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I wanted to give you all this free gift.

Density Master Class 101 part 2 ~ Incarnation cycles. This is a class I teach for free and this certain one is from my radio show " The Enlightenment Evolution Hour "

This is the Class:

The Enlightenment Evolution Hour - Density Master Class 101 prt 2 - Incarnation cycles

Here are more details from the first book that will help put it in perspective. As well as a Graph. Also an intro to Density and Dimensions:

alt text alt text

Aridif's Introduction From The Book

Aridif: I will start by saying my name is Aridif. In your spelling perhaps it is "A-R-I-D-I-F" And this is it spelled. And as you know we do not necessarily need names in our type of environment, because we are all together. This is a name I give you for representation of Earth.

I am from a race that Originates in the Pleiades. So some have called us the ancient Pleiadians, although we do not remain in that area of Pleiades at that of the present time. We moved because there is more room in the star that is called Deneb.

And we now take this name as the Denebians, or the Deneb race, after the star your planet knows as Deneb. Treb bor Yit-NE has spoke of Deneb Cygnus, before in some of the sessions. And because of the specific region that we reside in now, this is the name that we take. We now reside in the area that you would see as the Deneb Star. The star is a hundred times the diameter of your Sun. It is very large.

And it is approximately slightly more than seventeen hundred light years away from your area. I am a density of fourth but to what Treb Bor yit-NE sees, well he would call this the sixth density. We do not have the same density levels in consideration as Treb Bor Yit-NE's race. But I use this for a purposeful sake, so that there is no miscommunications or no misunderstandings.

We live and exist in the time that you do, and we lend much love and support to your race, and the races that support you as well. We are a peaceful race. One that is close to the graduation of physical existence all together. The insight we have for you, is very great for you to pass on. We passed this on, as we do to many other races that are at the point of your spiritual existence. For the simple reason that it is easier to move through this, with more knowledge.

Even Treb's people, or Treb Bor Yit- NE, we give them many supports and information as well. As we pass it on, you might think of us to be highly advanced in technology, and spiritually, or intellect. But I beg of you, please do not do this! Please see us as your equals. The only difference we have is the existence of time that we have been put in.

We have lived through physical existence much longer and the only difference is experience. And besides this, the harmonic level that we exist at. And please realize that you are only a portion of a much greater existence. An existence that is so vast and so different from not only planet to planet, but also galaxy to galaxy, system to system, dimensions upon dimensions... and so many different levels, that u can consider it to be quite infinite! Quite... forever... is a word you might see better fit and what do is you think that word means foreverness and foreverness.

So think of this word. Think of this word greatly! And try to picture what it is to be infinite... I will tell you, that even in our race, a race that has several fold of consciousness, the word infinite... is truly extraordinary, TRULY extraordinary!

It is greater than any mathematical problem that you have. Even if an existence of one single life would have you having billions and billions of years to explore, and and to go to every planet instantly in the way that we do, with no time in between, stopping at one planet every second, you will l NEVER ever be able come close to experiencing all that is in the system of our own universe.

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Thanks for sharing, @TReb! :)

(27 Apr '15, 23:25) Grace

Cool, and thanks for the freebie!

(28 Apr '15, 21:09) lozenge123

you guys r welcome.

(08 May '15, 07:24) TReb Bor yit-NE
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