While in the Present Moment, sometimes it feels as if I am in a movie, or the movie projector is moving at a slower rate, yet I am fully conscious at a "heightened" rate of awareness. I have even forgotten details (later on) while in the Present Moment (while engaging with others). However, I do remember what I am doing/thinking/feeling during those moments.

Has this happened to anyone?

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awareness mind and heart like a calm lake you can see every riple on the surface of the water.experience and enjoy.

(30 Sep '12, 03:44) white tiger
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It's not that being in the present moment slows things down, it's that it switches you to a completely different mode of perception where time does not exist.

When you are focused in the past or future, you are in a mind-based mode of perception, a thought-based mode. This is the mode where the illusion of physical reality appears real and solid to you. Without this mode of perception, you wouldn't be able to play the game of physical life on Earth.

When you are focused in the present moment, you get back in touch with the essence of who you really are. And that non-physical, infinite self is not constrained by the illusion of time so time seems to fade away when you are focused there.

There is more information about this in How do you think less and feel more?

You are also asking how you can remember those "present moments".

Remembering is a mind-based process because it implies linear time cause-and-effect, since you cannot remember things from a mind-based view before they have happened. And trying to use a limited mind-based perception to try to understand "unlimitedness" is not going to give you accurate results because limitation can never fully understand un-limitation.

A friend of mine who had many profound in-the-moment spiritual experiences used to say that the best method he found for dealing with them from a physical reality point of view was simply to leave them alone in that other spiritual reality.

If those experiences were intended to have value at the physical level, the useful parts of them would filter down anyway in a form you would be able to comprehend with your physically-focused mind.

Another point about being in the present moment is that when you are in the present moment, you create less physical time for yourself because when you are in the present moment, you don't need linear time to exist.

So, according to Bashar at least, the more you stay present the more you can have moments where you completely "step out of time". From your perspective, little or no time has elapsed during those periods but from the perspective of others, time has continued to tick at the normal rate.

This basically means you age more slowly than others :)

As the vibrational levels on Earth continue to increase, time is becoming more and more irrelevant anyway. According to the non-physicals, time in 5-D (where we are headed) does not exist in a linear physical fashion. So by the time (excuse the pun) we get there, there will no time at all.

This already appears to be happening as many people are noticing that there appear to be considerably less hours in the day to get things done, and the months and years seem to fly by at an alarming rate.

Some thoughts for you there :)


I remembered previously writing an answer relating to the ideas here, and have finally tracked it down: Immortality / Staying Young


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@Stingray Aha - someone else who has noticed that time is flying by, wasn't sure if it was just me because I've been reading all this stuff about time collapsing.

(02 Oct '12, 07:27) Catherine

@Catherine - I sought some opinions a while back on whether this phenomenon was peculiar to me or not: An Un-Scientific Test: Do you feel the days are going by faster, slower, or just the same as always?

(02 Oct '12, 09:10) Stingray

@Stingray - GOT IT! Thank you! You're right on in what I've been experiencing. I have a lot more clarity. I also like the aging slower part :)

(02 Oct '12, 09:32) figure8shape

@Stingray - Re: "How do you think less and feel more?" - Interesting and thought-provoking comment, thanks for the link. I am (naturally) continuing to notice good/bad feelings easier...and easier...and easier! Besides, feeling feeeels better than thinking. to me! :)

(02 Oct '12, 09:49) figure8shape

@Stingray - Does that mean that it is always better to be focused in the present than thinking about the past of future?

(03 Oct '12, 07:28) kakaboo

@kakaboo - If you want to access the unlimited true essence of what you are, you need to be in the present moment. If you want to experience the limited and highly physically-focused aspect of yourself, focus elsewhere than in the present. As for which is better, it depends on what you want to experience. Too much of either gets boring after a while :)

(03 Oct '12, 18:24) Stingray
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To me, when I'm in the present moment my awareness is heightened and I see everything, but time seems to fly by. When I am not in the present moment, I'm counting the minutes and time drags on. There is a saying, time flies when you are having fun... and in the present moment. Peace


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it releases your mind from many intellectual fetters
that bind you to earth space and time.
so in a way your are freed to enjoy
what it is that captivates your full attention


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@fred - I agree, thanks!

(02 Oct '12, 09:33) figure8shape

How fast is a thought?, around 300 milliseconds;


Do you look at the inside of the cup or are you always focused on the outside of it? Bring both into balance and stay in the now. Soul, mind and heart, like a calm lake, just experiencing and enjoying every second of the now, of being aware.

I could give you an example: look at your computer, how fast is it? Does it have a good reaction time? When it begins slowing down it's because of disorganization, there is too much junk in the memory, maybe there are unsolved problems or you are multitasking and using too much resource at the same time, then you need to do a defragmentation(reorganisation) and a disc clean up,solve any problems or close any unwanted tasks.

In this world of stress and consumption, do you take the time to relax, to reflect, do you meditate? or are you running after money and material desire all the time?


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white tiger

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blubird two

@white tiger- good article, "clocking the speed of thought" ... see the inside and the outside of the cup, bring both into balance and stay in the now ... so beautifully put :)

(19 Jan '13, 04:33) blubird two
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