Conversations with God is the title for a series of metaphysical books written by Neale Donald Walsch. There is, though, the original book titled 'Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue. Book 1'

Now I seldom do book reviews, and coming from my perspective, like all of us, I own quite a library of new age books and recordings. This particular book I have found to be startling, shaking up many things inside me. It holds within union the theories and concepts taught by Abraham, Eckhart Tolle, Bashar and several early motivational speakers.

The books is literally as it is stated- a live, one-on-one chat with God. Already saying that there is a talk with God going on can startle several users beliefs and knowledge 'comfort zones,' so I'll add in I'm not in here to argue or persuade people. Likewise, Mr Walsch has even said how uncomfortable and edgy he was releasing a book which at first just began with a few pages of private notes.

Mr Walsch, having gone through a hurricane of failure in every single aspect in his life, writes a letter to speak his feelings. For years he has been using this form of letter writing (to nobody) as a means of journalling or just grounding himself. This time, though, he specifically states the letter is for God; a prophanic, angry, hate filled rage letter just asking what we all ask, "Why?!"

Where the twist lies, is that he gets a response.

This response is telegraphed in what channellers would label as automatic writing.

Now from me, Nikulas, I am really surprised mention of this book has not (to my knowing) been mentioned on IQ before. It is a multi-million seller, and spawns off several spin offs, such as Book 2, Book 3, The Questions and Answers on Conversations with God, and Friendship with God. Some of these spin offs do not involve the channelling of God.

Reading this series of books has left me puzzled even more with my life. There are mentions on virtually every human subject related to morality, alien existence, questions of life, and things to do with vibrations, souls, angels, and a ton of consciousness talk.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has read this, and if you have, post what you thought about it. If you haven't, I'd recommend at least one reading. It has been rare I have gotten a book I haven't been able to put down.,%20book%201.pdf

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Nikulas i have added a link hope it is the right book you are talking about?

(08 Apr '12, 23:22) white tiger

Certain people on this forum say they know all about God, but in truth, they lack the understanding that we cannot reach the vibrational level of the One source, without passing through the higher frequency levels.

(09 Apr '12, 04:55) Eddie

and who is the judge of that Eddie? are you a pure of heart that know God? what are the higher frequency that you say some people do not have?

(09 Apr '12, 05:19) white tiger

To receive and understand information about the current age, we must use sources of information which reflect the current age of human understanding. After all, would you ask or rely upon Noah to build a submarine?

You will not find references to the vibrational nature of reality in the bible! That kind of information was not relevant and thus not helpful to people 2,000+ years ago. To tune in to current information you must diversify your sources of information.

(09 Apr '12, 23:29) Eddie

Before we can discuss whether you or I have pure hearts or whether or not we know God, we must first define and agree upon what God is.

You throw the idea of judgment around anytime you feel the need to defend something. And I ask you white tiger: what is it in you that feels the need to defend anything?

(09 Apr '12, 23:30) Eddie

i am not in judgement are you? i told you the truth: God is the light of truth and love. jesus tried to tell humanity that message.

(09 Apr '12, 23:32) white tiger

because of your judgement you do not find that usefull but in truth it is your salvation.

(10 Apr '12, 00:05) white tiger

The yawn factor is killing me, lol 8-)

(10 Apr '12, 02:13) Eddie

the message was not understood back then and is still not understand. if they are not able to understand the message in 2000 year when will they understand your new book? jesus was telling the truth about life and spirit and god. but you must see it only as religious nonsense of no value like you said. so you see only present and future and do not want to see the past. does that apply to your vision? if so you are missing all the history of mandkind.

(10 Apr '12, 06:19) white tiger
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Hi Nikulas,

Yes the CwG books, 1, 2 & 3 are all excellent, as well as some of Neale's other (God) books. They cover a wide range of subjects and Neale holds nothing back, including explaining why 'Hitler' was not wrong. I love a bit of controversy as it helps people to change their old way of thinking. I particularly enjoyed the idea that even God has a God. That fits with my current understanding that it's all about levels, all the way up, vibrationally and infinitly to the One source.

I used to re-read these kinds of books every couple of years; because as we grow, upon re-reading we pick up on ideas, concepts and information that we didn't have access to at the time of our prior reading. These days, since I started writing, I rarely read books. But reading these kinds of books is what led me to writing, so I highly recommend reading them :)


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Yes I also re-read books and it's true one picks up on things not understood the first time around. Good answer Eddie.

