I have an engrained flaw of having a messy room.

And isn't it funny that, just a few days ago, a got a car, and now it too, is messy.

Cleaning my room up, it seemed as though their was an immediate shift in my energy. It's harder to feel blue, it's easier to get on with your life, things just seem to be smoother and not so heavy, depressing and 'in a rut.' I had inspiration to clean my car after this as well.

What are everyones comments about this? Does my outer life create the mess in my room? If I want to be better armed at dealing with, anything, does cleaning my room give me some edge?

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You just need to throw some garbage away. From, both, your room and your mind.

You will notice, that the less stuff you deal in your mind, the lesser mess you will create around yourself.

(17 Dec '12, 09:41) CalonLan
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Personally i am a very chaotic person and i feel comfortable being so :). But Abraham have a process that you might find interesting.

Process #14 The Process of Clearing Clutter for Clarity

When to Use This Process:

• When you are feeling stress due to your disorganization. • When you feel you are spending too much time looking for items. • When you find yourself avoiding your home because you feel better elsewhere. • When you feel that there is not enough time to do all you need to do. Current Emotional Set-Point Range

This Clearing Clutter for Clarity Process will be of the most value to you when your Emotional Set-Point is ranging somewhere between: (4) Positive Expectation/Belief and (17) Anger. A cluttered environment can cause a cluttered point of attraction. If you are surrounded by unfinished work, unanswered letters, incomplete projects, unpaid bills, unattended-to tasks; unsorted piles of paperwork; and stray magazines, catalogs, and all manner of miscellaneous items—they can negatively affect your life experience.

Because everything carries its own vibration, and because you develop a vibrational relationship with everything in your life, your personal belongings do have an impact on the way you feel and on your point of attraction. There are two major hindrances to clearing away clutter: First, you may remember throwing something away, only to discover, soon after, that you really did need it after all. So now you are reluctant to throw anything away. And second, you realize that to really do a good job of getting organized would take far more time than you have to give to the project, for every time you have ever attempted to get organized, you have become bogged down in the sorting process and have ended up leaving an even bigger mess than when you began. The Clearing Clutter for Clarity Process eliminates those hindrances because it is a sorting procedure that can be done extremely quickly without the possibility of discarding valuable things that you may need later on.

To begin the process: Obtain several sturdy cardboard boxes with lids. (Banker’s boxes work well for this.) It is best if they are the same size and color. That way they will stack neatly and look attractive. We would suggest that you begin with a minimum of 20 boxes, but you may want to obtain more as you discover the productive power of this process. (Also, procure a package of alphabetized index cards and a handheld voice recorder.)

First, assemble the boxes and put five or six of them in the middle of the room that you wish to organize. Next, number each box with its own unique number, from 1 to 20, and so on. Now, look around the room, focus upon an item, and ask yourself, “Is this item important to my immediate experience?” If the answer is yes, leave it where it is. If the answer is no, put it in one of the boxes. Then pick up another item and continue the process as you focus upon each item in the room. A great advantage of this process is that you will not be doing a great deal of sorting right now. This really is a process whereby you simply remove the clutter from your environment.

As you put the item into the box, speak into the recorder—for example, “Unopened package of guitar strings, box number one,” or “Old cell phone, box number one.” With five or six boxes open at the same time, you could do a general sorting. In other words, all magazines could go in the same box, clothing items in their same box, small miscellaneous items in the same box—but do not get carried away with the sorting process. Just pick up the item, determine if it is necessary to your immediate experience, and, if not, put it in a box, and speak into the recorder what the item was and which box you put it in.

And, at a later time, you can take an hour or so and transfer the information from the recorder onto alphabetized index cards. In other words, under “A” you will write abalone shell; under “B,” write bathing suit; under “C” write cell phone... Because you are not thoroughly sorting, this process will go very fast. You will find yourself feeling better as your space becomes less cluttered, and you will not experience your usual worry that you will not be able to find something, because you will have made a record of exactly where everything is.

Now, find a wall somewhere in your house or garage where these neat boxes can be placed, and be confident that you can retrieve anything that is important. If you do need the unopened guitar strings, your alphabetical card file will tell you which box you put them in. After a few weeks, when you realize that you have not needed anything from box number 3, for example, you could then move that box out of the house, maybe to some outside storage facility, or you may even be willing to discard its contents, leaving box number 3 available for new clutter that may arise.

And as you continue the process, you will begin to relax in the knowledge that you now have control of your environment. Sometimes people will tell us that they are not bothered by clutter, so we tell them that this process is, then, unnecessary for them. However, since every piece of everything does carry a vibration, almost everyone really does feel better in an uncluttered environment.


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@releaser99- Thankyou for this useful snippit of Abraham. I also read on a website somewhere that having a clear room produces more alpha waves in the brain; not sure if that is reliable though.

(17 Dec '12, 01:22) Nikulas

I have found this to be true in my own life too Nikulas. Attractive, orderly surroundings help our mind and mood to be attractive and orderly and cheerful as well. I studied Feng Shui many years ago and still put into practice the things I learned, to improve flow and beauty in our home. It is in the human nature to appreciate and enjoy nice surroundings; this will of course be reflected in our moods. Best wishes!


answered 17 Dec '12, 14:23

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