Why is doubt lower on the Emotional Guidance Scale than pessimism?

I would think that pessimism is worst since it is an absence of hope and the belief that no good will happen whereas in doubt the hope of good times is there but weak and hence it keeps wavering.

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Don't worry too much about the labels given to the emotions.

If you notice, there are relatively few emotions mentioned on that scale compared to the number of words we have for different emotions. The reason for this is that different labels for different emotions mean different things to different people.

Most people can agree on the relative difference between, for example, the emotion labelled Joy and the emotion labelled Anger.

But what about, say, the difference and ranking of the emotions of Joy and Delight, or Joy and Ecstasy?

They are a lot more difficult to rank and different people would interpret them differently.

The emotions mentioned on the Emotional Scale are an attempt at a non-controversial classification that spans strong Disempowerment (at the bottom of the scale) to strong Empowerment (at the top of the scale).

The thing is not to let the labels on the Emotional Scale distract you from the purpose of the Emotional Scale.

The Emotional Scale represents a quantifiable emotional distance between where you are and where you want to be...it's a way of measuring the gap between you and your intended manifestation.

Before knowing about the scale, when someone asked you when you would be getting the thing you have been trying to manifest, your answer would probably have been something vague like when it's the right time.

Now, with this quantifiable scale and a method for climbing it, you can now say confidently that your manifestation will come to you once you cross the threshold of Positive Expectation and Belief regarding what you want.

If you don't agree with some of the labelling of some emotions, just ignore them or change them to suit your own interpretation of those labels - it won't make any difference as long as your revised scale is still moving in the direction of better-feeling emotions.


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I think doubt is lower because when we are in a place of doubt we often let worry creep in and we cannot trust, which prevents us from having faith.

Pessimism on the other hand is merely a tendency to look at the negative aspects of things. However a person can tend to be pessimistic but still have a glimmer of trust and faith, whereas doubt tends to obscure and inhibit any perceptions of faith and trust.


answered 17 May '10, 11:43

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