What do you think God is thinking about us now after his many years of creating us?

asked 06 Feb '10, 14:44

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My perception of God or whatever other label people want to use is that He is part of Us and we are part of Him so He is always growing and expanding because we are always growing and expanding. He always has and always will love us,no matter what, because it is totally unconditional and that will never change.


answered 06 Feb '10, 14:59

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So true Michaela thanks and have a great day.

(07 Feb '10, 07:54) flowingwater

God did not creae us. We created us. This is all an illusion. Really would a God that is all powerful and loving create this mess we call a world. It is up to us to fix this thing we created.


answered 06 Feb '10, 19:13

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J hansen

Do you actual think we have the ability to create this vast Earth and universe. We can't even create life. We can clone and produce a copy of life and we can have children but to actually create life we can not do this.We are just beginning to learn about all of the human body. The mess that is created is the choices us humans have made over the many years with the gifts God has given us. What humans that would have been smart enough to do this? We cannot keep our selves alive for very long. We still have so much to learn about God and our selves and how we must save our souls J hansen.

(07 Feb '10, 07:51) flowingwater

But thanks for your answer and comment J hansen. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. For the knowledge is vast and none of us have all of the answers.

(07 Feb '10, 07:53) flowingwater

@ J Hansen, where is your facts that we created our self, and how can you prove this? I would be interested to hear your school of thoughts on this subject matter!

(12 Dec '10, 00:57) Inactive User ♦♦
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I would say God has a sense of humor. God is laughing and crying with us, But most of all I think he laughs at us like we do with our own children when we can see in advance what will occur.


answered 07 Feb '10, 11:56

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I believe at times he is so proud of us and at other times he is so bewildered as to why did we do that. Than there are those other times we just get under his collar in a bad way for we forget how to show love to our selves, others and to him RPuls. But I hope we put a smile on his face more than anything.

(08 Feb '10, 06:54) flowingwater

What if we did create this, what if we are the fallen angels?

I could imagine a loving God sending someone who had not fallen (Jesus et al) to show us the way out of our mess.

What if - part of the process for all spirits was to do boot camp here on Earth - in which case He might be quite proud of all those making the effort to complete a difficult course. Maybe he allows as many chances as we need to reach the goal. I rather like to think so. I would give my children as many chances as they needed, and few slaps on the wrists, to help them achieve their goals.

Fallen angel or not, you know what, God does not frighten me .. how could I be more loving than God? So I reckon if we are going to anthropomorphise Him he would feel just like any other loving father minus the fear of failure factor.


answered 08 Feb '10, 06:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

This is just my belief but man kind has through out the many centuries at different times wanted to be gods. No, I don't believe we are the fallen angels. God made us in his image so therefore he gave us some of his qualities which we label as humanism the ability to feel and express emotions but those qualities came from God himself for he said that he was a loving God and a jealousy God. We all have different view points about God and who he is, what is his name and even how to serve him or whether there is even a God. Going within to our soul is a good place to find answers

(08 Feb '10, 06:51) flowingwater

That he loves all of us, and he understands our strengths, and weakness, and he is always there to lend a hand, and to strengthen us in that moment of weakness, when we call upon his name, or when we ask for his intervention.

He knows that we have grown spiritually and intellectually and he knows that we have made mistakes that need to be corrected to save the day; but most important he will never turn his back on us, and even if we rejected him a hundred thousand times, he is a patience God!


answered 12 Dec '10, 01:15

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Inactive User ♦♦

god think that is children still have so much to learn and experiance! he gives sign he heals and help people but almost no one knows! but he as a very good sense of humour by the way he does things! example some one spit on the ground and say that is what i think of god! so god when the men forgot what he did start the rain! then the men get all wet and it is not raining across the street! then the men say why me god! then the rain stop and the sun shine! then the men forget about this! so god give sign and do things but men have short memory and are delusionnal! so they see nothing! and god observe is children and is having fun! watching men progress experiance and grow!


answered 18 May '11, 21:06

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white tiger

white tiger, most men see what they want to see, though important to them yet it may be delusional to others. so some grow or unfold at different rates

(18 May '11, 23:56) fred

yes ignorance the veil of the mind fred i have talk about it before so did bodhidarma and buddha and jesus and many prophete! http://www.abuddhistlibrary.com/Buddhism/C%20-%20Zen/Ancestors/The%20Zen%20Teachings%20of%20Bodhidharma/The%20Zen%20Teachings%20of%20Bodhidharma/THE%20ZEN%20TEACHINGS%20OF%20BODHIDHARMA.htm

(19 May '11, 00:22) white tiger

I agree I think we as human beings and children of God we still as you say have so much to learn about God/Jesus, our selves, one another, mother earth and so many spiritual things we are let to learn and how to love one another white tiger.

(04 Jun '11, 23:35) flowingwater
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Some people talk about God in terms of a Separate Being that created earth and sits as king and watches over us , answers prayers....etc. But I think if we expand our mind for a moment...we would see that this (our) human reality on earth, is but a tiny, smallest fractional particle of the totality of God.

I don't believe that The Supreme Creator (God) sits apart from us and judges us (humans). What would be the benefit of that ? God created us to live thru us. To experience the love, God must also experience the opposite (complement) of love that also flows thru us. As we grow and evolve, God expands and grows with and thru us....and everything else in existence.


answered 18 May '11, 22:42

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So, are you saying that God is both separate and apart of us at the same time if so I agree with that. Yes, Of course God is so much more but I do personally that God will judge us but he sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins and rise again alive and now Jesus blood is for us if we choose and God grace. If you was to create something you would check it out to see how does it function and does it do like you would like it to do if not you may scrape and rebuild again or add on to it to help it improve it self. But God is a loving God and he allows us a chance to improve and learn of him.

(04 Jun '11, 23:42) flowingwater

i dont believe The Source...sent a man Jesus Christ ...to die for our sins...

(05 Jun '11, 15:53) streetsanto

He would simply say "I knew it!"


answered 19 May '11, 11:01

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I Think Therefore I Am

And of course that would be true it knows but he also allows of to choose and the choices we make every day effects our selves,others and the planet earth all the time. But he loves us enough to allow us to choose and effect changes. I Think Therefore I Am.

(04 Jun '11, 23:47) flowingwater



answered 11 Dec '10, 17:50

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Hu Ra

What do you think of yourself and you will find t*he* answer there :)




answered 11 Dec '10, 19:03

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jim 10

He sees the earth as it has become to be known 'the planet of suffering',
no doubt, He sees us struggling with trying to enlighten our animal body with our spiritual body.


answered 11 Dec '10, 23:59

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