People say, "I have checked with my Source and . . . ." I like the idea, and I use it often. One of my Sources is Google. I can ask a question and have millions of answers back in less than one second. I can pick answers that I feel are appropriate.

The internet taps an almost limitless Source of knowledge. Maybe it is a mini-version of the Akashic Records, The Jungian Collective Unconscious? When Marconi invented the radio he was trying to prove the existence of the aethyr, an invisible substance penetrating and combining with all matter. Spirit? God? Holy Spirit? Source? The medium that carries radio, TV, cosmic rays, wireless internet?

I have contacts all over the world that I have never met. Many of the people on IQ, I will probably never meet. Who is to say that "people" here are real, physical human beings?

One thing about the Internet for certain, it is an embodiment of a great universal mind, almost a consciousness. A collection of information on almost any subject. It is up to us to discern what information is worthwhile to us.

Maybe some of us write in a persona or alter ego? C.S. Lewis in "Screwtape Letters", wrote in an style of a senior demon, Screwtape, writing letters to his demon nephew, Wormwood, on how to tempt his Christian man, known as "The patient." These "Letters" were published in a weekly newspaper. Brilliant truths were stated in a fascinating style. Most of the readers understood, but a few sent threatening letters. They thought a demon was writing for the newspaper!

I registered one of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels on Facebook and have written his posts in the manner of a loving dog responding to humans. I guess I channel Chumley! His thoughts are loving, he never met a person he doesn't like and he ends most sentences with an exclamation point! I would like to be the man he thinks I am!

We all get our learning in different ways. Some though Abraham-Hicks, or Seth, or God, or Google. Before the Internet I got a lot from the magazine, "Psychology Today," but sometimes I would quote an article and when someone would ask about it, I would open my copy of the magazine and there was no article. Maybe the way I could accept knowledge was to think I had read it in a magazine.

I know it really does not matter how we receive our truths, our information as long as we feel good about it. But could non-material beings be able to influence wireless devices to communicate with us through the Internet? Maybe so, maybe not. We are all non=material beings, just some have decided to be clothed in flesh.

How can we most easily accept information?

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Dollar Bill

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Do nonphysical beings communicate with us over the Internet? Is Google a Channel? I am not sure but it is relieving idea, create connection with the electronic world we already trust and feel. How can we most easily accept information? Are you expecting one definite right answer? It will be 'it depends' It depends on the persons saying it, your mood while getting the information, your beliefs and so on..

(31 Mar '12, 13:14) r0la

But no matter what the information and the truth is the most important is your emotional state. It is good to feel always good then all the information are accepted and discussed when unaccepted, and when you are always feeling good they all matter to you, beneficial as well. Hope to find your truth and enjoying finding it.

(31 Mar '12, 13:15) r0la

He placed his right foot on the sea and his left on the land.

(31 Mar '12, 15:34) white tiger

@Dollar Bill "do nonphysical beings communicate with us over the internet?" you bet they do!

(03 Jul '15, 23:20) jaz
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Do nonphysical beings communicate with us over the Internet?

Yes, absolutely...because we are all non-physical beings covered in "filters of limitation" to create the illusion of physical reality.

But I think you mean the question more specifically than that :)

I remember Abraham once mentioning, a long time ago, something along the lines that the internet is the closest thing we have in our physical reality to a real-time embodiment of the Law of Attraction.

I imagine what they meant by that is that, in pre-Internet times, human beings tended to come together based upon geographical location. Today, online, we can come together based upon our similarities of thought irrespective of where we are physically based. And, as our thoughts change, the internet destinations we frequent can change in an instant too thereby drawing new information and perspectives to us.

In an instant we can follow an inspiration or hunch and end up contacting a group of people or a website on another side of the planet to where we were focused a few moments earlier. That "inspiration", to my mind, is how our non-physical "friends" utilize the internet.

I doubt very much that there are non-physical beings tapping into their non-physical keyboards and non-physical computer mice to connect with us online...but because it is so easy to "inspire" us to click on a certain link, or "inspire" us towards a certain keyword phrase to enter into an internet search engine, I think the Internet does provide an avenue for non-physical to guide physical.

For me, for years, I've often somehow found myself on a website or perhaps stumbled across a discussion group where answers I have been searching for miraculously appear. And those "coincidences" happen in direct relation to how aligned I am regarding what I'm searching for.

