Recently, I've been looking for something similar to the Abraham Vortex meditations. I've found that the Abraham vids/mp3s work very well, but as there are only four of them (and I've been playing them nearly every day for many months), I've started looking for something else simply for a different experience, i.e. for variety.

I recently came across the Bashar "holotope" videos. The first one certainly made me feel better, so at the very least they seem to be doing something similar in that they raise one's vibration....albeit not regarding a specific subject, in contrast with the Abraham meditations.

I'm curious if anyone else out there has had positive experiences with these, uses them in any way, or can provide insight into how it works and what effects it has. Also, does anyone know what the significance is of the fluctuating color visuals?

Here are a few available online:

Thanks, everyone.

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Dear lozenge123 , I have just donwloaded and watched the first.. 404 and absolutely loved it , I "feel" so chillaxed and will most definately be repeating .I had downloaded Bashar's Brick Walls Beliefs through YouTube , all 13 clips but wasn't able to locate the Continued Part 3 of Transmission , you have most wonderfully filled the gap , Thank You ♥♥♥ off now to check out the other 2 and Smiling Largely here :-) LOA , strikes again !

(18 Apr '13, 22:23) Starlight

@Starlight - I've been using them too quite a bit since I posted this...often in the morning and/or before I go to bed at night. So glad you're enjoying them!

(18 Apr '13, 23:49) lozenge123
(19 Apr '13, 23:49) lozenge123
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Hi lozenge123

Here is a link explaining a little about the holotope

The picture and function is remarkably similar to the servranx graph no.50 "cosmos 2000"

ffalt textff

This radionic graph has been specially designed by felix and william servranx to encourage anyone, clairvoyant or not, to strengthen their sensitivity and to put them on the path to clairvoyance a potential capacity that we all have and can be developed if we sincerely wish to do so. We know that the stars in the cosmos influence humans throughout our lives and it's from this reasoning that the servranx brothers understood that if we pay attention and listen to these influences coming from the cosmos, if we make a sincere effort to want to understand them, to interpret them, and show them to whoever wants them, that would make a lot of us become clairvoyants. However sometimes we need a helping hand because the life that we lead is not always easy, there is often a lack of time and materials that prevent us from suitably consecrating enough time to our task which, more than all others, is that of our accomplishment. Here is that helping hand in the form of a graph. This tool works on the principle of the radio telescope constantly listening to the smallest message coming from the cosmos. The difference being that it doesn't transmit data figures but a series of informations in the form of waves that accustom you to stay constantly listening to that which makes us humans. After a while, trained to strengthen your sensitivity and your listening powers, you become more and more clairvoyant with all that entails in advantages, personal or otherwise. Little by little you will come to interpret quickly, you may feel, predict, imagine correctly a great variety of situations, from the most commonplace to the most important. The graph is composed of 32 points symmetrically disposed on the periphery of a solar disk 18cm in diameter. All the points are joined to each other by straight lines to form a beautiful fine framework that serves to capture cosmic waves. The cosmic waves, or rather informations, are immediately conducted along the shortest path of the framework to the center of the solar disk which then transmits them instantly to the earth's magnetic field which is necessarily in contact with you. When the informations travel from the solar disk to the earth's magnetic field, it intermingles and is colored by your own individual energies that can interfere, however this phenomenon can be rectified by using an appropriate color filter. That's also why it's important to be conscious of your state of being and make sure that your thoughts are clear and pure. Eventually you can prepare yourself to be in a clear and pure state of being by using the graph no.46 "fiat lux" The graph enters into action as soon as you place your photo in the center and it's possible to improve the effects by placing under your photo a color filter, a beneficial number or simply a piece of paper on which you have written what you wish to achieve. If you have a pendulum you can easily, naturally and certainly more exactly, make your choice by using radiesthesia. Use this device maximum twice a week, each time just for three hours. There is a second way of using it; instead of placing your photo on the graph, place an electret that the graph will fully charge in three hours. An electret is a small aluminium envelope containing a sheet of 18 carat gold and a mixture of waxes, heated and cooled very slowly in a high voltage, polarized, electric field. Capable of storing subtle energies it can be charged by various means; visualization, laying on of hands, radionic, or any other magnetic procedure. As soon as you carry the electret around with you, it acts on your aura and will continually diffuse whatever it has been charged with during three days. This method much gentler than the first method has the advantage of reminding you to keep constantly alert, a precious attitude which will serve you later when you'ill be a confirmed clairvoyant. Recharge the electret every 78 hours.

I personally regularly use the graph cosmos 2000 together with an electret and i find it gives excellent results, i would imagine that regular use of the holotope experience video would also give excellent results.


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ru bis

wonderful..!!!, can u pls tel me ,how can we use it except electret ?

(19 Apr '13, 12:15) supergirl

Hey Ruby ;-) , got me intriqued now , I have Tesla Purple Plates and apparently they have had their molecular structure changed . I use them for healing , to recharge my water , food and they extend the life of cut flowers from days to weeks , also place on photos but for no more than an hour at a time and no more than twice a week as apparently it came make people edgey. For me personally I can wear them all day , but do remove at night .....

(19 Apr '13, 22:03) Starlight

I haven't done this for months and at moment could do with a recharge so Thanks Dr's Lozenge and Ruby for your timely reminders , luv ewe's ;-)

(19 Apr '13, 22:05) Starlight

@ru bis - Thanks for this, it's great!

(19 Apr '13, 23:49) lozenge123

@supergirl, this graph acts like a dreamcatcher

to use it just line the graph with magnetic north and put a small photo of yourself on the center of the graph for 3 hours twice a week and don't forget to note any dreams, synchronicities, new ideas, intuitions ... :)

(20 Apr '13, 01:44) ru bis

@Starliht @lozenge123 - glad you like it :)

(20 Apr '13, 02:00) ru bis

@Starlight - i've never heard of tesla purple plates, but from reading

they are certainly in line with the teachings of servranx, magnetism, radionics ...

(20 Apr '13, 02:08) ru bis

here's a link that gives deeper insight into the properties of violet light

(20 Apr '13, 02:45) ru bis

and here's a link showing how vibrations, forms, shapes, colors, music, maths, graphics, geometric drawings fit together with human life

(20 Apr '13, 03:30) ru bis

@rubis..- is every graph used in the same way, as described.., 3 hrs a day ,twice a week?

(22 Apr '13, 10:17) supergirl

@supergirl no, each graph is different and should be adapted to what it's being used for

(22 Apr '13, 10:24) ru bis
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