The Law Of Growth

The Law of Growth is the Universal Law which is one of the simplest to comprehend. It simply exists to ensure that something always grows, that creation is constant and determined by the kind and quality of seed which is planted.

In the case of Universal truth this seed is determined by the energy projected. Through it's immutable, unwavering and predictable operation you can become conscious and purposeful in what you project or plant which will determine what you will receive or harvest in each area of your life.

Thanks to G16 for inspiring this question by sharing the law of growth in this post.

To what extent would the Law of Growth apply to the conception of a human?

For example, a father and mother first change their minds from the ever day "average" state to a more aware, healthy, sharp, focused, clear state. They change their bodies and vibrational energy by excersize and meditation to a much much more pure strong energy, they start doing focus wheels, they start to view themselves differently, they get rid of all blocks in each of their personal lives, etc, etc.

They then concieve their first child, in this new state.

Will their child turn out different than if they didn't do the above?
In what ways? Are their any studies on this?


I'm specifically speaking to "quality of seed which is planted". Nothing after birth, or even during pregnancy. Basically the quality of the sperm and egg right when they meet.

According to what I am thinking may be true, then everything after that wouldn't matter as much. Hope I am explaining this correctly.

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How do I start a bounty on this? I am willing to give a heafy amount of reputation for more insight or point in the right direction.

(26 Aug '10, 23:42) Back2Basics
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With regards to "are there any studies done on this", you may not want to encourage such experimentation upon humanity.

The last time there was an attempt to create a superior race, Hitler showed up, and in the name of discovering the technique to create the intended superior race, a terrible individual called Joseph Mengele carried out brutal experiments on children.

Sadly the only thing that came out of this experimentation was the refinement of programmed compartmentalized personality.

Thanks to all of this, today we have much that is hidden in plain sight, and butterflies flying everywhere.

So I say, careful what you wish for and what you want to discover, because the innocent desire to mess with god's work might let the genie out of the bottle and in the hands of the so called illuminated individuals.


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@The Traveller: I totally understand what you are saying. If being the best version of myself (that takes more work on my part) could make a positive difference in my child's life, that is what I'm after. The best life I can naturally provide for my child. We like to give all the best o our children here in the physical world so why not start from the very beginning giving them the best you can?

(30 Aug '10, 20:40) Back2Basics

there is a point in our life when we are capable of making our own decisions,
when ones lets the child be an adult;
we have our unfoldment and they have theirs

(31 Aug '10, 00:13) fred

Hi Back2Basics. I had a feeling that your comment is exactly the place from which you were posting the question. You are talking about what parents with access to this information can do towards giving the best possible opportunity to their, yet-to-be-born child. My answer was in a way a hint at the idea that what you are proposing in in fact happening right now in this reality, except it is being carried out by those whose intentions are anything but peace, love etc. It's just a hint that the idea proposed has been used for different outcomes. (and capable of producing different outcomes)

(31 Aug '10, 01:50) The Traveller
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As children we are first and foremost affected by the vibration of our primary caregivers. If we grow up in an environment where the adults are living an unconscious life, then we are more than likely to adopt this way of living as we grow into adulthood ( This does not mean that we need to stay stuck there, we can choose to wake up and change our mind and thus our reality ).

I think a child born to two people who are spiritually awake has a much better chance of living an awakened life because the guidance they receive will let them know that they always have a higher power to turn to when they go within so they will tend to stay more connected to their Source and will live their life from that place. Also their parents lives will be a reflection of those vibrating at a high frequency so this has to be beneficial to the child.

I don't know of any studies done on this but I think since my husband and I have begun to wake up, it has been benefical in a positive way to the family as a whole.


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@Michaela: yes, I totally agree with you. However, I am more interested in before the child is exposed to any environment. I am specifically speaking to "quality of seed which is planted". Then the environment can be whatever becasuse if the seed is of the highest form or energy then the environment will not be an impactful.

(26 Aug '10, 23:36) Back2Basics

So you're talking about a soul contract where the child chooses it's parents before manifesting in physical form? We all come from the same source so one seed is not any better than the other.

(26 Aug '10, 23:47) Michaela

@Michaela: I do not know about soul contact but some seeds ARE better than others. Meaning seeds turn into people who are more prone to certain things. We are indeed from the same source yet come out very different in the world.

(27 Aug '10, 02:16) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics - Better and worse are merely judgement values created by the human mind.In physical form we are individuals playing different roles but at our core essence we are all one and the same - anything else is merely an illusion. Until we wake up to this, on an experiential level, humanity will never realize peace or happiness - what one does to oneself, one does to another and this includes judgement values like better or worse because it infers that you are either inferior or superior to another when in fact you can't be - we are all equal because we are all One.

(27 Aug '10, 13:10) Michaela
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at this stage of our existence, the seed has been here before; so it carries into the newest manifestation the wisdoms garnered from the past. some were better learners than others.


