about what they say, others deny this, but the fact is that each of us has ever used this spiritual resource to try to change any event in our lives. is our faith that change things? or God help us when we need your help?

asked 03 Apr '10, 11:32

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I think when the intent behind the prayer, comes from a place of pure love and is then backed by unwavering faith, a space is created for a miracle to happen. God is always there to help us when we need Him - all He asks is that we believe and have faith -"Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open unto you."

Every human being has this amazing resource available to them but unfortunately our faith is not always unwavering and we sometimes let doubt lead the way. "In God all things are possible" - I think the course of anything can be changed by genuine,faith filled prayer.


answered 03 Apr '10, 13:18

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Yes, the prayer can change the course of events.

See the five kinds of prayers and a vast informed presentation of topic in the book "Isaia effect" by Gregg Braden.


answered 03 Apr '10, 22:39

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thanks Gleam i will

(04 Apr '10, 00:45) Robert
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