Eckhart Tolle says that a method is good but creates a space between you and yourself, but initially most of us would need to use a method to stay present.

Do you practise living in the now?

What practical method/s do you use and work best for you to stay present in your daily life?

Thank you:)

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method to stay present focus awareness.

(12 Apr '12, 01:32) white tiger

Focus and be aware of any part of your body in this moment

Focus and be aware of what your current thoughts are in this moment.

Focus and be aware of how you feel in this moment.

Focus and be aware that You Exist in this very moment. A good way to remind yourself is to say "I Am."

Focus and be aware of what surrounds you in this moment. Have it be a tree, the sky, or a loved one.

Focus and be aware that you are an Eternal Now just experiencing time and space for the fun and expansion of all that is.

Focus and be aware of Focus and Awareness. When we entertain either of these states we are using our (laser pinpoint) power and attention to create and manifest exactly what we want into our experience.


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@Cory-have you heard of the book,The Presence Process?.,I'm finding it groundbreaking.basically a ten week programme, a "how to" on becoming present.I thought you might be interested Cory :)

(02 May '12, 14:10) Satori

@Satori Thank you for the recommendation. I seem to usually always be reading some type of metaphysical book because of the excitement of learning new things and also seeing the things I have already learned from a different viewpoint. I never heard of this book but I will put it on my list of future readings.

It sounds like it's really hitting a cord with you. Would you mind elaborating more on how it has helped you become more present in your day to day life?

(03 May '12, 13:49) Cory

@Cory-It's a ten week programme and I haven't got through it yet, but I have already been experiencing moments of Presence already.Just Seem to happen randomly and not  Something I "try" to bring on. The programme amongst other things consists of a breathing technique called Consciously connected breathing and a conscious Response( a reminder phrase we memorise and repeat when we remember to).there is a different phrase for each of ten weeks.

(03 May '12, 15:46) Satori

@Cory-The breathing technique, also called circular breathing is basically breathing with no gaps.i found a lot of resistance with this at the start but I seem to have broke through it now.this keeps us anchored in the present moment while surfacing blocked emotions and resistance within us for "integration". I think its a combination of these techniques and how the book is written makes it so effective.i thoroughly recommend Cory :)

(03 May '12, 15:46) Satori

@Satori Thank you for that mini review, I appreciate it. I'm curious to hear what other things open up for you when you are done with the program. This sounds very interesting.

(04 May '12, 14:20) Cory

@Cory-thanks Cory,I will keep you posted:)

(05 May '12, 17:33) Satori
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I always check my breath. I find when I am with and aware of my breath, I am present. My breath is always happening right now, right now, right now ...


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Harold Tantra

Thanks Harold Tantra. That's also an excellent way to stay present. It is also meditation :)

(11 Apr '12, 23:56) Eddie

@Harold Tantra, thanks for the reminder.appreciated:)

(13 Apr '12, 13:55) Satori

Because the present moment of now is all there is, it's not really a case of practicing living in the now, it's a matter of being aware that it is and you are the now. The action of reminding yourself that it is now at every opportunity is awareness of and living in the now.


answered 11 Apr '12, 06:22

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@ Eddie does it help to remind yourself that we are in the now?

(11 Apr '12, 21:23) Tom

@ Tom, yes it does. Think of it this way: if you're not in the now, then you're in the past or the future, in your mind, right? Those past and future states only exist in your mind, they’re your own estimations; they have no reality of their own.

Meanwhile, all that you say you want exists in the now. Therefore, in order to realize whatever it is you want, you have to be in the now. Otherwise you're out of sync and so, you and what you want can never find each other. Make sense?

(11 Apr '12, 21:45) Eddie

@Eddie thanks I like that answer

(12 Apr '12, 01:10) Tom

@Eddie-I really appreciate your wisdom and clarity.thanks:)

(13 Apr '12, 13:57) Satori
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I think the "classic" concept of staying present in the NOW has to do with bringing the mind and the body in alignment with the same moment.

In short, this is all it is and it can be contemplated upon with as much complexity as one can muster.

The complexity arises from the fact that we have access to a mind trick that allows us to "stretch" out of the "NOW" using our consciousness.

We all do it.

It is what allows us to "manifest" from where we are towards where we want to be.

If we were enlightened, we probably will not need this ability because we would most likely just "be" instead of wanting to be.

