Where does information come from? How do you bring it into your conscious awareness? How do you know what to accept as your Truth? How do you filter the massive array of sensory input for meaningful data?

Some rely on channeling through mediums. Some on various divination methods. Some rely on reading. On Google searches. On randomly opening a book and pointing with a finger. But it is still coming in some personally acceptable manner.

To me, inspired information has the quality of being new, but surrealistically mixed in a dream-like state with remembering that I already knew it.

Do our insights come from Akashic Records? Jungian unconsciousness? God or Source in whatever aspect?

It is still coming into our consciousness from somewhere!

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦


There is an old saying "there is nothing new under the sun". I believe most of this statement. Information (Truth) doesn't change really, the same things being said now in terms of LoA, esoteric truths and laws, etc, is the same as in the first day in the history of Mankind...just in different words. Yes, I do believe most of this type of information is channeled in some way or fashion. For some reason channeling has gotten a bad rep in the media :-)

All information exists (in it's potential) within the One Consciousness.... But I believe that information constantly grows and expands like everything else (as our desires pull upon it). Every human being (spirit) is tethered to this One Consciousness. Like every parent is tethered to their child. We are an extension of this One Consciousness. So we are "One" and the same with this One Consciousness. We call or invoke this information that we seek...and the One Consciousness brings it to us. Just like a small child may ask for a cup of orange juice. The mother or father, or the cousin may bring it to the child.... or the child may stand on a stool and get it himself.

Information may come to you directly (from within), or it may come thru someone else. But this someone else is still a reflection of the One Consciousness - as are You. Everything that can be known, or seen, or felt, or understood....is a reflection of the One whether it comes to you directly or indirectly. ~ss


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Excelent answer. I was going to reply but now dont need to for the wisdom of Streetsanto said it all.

(16 Mar '12, 03:06) Paulina 1

I very much enjoy this answer @streetsanto

(28 Mar '15, 11:59) jaz

Yes, definitely. I believe all of our thoughts are sent to us from our higher self. The state we are in, determines how we interpret it. When we are in a negative state, then we are still receiving information, only we are blocked and can't receive the information like it is, so we interpret it negatively. When we are in a high state, we allow the information to come as it is.

It's important to understand that just like we are allowing physical manifestations into our lives, we are allowing thoughts into our minds.


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Your last sentence is BRILLIANT! +1

(16 Mar '12, 07:37) The Traveller

@Benjamin Brilliant, slick, smooth, simple and right on! I admire your brevity! As Haanel says, We (conscious mind) stand at the doorway of our subconscious and allow thoughts in or not. Conscious mind can analyse. deduce and interpret. It seems the subconscious mind does not have those abilities. And, our feelings are an -- no, THE indicator of whether we are in concert, allowing or blocking.

A matter of self-integration rather than self-development.

(16 Mar '12, 08:27) Dollar Bill

Thank you, Traveller and Bill. A great example of brilliant channeled information:)

(16 Mar '12, 11:18) Benjamin

@ Dollar Bill. These are my feelings, too. The subconscious mind is a limited memory complex, much as the 'awake' conscious mind is, but without the ability (or necessity) to analyse, dissect, and discern. The unconscious mind is the Oversoul (what I would term the Higher Self or User) - the overall memory complex of its individuated Spirit Source Essence fragments and fractals, incarnational or otherwise.

(30 Mar '15, 20:40) TGunn

@ Dollar Bill. The Oversoul has fewer inhibitions than the sub-conscious mind and the 'awake' conscious mind, but it is still inhibited, despite the fact that it, too, like the 'awake' conscious mind, can analyse, dissect, and discern at a higher navigational level of consciousness.

(30 Mar '15, 20:42) TGunn

@ Dollar Bill. I once said that our Oversoul knows what is best for us. I retract this statement. It is our Spirit that knows what is best for us. It knows beyond what our unconscious, subconscious, and 'awake' conscious mind knows.

One can imagine what we will be capable of when this triad of consciousness separation is again as one consciousness.

(30 Mar '15, 20:46) TGunn
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All information exists right here and now. But in order to get the exact informaton one wants, he has to match the exact vibrational frequency of the specific information he wants. Otherwise he won't even hear it correctly even if his physical ears may appear to be hearing it perfectly. He'll simply mishear it.

alt text


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@releaser99 - That brings a whole new meaning to Abraham's "Hot Seat"

(01 Apr '15, 11:16) Stingray

@Stingray Once Abraham invited this lady to sit in the Hot Seat and ask them any question. But she kindly refused the offer because she was already seeing the world through the eyes of sauce.

(01 Apr '15, 18:03) releaser99


Q: What should you do if Abraham asks you to light their cigarette?

A: Find a vibrational match

(01 Apr '15, 19:48) Stingray

@Stingray :)

Q: How many Abraham followers does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: It doesn't matter. Because they can't get it wrong... because they will never get it done.

(01 Apr '15, 21:22) releaser99


Abraham walks into Starbucks and asks what's available.

