I have come across this phrase a number of times. What do you think the true meaning of "I am high on life" is?

asked 12 Mar '10, 12:45

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Pink Diamond

It means, "I don't need to do drugs to feel joy."


answered 12 Mar '10, 13:58

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couldn't say it better

(12 Mar '10, 14:15) ursixx

"I am in the moment and life is happening through me and not to me".


answered 12 Mar '10, 18:06

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This is a phrase that may have started in AA- after all, people in AA have to be "high on life", because they are not doing drugs or alcohol...There was a popular bumper sticker that said, "Reality is for people who don't do drugs". I first heard "I'm high on life" at an AA meeting, and everyone laughed because recovering alcoholics just need to phrase everything in terms of addiction...

Hope this helps- BTW- Inward Quest makes me get "High on Life" because the people here are so great! Being high on life means you are happy to be alive and happy to FACE life and its challenges.

Blessings, Jai

(AA stands for the recovery group Alcoholics Anonymous, still the most successful way to quit drinking or doing drugs. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.) Jai


answered 12 Mar '10, 18:55

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To me the phrase "High on life" means that you are in a natural state of joy. People feel they need to use this expression because they usually need some sort of reason other than life to be "high" or happy.


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Like Vesuvius said, it likely means that life itself can be as euphoric as it was when someone did drugs, which is why the term 'high' is used. It is simply living life to the fullest, beautifully and being happy because you realized that you don't need artificial means to make yourself feel good. However, I think that it will be different for each person.


answered 12 Mar '10, 21:45

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justTheo 1

I feel like "high on life" means your living life to the fullest. and your just staying happy and joyful and you dont need a drug to get high because you have life.(:


answered 16 Apr '10, 18:54

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When I think of this answer, I tend to think of how much life can be enjoyed. We chose to come down here to Earth and have a short time spent here, I know if depressed it feels long and like this pain is lingering "please take me now God!" But really we do have a short time and it seems like we are placed in an amusement park filled with excitement and wonder, like Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory! But in a depressed state feel like "I don't want to go see the chocolate falls or ride the chocolate boat, you go ahead I'll just sit here in this dark corner and sulk over how lousy life is!"

God gave us THE WHOLE WORLD! Far more amazing than any fantasy world, but if that is your thing then there are lots of places like that too on Earth to enjoy. I think when we are high on life we see the roses to stop and smell them.

I am reminded of a story, everyday a guy dove to work, as he had for years, he had no time but to get to work. One day while driving to work he noticed men at work and a detour sign. He rolled down his window and leaned out and said "Hey there, what is going on here, I am going to be late for work!!!" The work man said "we are building a minimall here", he stops and looks at all the dirt and says "Minimall, what was here before?" The worker says "Oh when I got here this morning it looked like it used to at one time be a nice big garden, but it seems it wasn't taken care of and died, so we plowed it under to pour our concrete." "An old garden!" the man said as he thought back many years ago when he was young and his parents used to take him to see it, "why have I forgot about that and never noticed?" Just then he was flagged through to his detour, as he drove the detour he noticed things he had not noticed in years, he felt more alive than he had felt in years as he drove to work.


answered 16 Apr '10, 21:54

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Wade Casaldi

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