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Aside from the Inward Quest, I sit quietly every morning, I have a Yoga asana practice, I practice walking meditation, and alternate nostril breathing. I practice gratitude, understanding and smiling. I also have a 3 and a 2 year old keeping me in the present moment. Just curious, I know there are many different spiritual practices out there.

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@Brian: Sounds like you are ahead of the game, considering you have kids running around!

(27 Jul '10, 23:21) Back2Basics
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For me, the key is to spend time having fun daily (preferably first thing in the morning) in my electronic vibrational world. (This is usually followed by a period of meditation.)

I know this isn't a particularly helpful bit of advice for most since that spreadsheet is currently only available to me (since I developed it) and most will probably not spend the time and effort in developing their own.

But it's quite possible to do something similarly systematic on paper...the cause and effect relationships you start clearly observing between the thoughts you offer to the Universe and the responses you get are well worth the initial set-up effort in my view. And it perhaps illustrates that there are many valid non-traditional approaches available for spiritual growth in our modern world.

I also follow a self-created schedule of psychic-training exercises that I've been doing on and off for several years.

On the physical side, I cycle on a mountain-bike about 15 miles a day (or every other day, depending on time available) late at night, usually in dark and isolated places. It gets me out into the fresh night air and I am able to contemplate things deeply in a meditative way while riding despite the sometimes strenuous exercise.

One thing I have found helpful time and again is realizing that every day is chained to the next day - so tomorrow starts tonight. So by spending time in bed daily, before falling asleep, projecting thoughts of gratitude and appreciation as you drift off, the next day naturally starts off with you in that state.


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Your last paragraph is great advice and practice.

(08 Mar '10, 10:24) G16

I agree the last paragraph is awesome...

(28 Jul '10, 02:27) Chris 2

@Stingray Very interesting point about cycling after dark - Seth talks about how beneficial it is to be out in the night air - something to do with the ions I think.

(05 Dec '12, 08:06) Catherine
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I meditate daily and also keep a gratitude journal. The greatest spiritual practice for me is trying to live as mindfully as possible in the moment - sometimes easier said than done, but I find my interactions with others give me the opportunity to 'watch myself' and have the potential for greatest growth.I think you'll find Brian that your 2 and 3 yr old will prove to be great teachers in your spiritual journey. I was lucky to be given the surprise gift of another child when I was almost 40 (he's 6 now and has been one of my greatest teachers in life), I also have 3 teenagers who give me plenty of opportunities to practice that mindfulness.I have just found a Hatha and Chakra yoga class within walking distance that I intend to join and I have also just become a member of a spiritual group which meets once a week - that is a really big move for me as was joining this site. Fortunately my hubby and I are awakening together, although our experiences and beliefs can be somewhat different- we do give each other plenty of opportunities to become aware of and let go of some of our egoic tendencies.


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All these are very good. I prefer to do some morning jogging to let myself known I'm still breathing, in this world of senses.While I run I say my affirmation during the whole run. I do my journal at the end of the day recording my thoughts and gratitude for the day. I recite my affirmations some more and clear my mind of all the mind chatter that fills the head. Then I just be still nothing but the sound of my own breath and my heart beat.


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I try to read something spiritual everyday. I monitor my thoughts and feelings closely and when I sense my vibes getting negative I know I have to right my thoughts very quickly. I also pay close attention to feedback that I am receiving from people around me. For me spiritual growth and consciousness has become a way of life and I apply it to everything I do all day long. Sometimes I do get distracted but not for long and something always happen to bring me back to the recognition of who I really am and my connecton to the Universe.


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Great! .

(30 Sep '10, 14:06) zvolkov


-Mental yoga


-Raw Vegetarian Food

-Unplugged from the media (no tv,magazines, newspapers...)

-Live according to my own rythm

-Dance/physical exercise

Thanks, namaste


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I give thanks for the creation of the Universe and all living things above, and below, and every new day in my life; I pray for world peace, and healing of our nation. I pray that the hungry people will be fed, the homeless people will find shelter; I pray for the sick people to be healed, and for blessings and protection for my friends, and family; I pray for every person that I will come into contact with daily, and I read the scriptures from the Bible daily. I also read books on religion, theology, Philosophy, and Metaphysics.

I meditate on my daily goals, and ask for spiritual guidance to fulfill my daily obligations, and responsibilities. At the end, I say a special prayer, and I give thanks to God for all the earthly Gifts he has given to me, all the earthly Gifts he will continue to give me, and for the people that he will bring into my life to give to me, to share with me, to help me in my spiritual growth, and learning, to support and care for me in the time of need, and for sharing harmony, and friendship with all humans.


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That's beautiful!

(24 Sep '10, 06:57) daniele

Thank you for your comment.

(24 Sep '10, 23:36) Inactive User ♦♦

Wow, I wrote my answer without reading yours. Very nice!

(30 Sep '10, 01:39) jim 10

Thats' alright, great minds work alike! Thank you.

(30 Sep '10, 03:26) Inactive User ♦♦
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Constant gratefulness.

The first and last thoughts I have when I wake/sleep are "thank you."

I thank the water I drink

I thank the Dog that I have

I thank the person who cut me off driving for teaching me patience

I thank my boss for hiring me

I thank that fact I can feel when I stub my toe

I thank the day I lost my job for now I have a better one

I thank you for having a wonderful smile right now :)


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jim 10

Thank you for the smile :) I love you

(30 Sep '10, 09:25) daniele

You're more than welcome and of course I love you!

(30 Sep '10, 12:41) jim 10

I have little conversations with All That Is - and He talks back :) And He has a sense of humour!

I am also a bibliophile, non fiction (my husband laughs when I say that - what does he know :) ). Books are mainly to do with the search for the meaning of life here and hereafter.


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Because of the nature of my work (social work) I have to be on guard all the time. My job can sometimes be very ugly because of the people I deal with. I deal with so much negativity everyday that I am constantly finding ways to stay in the Light. One thing that helps me is, when I am having a bad day at work, I mediate on something very beautiful. We see beauty in different ways. So for me beauty is in everything, especially in children. When I feel that I need to get back on track I think about the smile on a baby, or the way a mother looks at her baby when they exchange a moment of tenderness. That of course, is a quick fix throughout the day. My day always begins with my out-most gratitude to my Eternal Loving Creator.


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I focus on the Presence of God within me every single day when I first awake in the morning and also when walking, driving, alone, or doing something repetitive. I make a conscious effort to fill my mind with affirmations and loving and goal oriented thoughts. This helps me to release the mindless chatter that we all encounter. By continuously repeating in my mind or saying aloud: "The Presence of God is within me", or one of many memorized affirmations (which is a good idea, memorizing an affirmation that you like and thinking of it when you "catch" yourself in the midst of mindless chatter...or even negative thinking), I feel strengthened, focused, safe, secure, in the NOW or present and I know I am on the right track.

Your power and Kingdom is within. Period.


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  • Strenuous physical exercise
  • Reading part of any book that deals with a spiritual philosophy
  • Meditation
  • Surfing/Swimming/Playing in the ocean water
  • Prayer
  • Attending Church
  • Making others feel good inside (under-rated spiritual act)

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