The man behind the counter says "If you want a coffee, you can have an Espresso or Cappuccino. If you want tea, you can have a Chai Latte or a Realla"

"Realla sounds interesting. We'll have one of those"

The Starbucks man picks up a mug, throws it at Abraham and says "Make it yourself then".

Abraham are shocked. "Make it ourselves? Why??"

The man glares back. "Don't you know you create your own Realla Tea?"

(02 Apr '15, 02:00) Stingray

Lol. Of all the days...

(02 Apr '15, 02:30) Liam


A man visits Abraham who work as a prostitute.

So he goes into the bedroom with them and comes out twenty minutes later very satisfied with a smile on his face. But shortly after he has a heart attack and dies.

Back in non-physical the man gets very angry and so he asks Abraham "Abraham what did you do to me?"

Abraham wink lasciviously "We told you that there is great love here for you."

(02 Apr '15, 07:06) releaser99


A millionaire father hires out a motor-racing circuit for the day to let his teenage boy safely practice driving his sports car while he supervises from the passenger seat.

As the boy gets more confident in handling the vehicle, he drives around the circuit faster and faster, when suddenly a police car appears and the kid gets a speeding ticket.

Distraught, the boy turns to his father and says "How could that happen, dad?"

The father sighs, "It's just the law of a track, son"

(02 Apr '15, 11:47) Stingray

Why couldn't Abraham get into a football team?

'cause he failed the physical.

(02 Apr '15, 12:26) cod2

Why were Bashar and Abraham fighting?

Because both were saying "My channeler is better than yours".

(02 Apr '15, 12:56) cod2


A man walks up to Abraham's hot dog stand and says "I'll take one hot dog, please"

"That will be 3,50."

The man hands them a 100 dollar bill and gets one dollar back.

"But Abraham I should get more change back!"

Abraham replies "Look around less, imagine more."

(02 Apr '15, 13:01) releaser99


Q: What do you call a monkey who makes his transition back to non-physical?

A: Ape-raham.

(02 Apr '15, 13:12) releaser99

This is the greatest thread on Inward Quest of the last six months.

(02 Apr '15, 13:31) lozenge123


Q: What do you call a female talk show host who makes her transition back to non-physical?

A: Oprah-ham

(02 Apr '15, 13:57) Stingray


Q: What do you call a very meaty breakfast that makes its transition back to non-physical?

A: Steak-and-ham

(02 Apr '15, 14:04) Stingray

Why did Darryl Anka drop leaflets from air in the Middle-east?

Because people there were listening to the wrong Bashar.

(02 Apr '15, 14:06) cod2

"Knock knock"

"Who's there?"


"I'm not going to bash her, I might come out and bash you if you don't start answering questions".

(02 Apr '15, 14:09) cod2

Q: What do you call a magician who made his transition back to non-physical?

A: Abracadabra.

(02 Apr '15, 14:23) cod2


Q: What do you call Esther Hicks when she is channeling with a top hat on?

A: Abraham Lincoln

Q: What do you call her when she is channeling with a top hat on and lots of facial hair?

A: Ape-raham Lincoln

(02 Apr '15, 15:28) releaser99

What will happen if Bashar becomes the channel for Abraham?

They'll get investigated by the Competition Commission.

(02 Apr '15, 15:38) cod2

What's Bashar's wife's biggest complaint against Bashar?

"I want to change the channel but he won't let me".

(02 Apr '15, 16:36) cod2

What's the most important request inside Abraham's own manifesting box?

"I want a remote control".

(02 Apr '15, 16:36) cod2

What's Bashar's Twitter handle?


(02 Apr '15, 16:36) cod2

Abraham was visiting the Hoover Dam when the Dam suddenly broke, and massive amounts of water began flooding the valley. As tourists fled screaming, Abraham merely stood by laughing. Incredulous and outraged, one of the tourists paused and asked Abraham: "What are you doing? How can you be laughing at a time like this?" Abraham replied: "Don't you know anything? This is the Stream of Abundance. And it is flowing to you."

(03 Apr '15, 11:46) lozenge123

A man was invited to Abraham's house one day to help transcribe some of his teachings. While waiting in Abraham's foyer, the man examined an exquisite antique globe of the earth, which he accidentally knocked over and shattered. As the man desperately gathered the various pieces together, he suddenly found Abraham hovering over him. "I'm so sorry," the man apologized. Abraham merely glared at the man with disapproval, and told him, "You did not come here to fix a broken world."

(04 Apr '15, 13:47) lozenge123

A follower of Abraham was a fitness fanatic. He went to the gym everyday without fail to pump iron. He died and then he was told that in his next life he'd become a pair of dumbbells. Horrified, he complained to Abraham: "I have followed everything you teach. I have always thought happy thoughts. This is the reward I get?"

Abraham smiled sweetly and said "Ah, but don't you remember, you get more of what you push against. You just pushed a bit too much there kid..."

(04 Apr '15, 16:00) cod2

@releaser99, @Stingray, @cod2 - May the Source be with you. Always.

(05 Apr '15, 16:30) lozenge123
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