Actually these are two questions I will explain a bit further.

I am inspired to ask these question since a couple of minutes ago, I have made my personal, ground-breaking shall I call it as such, realization of understanding some of foundations I have built my life on. Namely - TIME.

I have made a lot of choices in my physical reality (life) which were based on a certain belief of meaning of time which caused lot of problems to me (Of course I realize that problems are only creation of one's perspective and as such do not exist, but for the sake of understanding I will keep them in equation).

For example, I seem to be always late all the time (which is a paradox really, since everything in the universe is at the right time and at the right place as it is here and now, so I can't really be late). Or I prioritize saving time for many easy activities rather than a lengthy one. Which might mean, speaking in terms of our reality as created and viewed by our society, that I do not do work assignments I should.

And I tried to explore why it is so. After digging deep into my "core" I have found out that it is in fact my core belief that "The time is the most important thing in life" all these situations spring from. And the reason I believed the time to be the most important thing in life was my definition of life, which due to my limited understanding back at days was that "we are here only for a limited period of time and so it would only make sense to experience as much as we can, before it runs out".

And the reason I'm asking you these two question is simple. I want to accelerate the experience of, lets say, transition from state that I am in to the one I want to be at. In order to experience things of my desire and joy. Of course again, I realize I am not really accelerating anything, as I am merely taking another logical and natural step in my own development at my own pace.

And to this very moment my understanding is also such, that it is not only me developing, but it is us. Since what I experience you in a way experience as well, as we are one. Even though in our physical reality we are different and seemingly separate so that we can experience "ourselves" in endless amount of ways.

Therefore, be so kind and answer following two questions.

Q1: What do you BELIEVE to be the most important thing in life from your perspective?

Q2: What definition of WHAT is supporting the existence of this BELIEF?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

very good question Calonlan.are you troubled, and astonished by the answer i have give you? now it should be plain to you.

(22 Mar '12, 15:53) white tiger

This is a very good question.

(23 Mar '12, 05:46) Paulina 1
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Hi CalonLan, Life is the most important thing in life and therefore survival is of parmount importance. Whatever it takes moraly for your physical, evolutionary and spiritual survival is important in any life. One could argue that even when physicaly dead one is still alive in spirit for life cannot die. Yes that is true but I'm talking about your conscious life lived in the now here on planet earth in this moment in time. If one ensures ones own survival than everything else will follow suit if we learn and grow. We cannot learn and grow and evolve here on earth unless we survive long enough to do so.

How do I know this? Without life we wouldnt be here asking this question. Life is all there is was and ever will be. If you believe in God than you can say God is Life.


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Paulina 1

Funny, I just realized that by asking 'what's the most important' I imply there is something of least importance as well, thus creating duality from oneness of all there is.

And you are right, to experience our physical variations the best we can we cannot live only by guidance of in-finiteness and limitless of all there is. Because in physical reality we are limited, we need limitations and priorities to guide us. Although simultaneously realizing all there is will "enhance" the life.

(23 Mar '12, 06:15) CalonLan

Thanks Paulina 1 :)

(23 Mar '12, 06:21) Eddie

@Paulina 1 "Life is the most important thing in life and therefore survival is of parmount importance."

That statement resonates very deeply within me. Thanks for those wise words Paulina.

(23 Mar '12, 14:43) Cory
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Interesting questions CalonLan :)

Q1: What do you BELIEVE to be the most important thing in life from your perspective?

The most important thing in life can be summed up using this equation:

Being Happy <> Feeling Good <> Well-Being <> Now.

In my view, that's the only state of being worth aiming for, because absent that state of everything else is a moot point. There's not much purpose to anything if you're not happy and you're not feeling good; because absent that state of well-being, everything else is really just pointless things and stuff! :)

Q2: What definition of WHAT is supporting the existence of this BELIEF?

