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Here's an idea that has been useful to me many times over the years and I thought it might be useful to share with others here.

If you regularly engage in meditation, creative visualization, psychic development exercises, channeling, or any other metaphysical activities, you will probably find it extremely helpful to devote a small part of your home just to that.

A separate room would obviously be ideal but even a part of a room, or a chair in a room, will do the trick...somewhere that is set aside just for those activities and nothing else.

The idea is that whenever you want to be able to think and focus at a higher level, you go to that part of your home.

And whenever you want to think more mundane thoughts, you do that elsewhere in your house.

By establishing this special place, you will quickly find that it becomes easier and easier to enter a higher state of mind just by going to that part of your house and performing your activities there.

It's as though that particular part of your house becomes infused with those higher vibrations, and you will find it adds considerable effectiveness to whatever metaphysical activities you do.

And, as a by-product, whenever you want to step outside of your mundane life for a while and just "feel free", you can enter that part of your house and just sit there quietly letting all those higher vibrations refresh you.

You may wish to burn incense, light candles, or play relaxing music/sounds while you are there too, just to add to the feeling of it being somewhere special, and helping to make it feel like you are somewhere different to your normal life while you are in those states of mind.

Some people even like to do little symbolic rituals before entering that area to communicate (to their non-physical aspect) their intent of engaging with themselves at a higher level.

If you extend this idea, you could even set aside special buildings for these higher mind activities...and I guess you could even give them names like churches, mosques, temples, synagogues etc...hmmm, you never know, it might catch on :)

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Thank you Stingray, very helpful as usual!

(09 Nov '10, 11:34) daniele

I spend time on my old boat.I take it somewhere quiet and do my thinking there. Homes just too full of distractions.I always feel refreshed and im sure the solitary outdoors helps me to focus. I do think we all need a special place for battery re charging.

(09 Nov '10, 17:51) Monty Riviera
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Great advice Stingray - I agree that it's important to assign a sacred space that is intended for meditation or introspection. As Stingray pointed out ,by doing so you immediately feel better just entering this space because of the higher vibrations associated with your meditation practice.

It can be as simple as a corner of your bedroom or a special chair, cushion,rug etc. The ambiance can be enhanced by candlelight, crystals etc. and over time you'll find that this sacred space will become a place you can retreat to when something is niggling at you, and just by entering it and contemplating a solution you'll feel an immediate sense of relief.

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Well said, Michaela - and thank you

(09 Nov '10, 15:53) Stingray
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