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Do you realize what a hole would be left in the world if you were not here?

Have you ever considered this?

Can you describe how you make a difference to the people in your "neck of the woods"?

I ask this question because I came across an article I wrote a long time ago when I was feeling suicidal. In the article, I said such things as:

"Who would raise my children if I was not here? Who would love my cats like I do? Who would contemplate Beethoven's deafness, and wonder at his 7th Symphony the way I do? Who would prune my baby maple? Who would tie my little one's shoes? Who would make my special chicken soup..." and so on. I listed all the things that made me an individual, that seemed to make others happy.

Imagine the world without you.

What would it be like?



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Barry Allen ♦♦

I like this Jai for it sure gives one selfworth.

(22 Apr '12, 16:04) Paulina 1
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Hi Jai, There are so many lives one touches and even though we don't normaly think of things like this it sure makes one think. The people and animals in my own life are too numerous to mention here but it sure made me feel extra worthy of being on this planet at this moment in time.

For all those that have no family and think they have no friends yes even you are loved and worthy. Each human being on this planet deserves nothing but the best and this can only be acomplished by making a decision to better your life by healping others even in very small ways for if nothing else it will give you selfworth and change your life forever.


answered 22 Apr '12, 16:14

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Paulina 1

I think the people who are apart of my life would be very different people. I'm always the person who everyone, even my mom, goes to for advice and comfort. I feel like the backbone, like I keep everyone together and strong. I take care of the little things, giving my sister rides to work and making sure the animals are fed.

I've always been able to see things from anothers eyes. I think that's why people find me so helpful, because I get it. I really feel for others, it hurts to see them hurt, especially when I care very much about them. So I try to help any way I can, and I enjoy that. I love when I can make people feel better, so I know the ones I'm close to wouldn't be the same without me.

Great post :)


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You sound like a wonderful human being. Good for you.

(29 Apr '12, 13:20) Paulina 1

Aw thank you :o)

(30 Apr '12, 00:17) LapisLazuli

As an American we are pretty well indoctrinated to what would happen if we weren't in the picture anymore by the constant showing of Frank Kappras "It's a wonderful life" around the holidays. I recommend it to you if you have not seen it.(I know you haven't missed it Jai )
And I my situation I would say yes I would be missed by many.
I strive to do in the words of Sammuel Addams
"Do good and be good " This is done without a thought of "payback" I just do it because it makes me feel good .
So in my reality there would be a hole if I wasn't here..but I am and now, there is no hole.


answered 30 Apr '12, 03:14

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I believe I read in a book somewhere about a suicidal man who thought very boldy that he was actually a liability to his friends and family; he thought the world would actually be more efficient and lighter without him.

Only a few minutes before he physically carried through with the initial steps of suicide, he fell very fatigued and sleepy, so much as to postpone his suicide just a few hours and decided to take one final nap/sleep (the reasoning for this was he would have better success if he was fully alert and knew what he was doing).

During the sleep he experienced a graphic vision of remotely feeling and experiencing his self generated death through the eyes of every single individual he ever interacted with. I do remember that number went into the tens of thousands. He was able to conjure up that perhaps he wasn't as pointless as he thought.

Waking up, he couldn't believe what he just saw, so shocked that he never contemplated suicide again.


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From my perspective, there would be no hole left... it would the same cup filled in a different way. :)


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Also true but there would be a hole left in those you leave behind who love you for not all are aware that live is truly everlasting.

(22 Apr '12, 16:05) Paulina 1

Such "hole" in others would be a mere illusion though. And it should not be equated into decision making of my own. Otherwise one would never move in any direction with his life.

(24 Apr '12, 09:57) CalonLan

What a great selfless exercise this is to think of when one is feeling suicidal.

The gap you would leave behind is enormous and would affect the lives of your children for the rest of their lives let alone others that care for you. Other holes can be filled but the loss of a Mother is a very deep void. I cannot understand at all, anyone saying that there would be no hole left.
Sure you can fill a hole with other things but there will always be an empty space and an ongoing sense of loss. From personal experience I know how a child is affected by the loss of a Mother.

Love and blessings Jaianniah. I hope this will reach the right people if they are thinking for one moment that their absence would make no difference to loved ones around them.


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I Know I make a difference to my world because I create it.

Without me my world would not exist, and everyone in it would be experiencing a different one... without me in it :)


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There is light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world. If it does not shine, it is dark."

be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 22 Apr '12, 16:57

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white tiger

The Prophet Muhammad said: " Relieved, or Relieving?" then the companions started questioning: "O Prophet of Allah what do you mean?" He said: " The beliver is relieved by death, while the wicked is relieving the people, animals, and plants by his death".

There was a funereal gathering and many people mentioned the good traits and character of the person who died, then the Prophet said: "it is affirmed". Then they asked the Prophet " What has been affirmed, O prophet of Allah?" he said: "Paradise, because people are witnesses on earth" (i.e witnesses to the deeds that have been done).


answered 29 Apr '12, 03:02

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