Ahh, as always, it comes back to the fact, the truth and the reality of the existence of the one eternal moment of NOW. This is no longer a belief for me, it's what I call advanced reason and logic. Let's say that there's only the one moment, there is... And that within that one moment, and due to its eternal nature, and the fact that we do exist... then it logically follows that we've always existed, we have...

Sure, within the one eternal moment, we do create the idea of time in which to experience certain other states, such as pain and suffering, but these states are transitory and they simply show us that we created them through our own negative thoughts and beliefs, right? We willingly drifted out of the NOW and into the not now of psychological time, which only exists within our mind, but not independent of it, for our own reasons...

Use this mantra: whenever I get there, it is the right time...

By knowing that the basic fundamental of our life is to exist NOW and if being happy and feeling good feels good to you, then aiming for that state of being is always worthwhile. In a sense, being happy and feeling good Now is who we really are.


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Great answer Eddie. Now is the time and the life.

(23 Mar '12, 05:48) Paulina 1

Thanks for sharing Eddie, it clarifies all that I believe we should do in our physical experience. That is to act on our highest joy at each and every moment.

And it's great to see it defined differently, because people telling me 'live in the present and enjoy' just didn't cut it for me. I always felt there was more detailed and profound explanation of the meaning. And as we know, understand profoundly enable us to understand the concept more clearly in many more ways.

(23 Mar '12, 06:34) CalonLan

@Eddie This answer makes me feel very good right NOW:)

(23 Mar '12, 14:46) Cory

@CaronLan, yes, to act on my highest joy and excitement is always my goal. And these days when I fail to do that, I do suffer.

Some people simply need to hear a key word to get it, while others, like me, and you (?), need more details... I guess that's why I love the challenge of approaching these subjects from different angles :)

(23 Mar '12, 23:00) Eddie

Thanks for feelin it Cory :)

(23 Mar '12, 23:02) Eddie
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I am the most important thing in life. Just as you are the most important thing in your own personal life experience. Even simply saying "I Am" and feeling the resonance of that two word statement is of great importance. To simply exist with a life is the most important thing that there could ever be.

Since we are our own personal individual universe, having an experience in these holographic suits of flesh blood and bone, then it would be safe to say that I am the most important thing in life. We experience this Earth with other individuals, but they are only different variations of the reflection of ourselves.

Without the I or the Me, there is nothingness. To have appreciation and gratitude for that fact that we exist is of great value to the emotional state of being.

Paulina put in very nicely by saying that "Life is the most important thing in life." We can go down the next route of all the variations of beliefs and feelings, but without the ever loving gift of life, none of that other stuff would even exist.

What do the majority of humans fear the most? It would be safe to say that most humans fear death. They fear non-existence because they aren't sure what will happen after they lose the all important thing called life.

So for me it is easy to say that simply being and existing as a human, and more importantly an eternal loving soul, is without a doubt the most important thing in the definition that I call life. All the other details that help create my life experience come in a close second.


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Thanks Cory. Artificial personality constructs, inhabiting holographic suits, for the purpose of exploring and experiencing illusory worlds made of dreams, now and forever more. Pop. One ♥

(23 Mar '12, 23:29) Eddie

@Eddie Thanks for that great explanation of who we truly are and why we are really here.

(25 Mar '12, 01:12) Cory

True Cory.

(25 Mar '12, 16:55) Paulina 1
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from my perspective life is a test that you have choose to take to experience and better your self to become more perfect. when time will stop and you will only be what you are eternally in the light of truth what will you do? will you like what you are? or will you regret your choice? will you have use those stone to better your self and drop them in their proper place or will you have cast them at other people? if you have cast them at other people that fire will burn you. then you will decide to return in this world to try this test again. the holy father(i am the way the truth and the life) is patient and will offer you another chance to better your self. when you start back in this world with a clean slate what will you do? you have free will after all like all your brother and sister taking this test do you not? will you respect the first and second commandement to not fail your test? or will you fall in your ego and care only about your self and not care about other people? it is always a question of choice is it not? what ever you have created or accommulated in this world for your self is only illusion and will pass away in the end. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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@White Tiger I see where you are coming from, however my understanding although at foundation the same, is a little bit differently expressed in thoughts and words.