(10 Apr '12, 02:26) Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina, Neale is a great source of information :)

(10 Apr '12, 03:07) Eddie

@Eddie Are you writing a book Eddie? If so, I am sure many of us would be interested to read it.

(15 Nov '12, 02:59) Catherine

Hi Catherine, not at this time, although I do plan to write an eBook for free distribution on my website at some point :)

(15 Nov '12, 03:07) Eddie
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Yes Nikulas I have read all of the series, I read Conversations With God when it was first published. I thought it a revolutionary book back then. It still is now and I am glad you liked it. I have to say not everything in it I agree on however there is a lot of good in those books.

God himself says in those books "Maybe it is unless it's not." In other words what is true and useful to you take and what is not, do not let ruin what you find useful.

We all grow and in our own ways we each need something different so this is why we take what we agree on and leave what we don't. For example we do not stop going to a grocery store because they sell something we don't eat. We just buy what we like and don't buy what we do not like. This doesn't mean what we do not like is not valuable because I may not like peas but someone else comes along and says, "Wow peas just what I needed!"

I find the main thing is to let the conversations be a catalyst for meditation to reveal to you more than you can get from the books alone, just as the Bible is. These can open new pathways in your mind to you on what you believe and know, seeing things in a different light.

There was a guy that had a conversation with God book long before Neal Donald Walsh, I can not remember who right now but it is amazing how the filter of our own beliefs and experiences come through these conversations with God. That much older book had a Catholic slant to it, reading that gave me some insight into channeled books and some insight into the mind and beliefs as well.

Here is book one Conversations With God in a PDF


answered 08 Apr '12, 23:22

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Wade Casaldi

well wade experience and enjoy. it is the first time i see that book. i have started to read is pretty good yet the experience is better. experiencing, knowing, being. could refer to way truth life. as far as the children being all knowing; God is the one that is alpha and omega. none of us children is at that stage now to my knowing. yes we know more in the light but we still do not know all yet we can know all by communicating and sharing together, but only God as all the answer.

(09 Apr '12, 01:36) white tiger

none of us are fit to be him yet. we have the potential but we are not ready to have all that truth. we still need to grow learn experience and progresse. why do you think we all want to be like God the alpha and the omega. it is not a question of being better then someone else.we are all equal in truth and love. it is not because God would not give us all that we ask to know we are just not ready for that quantity of truth. blesssed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.

(09 Apr '12, 02:02) white tiger

Note the order of this beatitude: first, purify the heart, then you will see God. To Jesus listeners, the heart was the totality of the inner person. Do any of us have a completely pure heart, and are able to see the totality of God, the Alpha and the Omega, would we still need to remain here? Who can judge whether we have a pure heart, except God?

(09 Apr '12, 07:45) Dollar Bill

For someone who, by your own admission, has not even read any of the CwG books, you certainly have a lot to say about them white tiger. You might want to look into the reasons why that is so...

(09 Apr '12, 23:32) Eddie

open your eyes Eddie. can you find a statement in the book that say use your judgement? we know that judging does not serve us. God would have said stay in the truth with love. it is not a bad book i said it was good with a fee mistake. the reason is that i see what you do not see or do not want to see that is all. i like what is good about the book but what i see as not right i can tell you the truth why should i hide it? to make you feel better? if that is the case ask your self the question.

(10 Apr '12, 00:19) white tiger

why do i not want to see that? that would be alot better that not wanting to see the truth. what do you like most the truth or a lie? if you like the lie do not drop your cheese. the fox will steal it.

(10 Apr '12, 00:27) white tiger

Listen to yourself wt, God would have said... and not a bad book with a few mistakes... You are not qualified to comment on any book that you have not read in full! And you're certainly not qualified to speak on behalf of God. Get over your own mind first and then you may begin to know truth. Waiting for another defensive judgment statement from all knowing white tiger, yawn, lol 8-)

(10 Apr '12, 02:12) Eddie

the fox have eat your cheese. Eddie. you should know better then to judge. i speak only from what i know. and i am telling you the truth. i am not all knowing or i would not be here right now. i made the choice to come here and the choice is still mine. Eddie who is judging of my qualification? answer that question it will help you. if you want to reject me it is your choice. but do not blame me. i am over my own mind. when did i not tell the truth? when did i judge you? or tell you to judge?

(10 Apr '12, 02:28) white tiger

I agree Wade take what is true for you. By the way can one get a link for CwG book 3? It is the only one I havent read.