That is assuming that we can instantly manipulate our immediate reality to magically transform itself to immediately match what which we want to be "in the moment".

However, we cannot do that.

If we were now living in a cardboard box, then "staying present" in the now moment would mean that we are choosing to remain in the cardboard box forever.

Supposing we want to then move from this cardboard box to a shelter with a room, heating and running water, then we must choose to "be" in the shelter of our choosing in our mind, while our physical body chooses to "be" still in the cardboard box.

This is the application of the Law of Attraction, but it is definitely not the application of staying present in the "now" moment.

Because you mind is not present in the now moment, only your body is.

But this is what it takes to get out of the cardboard box and into a better shelter.

So why are these two concepts contradictory?

The concept of being present in the moment is a very ancient concept that was spoken of by those that reached enlightenment.

It comes from this particular perspective.

Apparently, each individual goes through various stages of development that drives them to search for inner harmony and inner satisfaction.

It begins with wanting things such as cars, houses, a family, wealth etc.

Then it becomes more sophisticated towards the intangible like fame, respect, wisdom etc.

When even those do not provide the satisfaction, the individual begins to search for meaning of their own existence and begins to (at least psychologically) un-do all that they accumulated as physical trophies.

Once they un-do everything including their own self-importance they are left with an absence of desire for anything.

And in that, "nothingness" the spirit touches the soul in ways that could never have been found in desiring to be touched by the spirit.

That realization is the classic "to be completely in the moment".

While this is not practical for us, this is the origin of the concept of it.

A person who is in touch with the spirit this way chooses to hand over all their decision making over to the "holy spirit" and chooses nothing for themselves.

If they have no more desires for themselves, other than to "serve" the (holy) sprit, they are "in the moment" serving to fulfill the desire of creation in the capacity in which they have chosen to incarnate upon this earth.

This is "being in the moment".

What we do here is to combine "that classic concept" of being fully present (in spirit) and use that understanding to manifest and attract our physical desires.

Because we are doing it with the understanding, that only "now" exists and "tomorrow" or "yesterday" cannot exist within "now".

So it is a "law of attraction" understanding of the "now" moment utilized to accumulate "stuff".

This is however not the Buddhist concept of being "fully present" in the moment.

The concept in Buddhism is based on being completely interfaced with the spirit of creation, and to achieve that, one has to renounce all desire and "allow" the spirit to interface directly with our consciousness without the intellect standing in the way trying to make sense of it.

When you try to make sense of it, it immediately shifts the consciousness out from "now" into an alternate reality of the imagination. (Which is no longer "now")

Therefore, you can say that from the perspective of the "classical sense" any desire breaks the direct connection between you and creation and creates an intermediate point of reference that is the creation of your own ego, and that is the reference within your imagination, which is actually "out of synch" with the "now".

Desire creates an artificial point of reference. (From this classical sense of being fully present in the moment)

Desire fixes the consciousness within the ego.

Releasing this fixation returns the consciousness to a direct interface with creation, which is to be "fully present" within creation and within NOW.


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The Traveller

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the world is a corpse. the spirit is you. the path is truth. in truth there is no more duality. a mind with no mind,the spirit. spirit is light and will be born in the light.born again in spirit enlighten. you see the only barrier is the darkness in ego.that is the duality in the window of perception.

(12 Apr '12, 00:53) white tiger

@the Traveller-thank you again for letting me see this in a different way.appreciated:)

(13 Apr '12, 14:07) Satori

Deep, I love this.

(04 May '12, 01:33) Paulina 1

@The Traveller, I don't know how I missed your wonderful answer. "...renounce all desire and "allow" the spirit to interface directly with our consciousness without the intellect standing in the way trying to make sense of it." immediately took me to where I wanted to be with this. I used to consider logic and reasoning the only way to live, but now I'm finding so much more wisdom in stepping out of the way of my own consciousness, so this really pinpoints that feeling for me. Thank you.

(03 Oct '12, 10:07) Grace
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@Calonlan-I like it.thanks:)

(13 Apr '12, 14:04) Satori

Actually I have reconsidered this. We are aware only if we want to be aware, we cannot force it and have use of its full potential if that's what we don't like to do.

And actually that's "how" you stay present, by doing what you love and what excites you. When you are timeless, you are present to each and every now that happens.

(03 May '12, 07:56) CalonLan

Love the song thanks CalonLan.