If I'm out of alignment with my desire then even if I was on a website with the right answer in huge letters in front of me, I wouldn't see it. If I'm in alignment, I know I'll find that information even if it takes some apparently absurd coincidences to do so...a perfect example of The Law of Attraction in operation.

So, coming back to your question, is Google a channel?

No, I don't think so, but the "inspirations" we channel from our broader selves can utilize Google as an effective tool to guide us more directly to the answers we are searching for.

Also, take a look at Is the Internet a manifestation of the Lightworkers?


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@Stingray You said something about Abraham once mentioning something along the lines that the internet is the closest thing we have in our physical reality to a real-time embodiment of the Law of Attraction. My thought on that is that when we type in our key word and hit enter or search, that is launching our desire. Then we get a list of results and click on the ones that resonate with us at the time.

(01 Apr '12, 10:09) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - That's a nice way of looking at. You would be drawn to different search results depending on how you are vibrating at the time

(01 Apr '12, 11:20) Stingray

@Stingray - while I agree with most of what you say, I believe that non-physical entities could be posting on the Internet. Yes, they can inspire me to search. But we all get our learning in different ways.

You could be a non-physical entity. So could I. But if I heard an entity in my head say, "I am Stingray and here are some truths," I would have a harder time believing you than when I read your wonderful posts. Certainly I was inspired to IQ.

The Medium is the Massage!

(02 Apr '12, 05:57) Dollar Bill
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This question I find most interesting, this is indeed worth of great pondering. If we examine the brain it is a storehouse of knowledge learned, and as well everything we use our brains for is from that knowledge in one way or another way.

It is like a filing system since we were maybe as young as birth to today, of everything useful we had learned. There is another aspect of the brain that is creative and inventive of what never existed but does now since we thought it up. Also a final aspect of the brain as in functioning in logic to figure out things.

Now if we compare the internet to the brain we see the first function is filled well and not just well but to the point of dwarfing any human brain even the brain of Einstein! The interesting thing is it is the collective brains of billions of people that make up this system so in a primitive way we are accessing maybe a "New Brain" not by neurons and nerves of the body to relay the data but by typing with fingers and seeing with eyes and hearing with ears the information. However make no mistake this does seem to be a new developing brain that is way beyond human potential for storage of knowledge. I think there may come a day when we can tap into the net directly with some sort of helmet device that relays thought to and from the net so we no longer need to type or read or hear the information we just receive and give it.

That may be our next evolution actually! The implementation of the internet as an extension of our brain and thought in our everyday lives just as we do now with our brains. When this happens there will be no need for phones we will be able to talk with people around the world like they are right here with us as we are sitting in a park eating a sandwich. Better still we will have the sandwich because we were hungry and thought of having one and next a delivery man pulled up from the sandwich place to deliver it to us.

This would be similar to the movie The Law Mower Man II or The Matrix everyone connected and aware of that connection when we take a break it would probably seem so silent it would seem like being locked in a lead box all alone.


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Wade Casaldi

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Certainly the Internet is a giant collective mind. I use it often. This morning my wife and I were enjoying our hot tub (no computer access) as the sun came up. Beautiful and tranquil moment. I was wondering about how to construct something. I told Anne, when I get back inside I will consult my source, Google.

Millions, maybe billions of people are connected to me on Google. We still need discernment to choose the best feeling answer(s).

(01 Apr '12, 09:19) Dollar Bill

I think that we are approaching something like a "collective mind" with the Internet...(Sometimes I wonder about that collective mind, though- as when I see that some video or other of someone doing something becomes an Internet sensation overnight....Watch this for a hoot...).

As a collective mind, it is possible for humanity to achieve great things...or...we could end up like the Borg of Star Trek, on a quest to "collect" other species to "add to our distinctiveness"...There is really no way to tell if "other beings" are channeling through the Internet, but I think you have raised a very unique idea, one that surely will be discussed here at great length!

The potential for the future is very, very exciting! Wade covered all that already, so I will not repeat it. But I hope and pray that the Internet will become a a force for Peace and Happiness on Earth!

Peace and Blessings,



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Hi Dollar Bill, Sometimes strange things happen to me when on the computer. In 2009 I was busy writing an insight on "Time" for my book. I was using one of those old computers from 1998 as I find it a lot easier to type on the old keybord. After I finished writing I was reading the insight to my husband when all of a sudden a big face of a clock appeared on the monitor, lasting a second or two and than it disapeared.