(10 Apr '12, 02:32) Paulina 1

you are acting the same way the pharases acted with jesus because they did not understand is message. he only told the truth. are you going to say that jesus should not have talk about God? he was not qualified to talk about what he know? or maybe your kick is to try to provoke me. but what good will it give you? for someone that see old things of no value. and only new things to be good. why did you not find that out sooner with your new things that are so good?

(10 Apr '12, 02:38) white tiger

i also see those filter wade. that is why Eddie thinks that i judge. but it is also good because it gives us a better understanding of the mind of the writer of the book. example: i can tell you that is wife was inspiration for him to write the book.

(10 Apr '12, 06:29) white tiger

@Paulina 1 No unfortunately I have not found links for books 2 or 3 in PDF form, I believe Neal thought book one was so important he decided to release it as PDF for all. However they are worth buying from amazon and you can get them on kindle even There are a lot of CWG authors so for these look for Neal Donald Walsh. The other may be really worth checking out too. I wish I could remember that old book I read years ago but that one is lost maybe the web site is gone too.

(10 Apr '12, 09:24) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I read just a little past the part where he says the Bible is not an authoritative source. Therefore they cannot both be true. So I am confused.

(19 Apr '12, 10:17) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess now you see why I said take what you agree with and leave the rest. That was one of those I disagree with moments for me. :-)

(20 Apr '12, 21:55) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi I have a hard time believing anything after that. How do you get past that? Thanks

(20 Apr '12, 22:37) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess I more look to the books as conversations with Neal Donald Walsh's subconscious mind. I weigh each thing within me to feel if it rings true for me. I contemplate many things and even find parallels and explanation for things in the Bible that on the surface seem contradictory. Example as Neal understood being a father as he grew up it says something like don't think of me as a father think of me more as friend. I found through that an even deeper connection, friend/father God.

(20 Apr '12, 22:53) Wade Casaldi
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Hi Nikulas, I have read the first two books and loved them both. It is true that one should take what rings true for them as Wade said. It is also a good idea to re-read the book a few years later for one allways gets something not understood the first time as Eddie mentioned.

Conversing with God can happen to anyone but I believe that one is in spirit when this happens. In other words you can converse with God through your own God Consciousness/ Holy Spirit. I have received many wonderful answers in this way.


answered 10 Apr '12, 02:48

Paulina%201's gravatar image

Paulina 1

By the way is there a link for book 3 as I would love to read it.

(10 Apr '12, 02:50) Paulina 1

i agree with you Paulina in this world of flesh and in spirit are 2 different things. in the flesh you are more limited to experience the spirit. in spirit in the kingdom of light you do not need the light of the sun or the moon. all the spirit there are light and God is the biggest light that stand in the middle.

(10 Apr '12, 03:10) white tiger

Isn't there a copyright on these books? I don't think they are free.

(10 Apr '12, 03:38) Eddie

Happier than God is another good one from NDW

(10 Apr '12, 03:39) Eddie

well Eddie if they are online and you can read them maybe there is no copyright. copyright is to make money. and God does not care about money. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

(10 Apr '12, 05:14) white tiger

@Eddie- whilst I'm certainly not going to defend having books without paying for them, NDW points out in Friendship with God that people will attract the books through whatever methods- people in prison, whilst their means to money is limited, will still be able to attract the books providing they are in the reciving mode of things. NDW, and 'God' in the book have a debate about why they didnt release the book for free in Friendship with God, my point being, Im sure the author is fine with it.

(19 Apr '12, 09:07) Nikulas

@Paulina 1- Hello! I'm personally trying me best to talk to God, with little luck. I'm after one of those transformation or NDE to shift my mind on things and see life as beautiful.... Any personal tips as to how I can hear these answers from God/Source?

(19 Apr '12, 09:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas, you might be right :)

IMHO, to hear what I call God, your higher self (higher mind - the first level of God), really, the only thing that's necessary is to reduce the internal dialogue going on in your mind. Your higher self's messages are always there, but if you do not create space (silence or quietness) in your mind, then there's nowhere (no space) into which the messages can flow and thus, can be received by your lower self (physical mind). Start becoming aware of your thoughts...