To me, there's is one. Whatever the name we assign this one is of no importance in order to understand the concept of it (we call it God, Universe, I don't recall what else people call it like). Anyway, this one is all there is. He (although there's no gender) is "in" everything, everyone and everywhere at each moment, now. It is infinite, limitless, after all it's all there is. (I put " " there next to IN, because the one (us) is not really IN everything, it IS everything)

Even though in our physical reality we see a lot of things, different people, it all is just a physical extension of the one. The one is us. You and me are the same, although in our physical variations we seem to be different from each other. We (as the one) use physical reality to experience ourselves (the one itself) in endless possibilities of ways and that's how we "grow". In our physical realities we have also mental reality or worlds of thoughts, which are defined as ego with limited understanding and through ego we also experience physical reality.

Imagine a body and a thought filter of certain color, then there is another body and thought filter of a different color, when these two interact with each other they create third, probably yet unseen filter of another color as they combine themselves. Each of us (the body and thought in physical reality) is unique. And so we (as the one) can endlessly experience ourselves (the one itself) in timeless manner.

"When we die", that is when the body (a tool which we/the one use to express to experience ourselves/the one) in our physical experience cease to exist. Which in a way is just another experience (death) for us, only a unique extension of us cease to exist, yet it doesn't. Because we ourselves/the one never actually die, we just change forms, or get out of one form (body) and probably choose to form another one (through which we will experience ourselves again in a different way).

Perhaps it was our own intention of to put a filter on our physical experience, so that we cannot clearly understand ourselves right from the start (birth of our physical extension). Because if we did, we would experience ourselves in the same way as we are, as all there is. We would all share all the experience everything physical have. You would have the same experience as me, as this planet Earth, as the meteor flying by. You would experience your true, our true, US (not the United States =) ) it, the universe, the God, all there is, whatever you choose to call it fully.

Physical reality is perfectly unique, each thing in it acting as a part of the one, also as it's own one. And so everything we experience, is all fine and as it should be.

(23 Mar '12, 04:36) CalonLan

well Calonlan you are intitle to your belief. but here is what i know is not working from experience. you are not every one you are you. when you will leave this body and go see God the source what ever name you will name him with your belief, you will see other people there and they are not wil talk and share with them through the golden light at the speed of light. it is very fast and you could say at that speed everything is everything. but it is not you are still you.

(23 Mar '12, 05:11) white tiger

as above as below:take example on the internet we all use it it works at the speed of light information travel very fast but you are not the internet you are you using your computer. like every one else is using their computer. when you will leave your body or your computer you are still you. when you will speak with God you are still you. if you go beyond the though you could experience it your self. yes you can come back to this world and take another body. spirit last but the flesh does not.

(23 Mar '12, 05:22) white tiger

You are right white tiger. We say the same thing differently. But understand the idea itself. You will never be able (due to our physical limitations) truly and fully experience ourselves/all there is. You only experience your physical existence. Which means, you won’t feel what a flower feels, in the physical form you are right now. But ultimately, you have the experience within you, just your body (human being as you are) is not capable to experience all there is.

(23 Mar '12, 05:32) CalonLan

and when you 'go and speak with God' your really only return to the source of all there is.

(23 Mar '12, 05:33) CalonLan

And it is really amazing, even here and now as we talk and discuss the concept, we only really communicate our own perception of the same thing. But the underlying concept of it is the same.

And this understanding allows me to love everything and everything there is the same way. Because I know that we are the one. Should I fall head over heals in love with someone on this planet, that would be love as experienced through ego. In fact, in reality I actually love everything unconditionally.

(23 Mar '12, 05:45) CalonLan

totally agree with what you said but like i said if you can go pass the mind you can leave the body and go see God and have a chat with him. then the physical is not a limit anny more. because you are spirit. it becomes more then a concept it is experience.

