what is needed to make the kingdom of heaven on earth; and what is your vision of that kingdom? and what can you see that is making it not happen in this world right now? we are at iq here inward quest so make your iq work on this i think it is worth it do you not agree?

asked 02 Apr '12, 01:33

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white tiger

Hi White Tiger, Yes it is worth it although I think the kingdom of heaven is already here only most haven't found it yet. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within and that is true. No matter what is happening in the outer world you already posess the kingdom of heaven within yourself and it can be accessed through the Holy Spirit. If you get this right no matter what misery is going on in this world we live in you at least will be at peace for you and your father God will be one.

As for peace and goodville in the world and towards all men and nations now that is a lot more difficult and we shall experiance that when we have all found the kingdom of heaven within. That's when the so called second comming of Christ shall be here and it wont make any differance what religion you are or even if you have one. All are equal and deserving of love in the eyes of God.


answered 02 Apr '12, 02:43

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Paulina 1

all what you say is true and good. but we are passer-by here if you would travel back to this place would you not like it to get better? would you not like to make it a place where God and all your brother and sister would like to go and visit? yes it is alot more difficult but you can find the answer it is in your heart and mind. it is in the way that jesus was observing and trying to make happen. he really gave us all the key but we have free will. will also say that you have put it in your

(02 Apr '12, 02:51) white tiger

answer. on the last line.

(02 Apr '12, 02:55) white tiger

Ah yes that magic word called love. Yes of course it would be wonderful to have a world free of hatered and for the world to be filled with love and peace.

(02 Apr '12, 19:15) Paulina 1
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I believe it would need to be helping people to live in total honesty. A realization that as they harm others they are as well harming themselves. Every time we feel like harming another in some way either behind his/her back or in front we are separating ourselves from that person. This seems not so bad but actually it is like cutting off a branch from the tree. That branch withers and dies without being connected to the tree.

There is a saying that no one can survive as an island alone in his self. The more we cut ourselves off and show that we can not be trusted, the less we are trusted until we have ousted ourselves from humanity. That is why there is another saying that it is lonely at the top. It wouldn't be lonely if the one at the top showed honesty and trustworthiness on the way up.

The next thing is a desire for everyone to be well off, not only the self, but all. Instead of complaining about people, pray for them, instead of worrying about people, pray for them. Rejoice over the neighbor's good fortune as if it were your own good fortune. As we do this we eliminate the spirits of envy and jealousy. This opens the way for our good fortune to come and the feeling of being worthy of receiving it.

Every time we feel wronged pray for those that wronged us and know that it will be made up and more unto us it will return if we trust and keep faith. That we all see God as our source, not other people or the world so that we know we will always do well, everyone.

That we always let our actions come through an expression of love as if we were serving Jesus how would we treat him in this situation? To do this we need to see things from "How would I feel if this were me?" "How would I want to be treated if this were me?" After asking these questions we then treat the people with that compassion, kindness and respect that we would like to be treated with if it were us in these situations.


answered 02 Apr '12, 12:48

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Wade Casaldi

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very good and so true wade. continue to open the eyes of people. one day every one will not be a divider and every one will be able to work together in love and truth.

(02 Apr '12, 13:57) white tiger

it may be when enough of us
realize our godgiven potential
and loosen the selfcenteredness
we so gullibly let rule our will

when the spirit awakens
and we recognize our unity
with all existing forms
as below will be as above


answered 03 Apr '12, 20:58

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then the light will be perfect and the darkness will vanish. as above as below.

(04 Apr '12, 15:52) white tiger

white tiger, possibly, until all comes to a rest and retreats back to what gives the light it's energy. for it too needs rest as it prepares for his next lesson

(04 Apr '12, 18:56) fred
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