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Here are my thoughts

The fertilization of a male sperm and a female egg in the woman’s womb is a unique spiritual connection between male, and female, whereby the two becomes one, and nature takes it course to produce yet another human being from the same seed. Meaning the seed is a human seed, and once the connection is made between the two parties, and the seed is planted in the woman’s womb, it will grow into another human being. It is a human seed in the same token, that corn seeds are corn seeds, and will produce only corn.

There are women today who are having artificial insemination, and they are ordering their seed from the sperm bank, (their specific seed to plant in their womb) precisely what quality, ability, physical aspect, and social class this masculine donor must have to create the perfect child for them.

In general, couples choose each other for relationship, and mating, whether they are from a wealthy family, or a poor family, it is the same procedure based upon cultural differences. Therefore, male and female select each other to mate with, but the seed (Sperm) from each man is the same seed (sperm) that will create a human being, male or female. The difference is not in the seed, (sperm) it is with, who the parents are of the unborn child male, or female that will enter into this world. Example: Would this child be born into a wealthy family, or a poor family? Would this unborn child from a poor family, (given the fact that we are all born equal) have the same opportunities, love, support, spiritual up bringing, education etc, nature and nurture as the unborn child from a wealthy family? The truth is both of these unborn babies although from different background, and families, can turn out to be very successful and upright citizen of our society. So, the issue is not in the seed (sperm) as a whole, but more so, in my opinion, the family that will raise the child.

Although the seed is a seed, and the sperm is the sperm of man, and the egg is the egg of a woman, each family has it own unique genes, DNA, and family traits. It is in this capacity that we are from the same seed, but are different. The male sperm, seed planted in the womb of the woman will germinate, and produce off spring of its own kind, unique to its family genes. All unborn babies in the mother’s womb grow and develop from the nourishment in its mother’s body, and the process of child bearing is the same for all pregnant women. So, there is no good seed, (sperm) or bad seed, the seed is always good. All babies are born into this world with a clean slate, although the outcome for each of them maybe different based upon the condition and the circumstances they are born into.

Furthermore, the initial conception of an unborn child in the woman’s womb is from the one and the same seed that creates all human beings, and it is the same cycle repeated over, and over. The seed of a poor man can produce that of a future President, we really don’t know. Perhaps the seed to create a human being and who they will grow up to be, may depends on what destiny has in store, or is the seed self determine, and will create its own destiny? Who decide and what is the truth? Frankly, we really do not know the outcome, until we know the outcome, and only time will tell!

I do not know of any studies done on this subject matter.


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Vee: awesome response. I like your take. However, then how does the law of growth fit into humans? Also how would you tell a new child who came into the world mentally disabled all children have a clean slate? Thank you again.

(30 Aug '10, 00:50) Back2Basics

I am adding another answer to answer your two questions.

(31 Aug '10, 00:35) Inactive User ♦♦

@ Back2Basics

How does the Law of growth fit into humans?

From one point of view, a woman does not have to mate with a man to have a child any more. She does not have to have a male in her life to develop a two person relationship to parent a child, or to establish a family. She can grow a baby in her womb without physical contact with a man. She can have a blue eyes baby to order, without mating.

With this in mind, one cannot begin to comprehend the possibility that lies ahead, with the creation of growing babies outside of the woman’s womb designed to perfection taking over our society; and overriding the natural selection of conception inside of the woman’s womb, and child’s birth. So although the technology maybe available, are we ready for this? Do we want to welcome this superior race of man’s creation of the test tube babies growing outside of the woman’s womb into our generation of people? Where would that leave us?

Here is a list of other examples of the Law of growth.

Maslow Hierachy of needs-five stage model

Erickson's eight psychosocial stages

Freud's psychosexual stages

Empirical Tradition in American Liberal Religious Thought, 1860-1960 - Page 39

Creighton Peden - 2009 - 298 pages - Preview Humans are subject to this law of growth, which makes the development of personal character a natural moral growth. However, the law of heredity indicates that humans are or can be limited by the actions of their ancestors. ... - Book overview

How do you tell a child who came into this world mentally disabled all children have a clean slate?

Here is my point of view.

Depending on the nature of the child’s disability and as the child grow and learn, the child will be able to make the distinction that he or she is different; and will therefore, ask its caregiver why am I in a wheel? Why can I not walk, and run like my friends do etc. The child that is deaf and dumb will communicate through sign language, or its five senses.

So, the role of the caregiver in this aspect is to provide a safe and enriched environment for the child to grow into that is conductive to learning, meeting the needs of the child through education, and medical care to improve the quality of the child’s life. So, it is not how you tell a child, it is how you will provide, and care for this mentally disabled child.

Here is a link for further information on the mentally disabled.

A Wrongful Birth? by Elizabeth Weil (NY Times) Published: March 12, 2006


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