am sure from others. The great minds here will send you allot of great questions. Feel free to answer as many questions as You can throughout this site,. I know I do not get on here nearly as much as I used to, but everytime I do , i get an answer or question, that I end up answering,(or even ones to ponder within) that bring finality to my day. It fills that spot of love, wisdom, and acceptance so well. As you know I have been here for couple years, and you will NEVER find a greater bunch than right here. Love to you brother and welcome. :-)

love n light



answered 15 May '13, 20:11

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TReb Bor yit-NE

Welcome to IQ Brad! :)

My question is: do entities in higher densities have emotions? And if so, which emotions do they have? How could we best translate them into human language? What is the purpose of emotions in higher densities?


answered 16 May '13, 06:55

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Thank you releaser99. I have added your question to the list for the upcoming Adronis DVD.

(17 May '13, 15:15) Brad Johnson

Hello Brad, here is a question I have for Adronis.

Channeled teachings, including some that have come through you, have spoken about the current "collective consciousness" of the human race. Often this collective consciousness has limitations. For instance, in the recent video you did with Rob, it was mentioned that the current human lifespan is likely to remain at its present limit (120 years, etc.) for at least a thousand more years, because the collective human consciousness will not break through its present limitations until then.

My question is, if we wish to move beyond the collectively agreed-upon limitations of the human race, is it necessary for us to somehow consciously disconnect or disassociate from that collective consciousness?

Or will moving beyond those limitations simply come about naturally by consciously abandoning our own limiting beliefs, and enlarging our beliefs about what is or isn't possible, and what will or will not happen?

I have always found it interesting that despite widespread reports throughout history of humans performing so-called miracles such as levitation, bi-location, teleportation, and living far beyond the normal lifespan, these things have never been "proven" to humanity at large. I am wondering if secrecy in these matters is necessary to avoid a vibrational mis-match with the collective human consciousness, or if the Universal laws automatically keep these things "hidden" from humanity at large because humanity at large is not yet a vibrational match to be able to observe or experience these things.

Many thanks. Let me know if anything is unclear in my question.


answered 16 May '13, 18:27

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Thank you lozenge. I have added your question to the list for the upcoming Adronis DVD.

(17 May '13, 15:14) Brad Johnson

Cool question ! looking forward to an amazing answer

(18 May '13, 02:40) ursixx

Hi Brad, here's a question for you based on the work done by the brothers Felix and William Servranx who were belgian and worked in the domain of radiesthesia and radionics up until the 1960's when they both passed away. There's still a laboratory in the city of brussels that distribute and continue their work


I really appreciate their work. Now, i would like to know what is the follow-up? There are surely other people living today that continue this line of work elsewhere, i know of Jacques Bersez, i've also noticed that Bashar sometimes presents graphs and apparatus(the space-time antenna for example) that in my view are a continuation directly in line with radionics, are there any others that you can come up with?

thanks :)


answered 16 May '13, 03:47

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ru bis

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Well yes, there's me and the work I do with my own style of healing based on a consciousness version of the radionics science that works with holograms to assist in body regeneration and enhancement. :)

(16 May '13, 03:49) Brad Johnson

That's interesting Brad, thanks ... would you care to explain more about performing a "conscious version of the radionics science"?

(16 May '13, 04:16) ru bis

@Brad through your youtube videos and elsewhere i've managed to understand what you mean by "conscious version of the radionics science"; thanks for your aid :)

(16 May '13, 10:24) ru bis

@Brad ... and through info posted by you and elsewhere i've come to understand that hologram is synonymous to merkaba, to "l'étoile internelle" (multi dimensional internal star) the di-amant heart with a two second pulsation, that subtle energy is holographic in nature ... thanks

(24 May '13, 01:43) ru bis
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Hello Brad

I have a question which I know the answer already (Thanks Rob), but would love to hear Adronis' explanation of it.

Basically it's about co-creation. As we experience reality, we co-create, and another entities are giving their energy to co-create our reality, but they are not necessarily focused on our reality, and I don't mean they might have another take on what's happening, I mean their focus is completely in another simultaneous incarnation or in another parallel version of this incarnation.

This is important to me not because I want to have my will done "nobody is watching anyway" but because I used to spend a lot of time feeling badly for what others suffer, which to a certain extent paralyzed me.

I'm not sure if it would be good for everyone to hear this, but I guess it's as Seth in one of his books says, guilt was supposed to be used to make people act morally but instead makes people live in living hell.


answered 16 May '13, 00:50

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Thanks for your question. I would be happy to use this question within the upcoming Adronis DVD. If you would like to email me your name if you wish, otherwise the identity can remain anonymous.

Thanks again, Brad.

(16 May '13, 00:54) Brad Johnson

Hey Brad!

I had a question that I don't think would be really super metaphysical, but I was very very curious to see the explanation Adronis would give. I've watched a great deal of your videos am quite a fan of your work.

So my question was:

In regards to lifelong allergies that cause full blockage in the air flow to the nose, what can one do if medicine and diet are still not able to alleviate this? This can make meditation a lot harder for people in utilizing specific breathing techniques. Is there any possible meditative visualization or advice that he can give that can help someone with this?


answered 18 May '13, 14:35

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Thanks ikaruss, I've collected your question for the Adronis DVD. Good question btw :)

(18 May '13, 15:51) Brad Johnson
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