This specific computer was not connected to the internet as I only use it to type. I was only reading at the time so I have no idea how this could happen. Things like this happen to me on a regular basis and not only on the computer but mostly when using any electical appliences.

More or less the same period of time my hairdryer would switch itself on and off. My Philips radio would stop playing if I even come near it. Thank goodness that has calmed down for it can be scary even though I believe that it is our own energy that is somehow doing this. I could pop light globes when upset.

The internet especially is like a magical place to me and I love it although I'm carefull not to do any energy work before using electrical appliences.

Are theese invisible spirits or maybe angels or whatever? Sometimes yes for I would sit down to write what I had in mind but what I would actualy write is totaly something that I had no previous knowledge of and would suprise myself time and time again wondering now where did this come from.

I just wish that those benovelent enough to give me this knowledge and insights would also find me a publisher to share the information with the world.


answered 02 Apr '12, 02:24

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Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 - "I just wish that those benovelent enough to give me this knowledge and insights would also find me a publisher to share the information with the world" - Anything you write on IQ gets indexed on Google and shared with the entire world within a few hours...and it stays as you originally wrote it. That easily beats any "official" publisher I've ever come across :)

(02 Apr '12, 02:43) Stingray

Thanks for that insight Stingray you are as always right. Strange I never thought of it that way. I'm gona have to watch my spelling from now on.

(02 Apr '12, 19:21) Paulina 1

Hi @Dollar Bill so do nonphysical beings communicate with us over the Internet?

well yes I can't see how it could be othewise, let me explain.

In my experience I don't "live" in the physical world, people can see my body that appears alive with their physical eyes, I can see people with my physical eyes, other things I can see with my physical eyes are objects, cars, houses, my pc screen, the keyboard on which my finger presses the keys (I only type with one finger) I can see my own finger as it presses the keyboard ... I think you get the picture :)

In my experience where I live is inside, in inner space which is perceived as being as vast and limitless as outer space lol. I can't see it, I can't touch it, no one else can see or touch it but it's there a space that appears to exist inside me.

This space is common to all humans so you see for me we're all invisible to physical eyes, we're all nonphysical beings communicating through our physical bodies and through our immaterial bodies.

Is Google a Channel? What is google? well it's a mechanism invented by humans, but what are humans but a nonphysical being in a physical body. So google was invented and is maintained by a whole bunch of invisible beings, and what is a whole bunch of human beings but a whole bunch functioning as one, and all humans are one in the immaterial world.

Do invisible beings channel? you bet they do

Is google a channel? you bet it is, how could it be otherwise?

All energies are everywhere all the time, the thing to do is learn how to perceive them without getting bombarded with too much info at any one time, or rather how to filter them.

The Amerindians knew about this phenomenon, they knew how to make a dreamcatcher a handmade circular structure often made of a willow frame strung with loose webbing

alt text

a more scientific design is the cosmos 2000 radionic graph by servranx, it's a collector of cosmic influences

alt text

it's easy to imagine the internet www (world wide web) forming a similar structure with it's systems of satellites capturing cosmic forces that filter into the system.

Draw a circle on a piece of paper

alt text

this circle contains all the energies that exist on earth (and perhaps in the universe) now put a symbol or symbols in it that represent something

alt text

As soon as I place an idea in the circle all the other energies disappear. A flower in this case is represented by six symbols from the english alphabet placed in a specific order, change the order and it will no longer represent a flower, the six symbols could form other words "lower" and "f" , "flow" and "er", "low" and "fer" there thousands of combinations, So order is primordial.

This is one of the first principles of radionics, that is, one of the first principles of vibrational energies, of vibrational healing.

Now draw a circle and using these five symbols of the alphabet ahmnu arranged in a particular order write on the center of the circle the word "human" and what do you have?

alt text

the vibration of human in it's totality, the world wide web could be used as a metaphor for how the internet functions, when I write things into the IQ system, ask a question for example, it's as if I'm asking the collective knowledge of material and immaterial humans.

Now comes the tricky bit, how do I recognise the reply ... aha

definition of aha in the Urban Dictionary; discovery or sudden realization of something.


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