I have this experience from time to time whereby I drift into sleep consciously and I can make conscious decisions during my sleep state. I am aware that I am out of body and I can direct my thougths to whereever I want to go. Because I am out of body I can slip in and out of places easily and If I sense danger then I come back into my physical body and I wake up. It has gotten so that I can choose to have this experience whenever I want. It feels as if I am entering into another reality. It feels really weird. Please let me know if you have ever had this experience.

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Sure, I've done it quite a bit in the past (as I'm sure most spiritually-oriented people have).

It's called Lucid Dreaming.

In a nutshell, the trick to doing it is to notice you are dreaming while you are dreaming. Once you have that realization, you will literally wake up while still in the dream (without really waking up) and you can have a lot of fun. :)


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Thanks Stingray. Its nice to know that others share this experience. I was beginning to think that I am growing into a strange being. Please respond to my other question about conversations with God. I would really like to hear your views on that.

(03 Mar '10, 19:10) Drham

@Drham: If you want to find out more about lucid dreaming, you can read Stephen LaBerge's book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/159179675X. The first time I read it, I had my first lucid dream that night.

(03 Mar '10, 19:22) Vesuvius

Vesuvius, that book appears to be a condensed version of LaBerge's classic Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming, which is the one I would recommend...http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-World-Dreaming-Stephen-Laberge/dp/034537410X

(03 Mar '10, 19:26) Stingray

Ah, so it is. I believe I have the book you cited. I bought it many years ago.

(03 Mar '10, 19:30) Vesuvius
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The first lucid dream I had was when I was about five.I didn't know that was what it was though. I had a recurring dream that I was being chased by a train(about the time that "A RUNAWAY TRAIN" was on the radio a lot in Britain). Any way I was getting so anoid about this train that I realised that the courtyard to the house we lived in had a high gate leading to the front garden. I "knew" that if I closed the gate while the train was at the other side the dreams would stop. That's what I did and low and behold I never had the dream again. Not bad for a five year old.


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Thanks for sharing Evelyn

(25 Aug '10, 16:17) Drham

Yep - and I am a bit nervous with heights. On one occasion I decided that because I know I am just dreaming this I will try bungey jumping. I was inside an immense hall many stories high and decided to drop like lead and just stop short of the floor. This happened and WHAT A BUZZ! My thumping heart actually woke me up.

On another occasion I decided to pass through a wall just to see what it would feel like.... it was like having a 'pins n needles' throughout the intire body.

I am thinking that the immediate post death state will be a bit like this.


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Thanks for sharing Lorraine. I have also experimented with some crazy things like going to the bottom of the Ocean or going up into space. But I got so scared that I woke myself up.

(03 Mar '10, 23:59) Drham

well when i pass through wall i don't feel them!

(24 Apr '11, 07:49) white tiger

Yes, I have had a few lucid dreams, Drham. Once one is comfortable with the idea, it seems easier to have them.


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yep i have lucid dream since very long and i was thinking that being lucid in dream was normal. when people started to tell me that they dream only in black and white or some dream like watching a movie! then i started to know that not every one experiance that! also i do not know if you have experiance this you are sleeping but can ear what is happening out side and feel your surrounding and if there is some presence out there! only once did i get attack by something evil it was like having 500lb on the chest and something choking you and trying to steal your life force! after trying to fight i could not move so it did not do anny good! i told it i am in god and god is in me kill me if you want but you will be destroy and i laugh at it! it went running away then i have wake up! also if you are in danger it is more easy to fight it in the dream then stuck in the body!


answered 24 Apr '11, 07:42

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white tiger

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