(23 Mar '12, 05:54) white tiger

the source of all there is, as a personnality it self just like you or me. i can tell you that from experience also.

(23 Mar '12, 05:59) white tiger

and I agree with you :)

(23 Mar '12, 06:09) CalonLan

well if you agree with me then why say that everything is the same when it is not? when you see the source God the light of truth you will know the difference between you and him. then you will know that he is and you are not the same. he is the holy father and you are the holy child that try to perfect is self.

(23 Mar '12, 15:18) white tiger

if you say that everything is everything as light and energy creating this universe and creating you in is image. this i agree with you. but he is who he is and you are who you are. i understand that this belief of yours to say everything is one helps you to not see fault in your brother and sister but at the same time it push your ego to think that you are the God the source of all. and it blind you to some of the truth. down here are we not all independent and also dependent of each other?

(23 Mar '12, 16:51) white tiger

it is the same above. if you cannot accept this then you cannot accept and respect that every one of your brother and sister as free will and because of that you make a judgement. when the son of men came he told the truth he made no wrong yet people saw sin in him because of their ego and judgement. they put him on the cross did it help them? do you think that he did not know? yet he tried to help is brother and sister.

(23 Mar '12, 17:02) white tiger

And I ask again white tiger - why do you assume that God is a man? Is it because your faith is based on religious scripture, which may be 50% accurate at best? If you assume that God is a man, that will surely be the reflection you see. And if your God is Buddha, then that's the reflection you'll see. OK?

(23 Mar '12, 23:18) Eddie

well eddie i never said he was a man. like i said before when you are spirit you do not have gender. Eddie i am one that know God from experience. i said it before. that is why i understand. what is said by being born again and the pure of heart will see God. all those religion have many point in common i am starting to think that all those religion started from someone experience and he talked about it to his brother and sister here on earth and what did people do with that they made religion.

(24 Mar '12, 02:17) white tiger

so religion is like a recall of experience from someone long ago that men have use over time to gain power over people. it still contain some truth. and some other stuff have been added around that. a little like the telephone game. over time the story is distorted well religion is similar. why would they have to reject the gospel of thomas other wise? because they do not know what it talks about. but anny way the message is out there and people can read it and understand it for them self.

(24 Mar '12, 02:31) white tiger

so basicaly those people of understanding of those things that very fee have experience, talked and they made religion with it. and 2000 year after people are still trying to figure all of this out. so to understand those things you need someone that understand those things. God was wise in deed.

(24 Mar '12, 02:42) white tiger

@white tiger, are you serious? Read your own comments above. Logically speaking, if you hadn't referred to god being male, then I wouldn’t have asked the question. And now you say: well eddie i never said he was a man. This raises another question: why do you say that when it’s obvious from your posts that you always refer to god as a man?

(24 Mar '12, 23:53) Eddie

@white tiger, additionally, as you often say I’m one of the few who knows god from experience. If that is true, and you know that god has no gender, then why refer to god as male? Do you want to confuse people or are you confused? Even though your ego may view this as an attack, from my perspective, by pointing these things out to you, I’m acting upon what feels like the right thing to do.

(24 Mar '12, 23:54) Eddie

@white tiger, and remember that there is no real separation, so in effect I’m merely acting as a mirror of your own thoughts and beliefs (as expressed by your words), for the sake of clarity. Remember that what I’m saying merely serves to point out your own contradictions, it’s not judgment. I wish you well.

(24 Mar '12, 23:54) Eddie

well Eddie i say the father to represent the parent the creator. the one that gives life like it as always been done in this world in religion. but i said it before in spirit there is no gender you have no physical body. so you see there is no contradiction. and why would someone see it wrong that it would be a gender or another? is that not duality and judgement?

