I recently suggested to a fellow IQer that they may feel better if they felt love for self, and suggested balancing the chakras, as that makes me feel love for myself. I realized as I wrote it that I have no idea why this happens. I would like to know why it works this way for me, and if others feel the same thing.

When I first started balancing my chakras regularly, I was only aware of just how darned good it made me feel. And it does feel so good! :) After a while, I started noticing something new and unexpected. This will sound very silly to some folks, I know, but it is my true experience, and is now pretty much the whole reason I practice this these days.

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As I turned my attention to each chakra in turn (I visualize each as a flower, which I enjoy feeling blossom open to fullness inside me), I noticed this funny feeling of genuine affection for the chakra itself. I would get to one and think, "Oh there's my dear solar plexus chakra (flower), a little bit creaky to open, always a little hesitant, but so sweetly blossoming when I ask... here's my warm green heart chakra, always ready to open, always a tiny bit sore. .."

Each one feels like it has a "personality" of its own, for lack of a better word, and I found myself loving each one for their individual attributes, colors and behaviors. I ended up falling so in love with my chakras and then with myself, I feel as though it has colored all other areas of my thinking and experience of life. It makes me happy beyond all reason, and that love I feel spills over into my whole perception of myself, and stays with me much of the time. It's a very powerful feeling.

I'm very happy and very curious about these experiences. Do you feel this too? I would really appreciate any insights you may want to share, thank you.

Love, Grace. :)

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Hi @grace! I recently purchased gemstones to start working with my chakras. I figured that I could find information online on the proper way to use them. There is so much conflicting information on this subject that has just left me utterly confusedddd. I was wondering if you know a good site with correct and useful information on how to balance your chakras using gemstones? Thanx :)

(01 Nov '14, 16:25) Jess

@Jess - No, sorry I don't, but I would love to know that for myself. I suggest you make that into a regular right here on IQ. This is the perfect place - I bet we'll get some good suggestions. :)

(01 Nov '14, 18:31) Grace
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Chakras are alright but the key is that all of these things, chakras included, stem from state of mind and it is this that must be altered persistently. Practice good feeling thoughts and the entire system is cleansed. With positive feeling thoughts the chakras etc. are all in balance. It is the habit of positive thinking that must be developed more.


answered 30 Oct '14, 05:32

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@harsha - Thank you for sharing your perspective.

(31 Oct '14, 01:31) Grace

Grace, thank you for your question. Since starting Stingray's 30 day challenge, I've been looking for different ways to feel good so I went to youtube and tried this balance:


I do feel fantastic and very ready to start my day.


answered 30 Oct '14, 06:40

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@purple_iris - I'm glad you found something that works well for you. I think there's really something for everyone, you just have to keep searching till you find it. I have always loved guide mediations, myself.

(31 Oct '14, 01:34) Grace
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