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Try this. It takes just 3-5 minutes.

  1. Close your eyes and look/focus on the point between your eyebrowes (third eye).
  2. Now you should see something that most people would call "nothingness", "darkness" or "whiteness". Look at this nothingness with great focus and see what happens.
  3. Look at this nothingness you see and try to find the gaps that look even more like nothingness in your opinion. And zoom in. Focus and zoom in. Keep focusing with such a great attention as if it were the most important thing to do in your life. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

You can't do it wrong. But try to not miss even one nanosecond while focusing. If thoughts come, focus immediately on the nothingness and on the gaps between the nothingness. Do this until you can't find an "object" that looks even more like nothingness. So our goal is to find the most nothingness looking thing and then focus on that with great attention. Hope that's clear.

You should now see this nothingness as something similar to the following pictures. How it looks like doesn't really matter. It's more important to zoom in and find more nothingness/gaps and then to focus on that with great attention.

  • If the nothingness looks like this, focus on it and try to see if there is something in between the pixels that looks for you even more like nothingness in your opinion. And focus on that.

alt text

  • Or the nothingness could look like this. Focus on the dark gaps that look more like nothingness in your sense. And zoom in. Just watch and see what happens.

alt text

  • Or it could look like this. Find the gap or darker pixels, focus, zoom in and look what happens.

alt text

  • Or it could look like this. Find the gap or darker pixels, focus, zoom in and look what happens.

alt text

Have you tried it? How does it feel like? Post your experience here!

asked 23 Jan '13, 11:28

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Barry Allen ♦♦


@releaser99, I expanded your first picture to fill my tablet screen in order to gaze into the blackness.... can you guess what I saw? Lol of course I saw my own reflection! Not what it was meant for, I realize, but I thought it interesting. Seems I bumbled to my intended end result in an accidentally literal way. :)

(23 Jan '13, 22:08) Grace

@Grace Hahaha. So you can confirm that this technique led you to the essence of "knowing thyself" as great greek philosophers claimed hundreds and hundreds of years ago? Great story! Grace with this testimonial i'm going to make a pile of money! I'll call this "The modern iPad-Enlightment Method" lol

(23 Jan '13, 22:40) releaser99

@releaser99 - You've got a witness! I'm a believer! ;)

(23 Jan '13, 23:35) Grace

@releaser99 , this is excellent! I don't know what the inspiration is for what you've given here, but it's wonderful! Another member of IQ offered this book What a great book! It even comes with audio guidance in the techniques. And the Gate Technique mentioned by Satori here is also very good. I read Frank Kinslow's books and they are excellent. Thanks for your offering here. Keep up the good work! ;-)

(24 Jan '13, 16:16) Rindor

@Rindor Yes Tom Stone's Pure Awareness book inspired me to share this. Imo if you like Eckhart Tolle and Frank Kinslow you'll LOVE Tom Stone. I don't like to overexaggerate but especially his "SEE Technique" is simply ingenious and revolutionary. It could also revolutionize Faster EFT and many other techniques as well. I'll share his ideas soon here and explain why i think they are so amazing. He gives practical tools to achieve enlightment in matter of month.

(24 Jan '13, 17:07) releaser99

In this book you can learn his SEE technique which is pure gold if combined with his CORE technique.

In this interview he explains the SEE technique so you can get a idea

(24 Jan '13, 17:08) releaser99

YES! I am convinced if Everyone on this IQ forum could just get the techniques in "Pure Awareness", they would find the happiness they seek. Thanks releaser99. ;-)

(24 Jan '13, 17:40) Rindor

You are welcome @Rindor

(24 Jan '13, 17:43) releaser99
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I see blackness of course, and then after a few moments, I see small drifting clouds. Not really white, but light gray...something like your bottom drawing.


answered 25 Jan '13, 22:10

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LeeAnn 1


@LeeAnn 1, me too. Close to that one.

(25 Jan '13, 23:02) Grace

Cool technique Releaser, thanks for sharing. I noticed as soon as I focused in on the darker areas they changed colour or shifted before my mind could zero in on it and label it, so I was constantly having to refocus. This refocusing kept my mind busy while I become more aware of pure awareness.

This reminds me of The Gate technique in Quantum Entrainment or QE where you focus on a word that has a positive meaning to you and watch how it changes in your mind without interfering.


answered 24 Jan '13, 13:11

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edited 24 Jan '13, 13:12


@Satori The Gate Technique is great. Also i like Kinslow's Pure Awareness Technique. I read all books from Frank kinslow after watching his "stopping thought" video you shared. And it put me into this journey of exploring pure awareness and enlightment. I recommend Tom Stone's books. He is simply a genius.

(24 Jan '13, 16:57) releaser99

@Releaser99 - Likewise:) I read a few of Tom Stones books after you shared that post on his techniques. His techniques are excellent. Thank you so much:)

(25 Jan '13, 16:36) Satori
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