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Keep a Journal/ Diary

Troubleshoot your manifestations in an accurate manner

My first self-help book I ever read was when I was 14. I was given "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers/People" as a Chirstmas present. In it, it suggested keeping a diary, as a means of letting out your feelings or expressing yourself. I did this approach for a period of around 3-4 years, and just stopped because it became boring and I found it useless.

However, I was asking my Higher Mind a question just a few days ago, and I got the inspiration of keeping a diary; that is, expressing feelings, thoughts, situations, or events that happen in my life- they are all so very, very important. Here's why...

I have been trying so hard to manifest something in my life, and it occured to me, that if I were to open up my old diaries and see all the great things that have happened in my life, then I have a rough formulae as to how I can create a wonderful experience again. How? Because, if I recorded about how something heavenly happened to me, or I achieved a goal or something, then with the knowledge of the law of attraction, I can go back a few days/ weeks/ months before that manifesation even occured and totally witness, first hand more or less, what I was thinking, feeling, doing in the period before the great event.

If I ever get my manifestation that I'm after, I'll have the bonus luxury of seeing how I did it.

And if I only get close to it, then I will know that if I want to increase the statistical probablilites of getting it in the future, I can look back and see what I did to attract the "closest" vibrational match I had of what I'm after. I can tweak my thoughts, feelings and actions to make my manifestation an inevitable rendezevous!

Likewise, a diary serves in the sense that if something tragic or terrible happened, you can go back a few days before it happened and clearly see your thinking patterns and feeling which may have possibly generated that event, first hand, in your diary!

And hense, you'll actually have your very own non-biased view of seeing how you work with the universe! You'll be able to discover methods that work just for you in how to feel better, what to do when you felt bad, how you went about attracting information...The possibilites are endless!

And here's the thing...

Once you make journalling a habit, in a sense where you are doing it daily, you won't fear having bad days as much. You won't be feeling bad about feeling bad, you won't be scared about how to attract good information...Because everything is getting recorded and referenced. You are literally going to use your historian skills to piece together how and why your life is working in a particular manner. And even if the road is mega bumpy, in a few months, or even in a few years, you'll be able to go back, read those recordings of those bad periods, and dissect how you got out of that rut. Of course, in the current time you are physically engaged in writing down what's happening, you may not know that doing particular things leads to particular outcomes. Bashar says, the physical mind is not capable of seeing how things are going to happen. It can only perceieve how they have had already happened.

Plus, minus a few minutes of diary time, there literally is no con. You have only so much to gain simply by starting an authentic, non official biography.

I personally do all my diaries in classic pen and exercise book, yet I've come across a cool piece of software which is Microsoft word, journal style, plus extras...I think I may get it myself and make the switch to the PC, check it out, The Journal.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@Nikulas, you are right and I agree and support the idea of keeping a journal. For it would be beneficial to many people. I myself don't do that. No journals, no photos, no talking about what happened yesterday. My way of living makes me pretty much be repelled by all of it.

I value 'now' moment maybe too much, maybe just enough. I believe to live the best way I can and am the best I can be in every single moment. Being your best, means you couldn't do better back then. So I don't go back :)

(28 Aug '12, 10:04) CalonLan

Not to confuse it with hypocrisy. I just recognize there are realities and perceptions of this world and living that people have, which actually benefit from going over the events of past to figure out what could be improved.

(28 Aug '12, 10:06) CalonLan

@Calon- An equally valid point. I had a friend who kept journals for over 10 years, and burned them all on the day he graduated high school, for he didn't want anything to do with the past.

I guess, in his instance, and in everyone's, we just don't want the vicious, poisonous parts of the past. His school years were pretty tragic btw. He regrets burning them now, for the reason he'd be able to view his thinking back now from a newer, more evolved perspective.

(28 Aug '12, 10:12) Nikulas

@Calon- Btw, is your western star sign Cancer?

(28 Aug '12, 10:13) Nikulas

@Nikulas, no regrets here, I mean, doesn't matter to me what I thought back then, what I think now evolved from it, so it's kinda part of it or if I changed my mind completely at least it's a reason. I like being part of the process of evolution more than studying and reviewing it :)

My sign is Virgo. Interesting why you asking?

(28 Aug '12, 10:17) CalonLan

@CalonLan - Happy Birthday! :D

(28 Aug '12, 15:02) Grace

@Calon- I like being part of the process of evolution more than studying and reviewing it :) Super cool.

Just guessing your starsign was testing my intuition. When I posted this last night I'm certain part of my Higher self was showing up alot more than usual. It honestly was just playing around whilst the power was strong with me, no deeper than that.

Parts of you remind me of myself. I'm a cancer, so I guess if anyone reminds me of myself I plainly guess they may be cancer as well.

(28 Aug '12, 21:05) Nikulas
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Journaling has saved my life in infinite ways. I have kept a journal since 2nd grade, the benefits are incredible.

Focus blocks are awesome too and is sort of like journaling in a way. Took Stingray's advice and have been doing Focus Blocks daily for the last 4 months, in addition to the Rampage of Appreciation process (in the "Ask and it is Given" book, by Abraham - Esther & Jerry Hicks) and even more positive changes are happening-with very little effort. I find that Focus Blocks help me to surrender and allow.


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