(25 Mar '12, 00:33) white tiger

it might feel the right thing to do from your perspective. but only from a lack of memory and understanding. and are you asking this question really with out judgement since you seam to be pushing the issue when i have all ready answer your question? also i will add that men includes women. when you talk about men kind for example.

(25 Mar '12, 01:15) white tiger

OK, white tiger, and saying the father, which implies male, IMHO is why religion and its scriptures have led mankind astray. So if you really want to teach people, why perpetuate false teachings?

(25 Mar '12, 01:27) Eddie

well Eddie who is asking? and who is saying that it is false? i am saying that there is some truth to it. it is more the way that mankind have use it that gives the reaction from judgement that you have right now. if you want to blame someone blame cesar.

(25 Mar '12, 01:33) white tiger

What belongs to Caesar, give to Caesar; what belongs to God, give to God; and what is mine, give it to me. who was in power when they have establish religion. was it not cesar? after they killed the martyr.

(25 Mar '12, 01:55) white tiger

who will you blame tiberius or livia?

(25 Mar '12, 02:04) white tiger
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I answered this question here.


answered 22 Mar '12, 21:28

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Loved your answer Wade.

(23 Mar '12, 06:10) Paulina 1

Interesting Wade, I personally feel that our planet and the whole universe is perfectly fine as it is, thus improvement is just an illusion. Where we assume something's "not good enough".

From all that I understood up until this point. It feels like I can simply forget to think and just go "oh yeaaa" about the life and be sure I do my part here ;)

(23 Mar '12, 06:41) CalonLan

@CalonLan You are using a computer to talk to me. Is that an improvement over nature? You probably have a light turned on and are not typing by the sun. Is that an improvement over nature? Smoke signals might be good enough for you but I prefer the internet. As long as people are on the planet we can improve it for humanity. That is why we are here to create. That is why God gave us the tools of thought and the raw material to create and constantly improve the world for all human kind, plumbing.

(23 Mar '12, 11:20) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, sorry I have explained myself incorrectly. I meant to say "THE NEED for improvement is an illusion" we are merely taking the next logical step based on where we are now. It's experience, each step we take is an experience, whether it be improvement or deterioration. That is just a direction we choose. So we are after experience our motivation being to move towards the happiness away from suffering. That sometimes we bring suffering into our lives by going after happiness is another topic.

(23 Mar '12, 11:48) CalonLan

By this ofcourse, i'm not trying to persuade you of my point of view. I'm just providing another one to yours. We talk about the same thing, in different ways. For the sake of creating completely new experience :)

(23 Mar '12, 11:50) CalonLan

well wade as i have said there is no wrong in helping your brother and sister. so yes improvement is good has long that it is not from ego and going against their free will. the illusion is money and material stuff when you die you do not bring it with you. but when you stand before God in the light of truth what will you do?

(23 Mar '12, 15:10) white tiger

Hi Wade. Maybe the dying person had already redefined success. IMHO everyone on this planet has already achieved the greatest success, just by being here. Between 50 million to 100 million sperm cells wanted to create life expression in this reality at the exact time and place that you wanted to. Of all of those sperm cells, you are the one sperm cell who succeeded! How’s that for success :)

(23 Mar '12, 23:46) Eddie

Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All." Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do?

(24 Mar '12, 03:01) white tiger

On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

(24 Mar '12, 03:02) white tiger

@Eddie I am trying to see your point here, if any one of those 50 to 100 million made it I would still have been born.

(25 Mar '12, 00:00) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, anything can be defined as positive. Here's the uncut version: Between 50 million to 100 million sperm cells wanted to create life expression in this reality at the exact time and place that you wanted to. Of all of those sperm cells, which must be extensions (ideas or thought forms) of non-physical beings, you are the one sperm cell who succeeded! How’s that for success :)

(25 Mar '12, 00:09) Eddie
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that i have yet more to understand
to be of service to the core of my being
i am that which experiences for
my conscious development

it rings right with me


answered 22 Mar '12, 21:57

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