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Define all of your senses and explain which sense you have most control over and which one you have least control over?

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I believe we think we have control over our senses however this has time and again been proven to be not the case in point. I think of sight most would say I have good control over what I see, I choose to look at what I want. But do you really? Think of all the subliminal things your eyes see but you do not consciously recognize are there. There is even an invisible gorilla experiment and I was shocked I missed the gorilla when I watched it!!!

We drive down the road and do not notice the person in the road until too late! "What happened it was like that person just popped out of nowhere! I didn't see him!" We see what we are paying attention to seeing and thus missing a whole lot of what we are not paying attention to. It makes me think maybe we can't see auras because we are not paying attention to seeing auras. Maybe we don't see angels and demons because we are not paying attention to seeing them maybe they are everywhere and we don't see them.

This holds true for hearing as well, when we say, "What did you say I didn't catch that?" You heard it clearly but your hearing or thought was someplace else and thus what you heard made no sense it was just meaningless sounds. That is how subliminal words in music work the same way, you are paying attention to the music not the subliminal messages behind the music in the store. Not only this much of the time your mind is on what you want to buy you don't even notice there is music playing softly in the background.

We can say this about touch, we feel every fiber of our clothing every moment however most of the time we do not notice because that is not what we are paying attention to.


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