(19 Apr '12, 10:45) Eddie

@Eddie- Funny because your advise is what everyone says; philosophers all relate this common form of 'silence' the most necessary ingredient for answers from higher consciousness. Thanks for this plain advise, for some reason my mind has just sort of 'got it' when I read your comment, so yes, I'll continue meditating :) Thankyou alot for everything jedi master Eddie

(20 Apr '12, 06:40) Nikulas
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The fascinating dialogue of God.?&! The voice of reason and discretion that transcends our daily thought pattern. The message commands meditation and is given to anyone that listens. The embodiment of holiness will engulf you. Holiness will walk with you for as long as you are made acceptable in it's site. This is the spiritual experience felt by Abraham, Moses, and first and foremost Jesus the Christ. This is the state of mind of godliness. We are privileged to experience it and bound by it to live according to it. We ask for forgiveness when we fail as a way to recognize our imperfection to it's perfection. This is Perfection beyond the simple perfections of our mentality. This is the Garden of Eden, the abode of the first man and woman before they descended into our state of mind. The realm of God is not like our realm, restricted by physical limitations. Our minds cannot fathom God and His kingdom, so when God speaks to us it is filtered, by our sponge of experiences. God is a given name by which we can relate to the experience. Relationships are plenty and come in many different conditions, but there is only One source and those that receive it do not get entangled in the physical renditions of it. The presence of the Almighty. His Majesty.


answered 09 Apr '12, 11:16

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Love your answer. "When God speaks to us it is filtered by our sponge of experiences." True words.

(10 Apr '12, 02:37) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 Exactly Paulina any message comes through the filter of our minds and so is heavily flavored by us when it comes through. Like when God said to Neal about don't think of him as a father. That is because Neal's idea of a father is different from someone elses' idea of a father. So his experience he needed something more loving, for others father is a perfect example because it represents very much love and care and guidance. So I doubt God would deny that person what he/she needs.

(21 Apr '12, 09:49) Wade Casaldi

I have read 1 and 2 and im half way done with book 3 from conversations with god. I have been searching for answers most of my lifelike alot of you out there in the world have. I am always trying to research religions, so I can see what different people belive in and try to see if it holds any truth to me, and see if science also's connects to any of it also. And for most of my life nothing has answered my questions like these books have. The more I read the more I feel my questions are being answered one by one and they all connect once you know and understand an answer to one question ....the next questions answer is somehow connect to the first questions answer, and then you start to see the connection between everything that you have now come to understand from the information in these books. I have always belive deep down that the truth of everything was to just be yourself and treat people the way you wanted to be treated, do for others what you would want them to do for you, and the power of energy, but there was this fear in me , my whole life of making sure Im on the right side, to be truely who i choose to be, but felt I couldnt because of fear of what the bible says and religion and being punish by god fornot always folowing his rules, but now I feel free of that fear, free of havent to make sure i didnt choose the wrong side, cause now I can be who I want to be. So thank you my creator for helping me understand and choose what I feel is to be true.


answered 14 Nov '12, 23:18

Crystal%20Lee%20Ouellette's gravatar image

Crystal Lee Ouellette

I read all three books. I think he was just talking to himself, and I don't mean higher-self. Sorry I just don't buy it.


answered 19 Apr '12, 22:19

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It's a fair point you've made Tom, I'm sure there are tons more people who have the exact same opinion as you do.

I think this would be a nice part to add in something from the book (paraphrasing), where Neil says, "How the heck do I even know for sure this is God talking to me? How can I be sure this isn't just myself answering myself?!" To which God replies, "Well, even if you are just making this up, do you expect these answers to be any different from what the real God would say?"

(20 Apr '12, 06:43) Nikulas

I have been reading it since you posted this. It is causing me some confusion as well. One red flag for me was that in the book, 'God' said that the Bible is not an authoritative source. I have continued reading out of curiosity. It is very interesting that many of the things said have been said by others including the Bible. But then some things contradict the Bible.

I would be cautious when reading anything that the writer claims is from God.


answered 25 Apr '12, 08:58

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Fairy Princess

edited 18 Oct '12, 10:01

Yes your Bible is your meter if there are things you feel are not right or make you feel uneasy, those are the "no, I disagree parts." You don't accept everything anyone else tells you so don't try that with Neal. I know the title Conversations With God seems like "Oh I had better listen to every word, this is God speaking!" No I weighed everything and if it awoke something in me, good. If not and I felt like no I disagree with this thing said also good. I think for my self. I am a free thinker.

(25 Apr '12, 09:24) Wade Casaldi

People believe lies every day. How do we know what to believe?

(25 Apr '12, 09:32) Fairy Princess

The most important thing is your conversation with God. We get this two ways, one is by reading the Bible and the second way is to go to some place where you can be alone with God, not distracted. If the full book is giving you that uneasy feeling, then give it up. What is most important is our own relationship with God. Meditate on the Bible and what it means to you. Jesus is knocking at your door but it is up to you to let him in or ignore him, but he remains waiting.

(25 Apr '12, 09:48) Wade Casaldi
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