(04 May '12, 01:27) Paulina 1
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I try to focus on the task at hand. Forget everything else and focus only on the current task and I realize the present moment


answered 12 Apr '12, 05:49

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@Perfection, "task" appears to be such an emotionless expression. Deprived of any sentiment of joy. Something to be done regardless of how much doing it fulfills us. We think it's important that WE do them, but there will always be tasks, and when we die, somebody else will come and do them instead of us.

Which makes think, do you feel like beautiful living work of art or like working in hopes to live a life of beauty instead?

(12 Apr '12, 06:01) CalonLan

Ohh Calon.. By Tasks I mean the things I am doing at the moment and I would always do things/tasks I like doing. Anything that forces me stays away from me. There are limitations that I accept and would like to live with them at that moment. I might have used the wrong word.

In other words, doing what I love doing or I really want to do from inside and removing all other clutters helps me realize the NOW.

(13 Apr '12, 02:29) Perfection

@perfection-exactly.the zen one thing at a time and do it with your full attention.thanks for the reminder:)

(13 Apr '12, 14:00) Satori
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There is only NOW. It is a matter of where we direct our attention. What are you paying attention to? Do you let distractions occupy and attract your attention? I keep my attention moving up and down, in and around my body. Or I pay attention to my breathing. Tai chi is great for bringing attention and body movement into a unity of NOW motion.


answered 03 May '12, 19:03

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I agree Tai Chi is great.

(04 May '12, 01:34) Paulina 1

For me its best to be preasent when the moment is pleasent. If what you are doing or experiancing is good and it makes you feel good than by all means live in the moment and be fuly aware of it.

If on the other hand you are having a terible time and are miserable or in any danger than observe and change what you dont like as soon as possible.

For me the easiest way to stay aware and in the moment is through seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling beauty that surrounds me. Look at the beauty arround you and be aware of how it makes you feel. Use all your senses and simply breathe in all the beauty that surrounds you. Weather it is beautiful people (dont touch), nature, creativity or eating your favourite pizza savour the moment and realy be there and love it. This way not only are you in the moment but you are energised and in love with life which also brings the good things into your life.

A vida e bela.


answered 04 May '12, 01:46

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Paulina 1

@paulina 1-thanks for your answer Paulina:)

(05 May '12, 17:30) Satori

I currently use One-Moment Meditation to help me stay Present and it works quite well for me.


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@Satori Nice answers here!

(02 Oct '12, 10:58) Catherine

@Catherine- Thanks:)

(02 Oct '12, 11:01) Satori

@Satori - I like this, too. It's so light hearted and comforting somehow. Gotta bookmark this page, there is so much here I want to keep handy. :)

(03 Oct '12, 10:09) Grace
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Two Hands Touching really helps me to stay present, feel good, and relieve stress.

Also, putting my attention on what I am doing conscientiously. Like taste your food when you eat. Feel the stretch and allow the muscle to relax when you are stretching, and feel the muscle and power when you do resistance training. Stop and smell the roses.


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Fairy Princess

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For me, the first thing that brought me to present moment awareness was years ago, when I heard Deepak Chopra ask, "Who is the thinker of the thought?"

That turned my thinking inward in a way I had not experienced before, and detached me from the illusion of linear time and the dream of indeliberate thought. It provided a shift in perspective that has stayed with me to this day, and allows me to try to remember to take responsibility for my thinking, and to think about my own consciousness in a different, more empowering way.

That has given me the ability to be aware of the Now moment, and to appreciate it. The suggestion to be fully present when washing dishes was presented to me, and that really hit home. There is nothing objectionable about washing up - flowing water, soap suds, cleanliness, the nice soap smells are all very pleasurable things. The only thing that makes doing the dishes a chore, is wanting to do something else instead.

Those were my first lessons in this way of thinking, and they have stayed with me. I learn more here all the time, and am reminded of how important it is to my health and happiness. So I guess that overall, the most practical method I use right now, is to visit IQ on a regular basis!



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I focus on the task at hand. I also mentally intend the switchwords "PURGE-CANCEL" several times which clear negative thoughts, emotions and energy. This really helps me to lose myself in what ever i'm doing. The combination of being aware and the use of the switchwords "PURGE-CANCEL" help me to lose sense of time and self.


answered 20 Dec '13, 07:40

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Jacob Ford

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