I'm sick of cold weather, I can't stand it anymore. How can I accept (and love) cold weather again? Right now it's I either move (which I'm not hundred percent sure I want) or enjoy being in a cold environment. (don't get me wrong we have summer and all that but for me It's cold if it is under 60)

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Maybe we can help each other out here. I am just the opposite. Maybe you could catch some of my enthusiasm for this time of year, then in May.... Could you come and try to help me out as I try to enjoy the hot weather?

I just love cooler weather. I love sweaters and boots and cute jackets. I love pumpkins and pine cones and scarves and gloves. I love how exhilarating fresh cold air feels on my face, how it makes my cheeks pink, how I always feel awake and alive in it.

I love dramatic storms with lightning and thunder - I turn off all the lights and sit at my window watching them go by. When they knock the power out, I get to light candles. I love candlelight. I love how a storm puts everyone in the same boat - rich, poor, young, old - when we're dashing into a store in the pouring rain, we all get wet. It creates a kind of camaraderie that just doesn't happen when its 90 degrees.

Everything smells good. Wet grass, rain, snow, wood-burning fireplaces, shepherd's pie in the oven, hot chocolate...:P

I love getting cold outside and then coming home to a bowl of soup, a cozy fireside with a good book, and a warm cat curled up in my lap. I love burrowing under heavy quilts in bed. I love spooning. :)

I start getting a bit blue around the end of April, knowing it's all coming to an end. Spring is pretty, but it brings summer, and I have to try very, very hard to enjoy summer. Haven't had much success yet.

To me, today is the happiest day of the year! It's still 90 degrees here today, but I know that the good stuff is all just ahead of me; fall colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving (going to try to cook again this year yikes!) and Christmas - oh how I just love Christmas. Oh! can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!



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Ahem.... :)

(09 Jun '13, 04:00) Grace

ask yourself: how do i feel when it is cold? how makes me the weather feel? what pictures do i have in my mind and what bodily sensations do i notice?

Then do EFT or FASTER EFT!

here is how you can do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UegIujmGUiY


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I feel this is an effective answer. I used to be a villian for hot weather, and I discovered it was only because I had some old bad anchored memories about summer in general.

I replaced those bad memories with new good ones. Now I love all weather because I've automatically got a neutral good feeling embracment with whatever the weather is.

(09 Jun '13, 09:13) Nikulas

It's funny the question right after you post your was "Process for Creating Positive Situations and Experiences." Satori also has a great process .I know I have been using it without knowing it when it comes to weather.I was raised in sunny So-Cal and mid life moved to Scandinavia. I just see the excitement and the energy in the season changes .( Wear a hat and long underwear when it get below -5c helps too)


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I think you had better move! It is getting a LOT colder, it is not even Fall yet! We still have Winter coming soon!

Some times with the wind chill it gets below 0 I remember one year 15° below 0! 32° is freezing!

Maybe you should move down south to Mississippi.


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Wade Casaldi

15 below is nothing in the winter around here - maybe I should move to the East coast..

(09 Jun '13, 22:27) ele

One thing you can do to prepare your body for the cold, is to eat local, seasonal produce. For example, tropical fruit thins the blood so that one stays cooler in the hot tropics. So stay away from tropical fruit if you want to stay warm. Also, make sure you wear propper clothing for the weather. Wear a hat if that will help. Get some good wool socks to keep your feet warm.

To remove any negative charge to feeling cold, do Two Hands Touching with this deletion sequence. Two Hands Touching Place the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Ask yourself quietly in your mind, "What do my hands feel like?" Then feel the answer in your hands. Don't try to name the feelings, don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands. Do this until you feel a sence of peace. Then say the first line. Then do THT again, putting your attention fully on your hands until you feel the peace again. Then say the next line, then do THT fully turning your attention to your hands when you do THT again.

Do THT. Then say, "Delete all the ways I feel about The cold (or being cold, what words you think)." Then do THT, fully putting your focus on your hands and releasing the the statement, feeling disturbance at first, possible, followed by peace, calm, releif before moving on to the next statement.

Say, "Delete all the physical causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the emotional causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the mental causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychological causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychic/epmathic causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the spiritual causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the unknown causes and affects of The cold." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the ways I hold in my body The cold." Do THT.


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Fairy Princess

Fall and winter are processes that the Earth goes through to accommodate the tilting of the Earth's axis, as you know. But these processes are enjoyable if you are very observant, and watch for signs of spring...

For example, my spring allergies start in February, when it gets just warm enough for some trees to pollinate and mold to grow. I take this as a good sign, not bad. As winter goes on, the trees grow big, fat buds, getting ready for spring. But I am ahead of myself here....

Fall is beautiful. The trees turn, and if you have the proper outerwear, you'il be comfortable. The proper clothes are very important!. and can make all the difference!

Birds migrate through, and bird-watching is fun if you have a feeder. That is a very cheap (cheep-cheep!) and fun way to enjoy winter... Cardinals and blue jays do not migrate. Neither do all of the sparrows. We have chipping sparrows which leave every fall, and arrive back in March- the same brood as always!

Winter is fun because of Thanksgiving, Christmas...and the reflection of Lent. It is a time of sacrifice and also sometimes hardship, as Wade mentioned. I remember a time in Illinois when the wind chili was in the -80s. I took my dog, Lady, outside just to see what-80 felt like. I pretended I was in Alaska, and I lasted about three minutes. It made me appreciate what I had indoors- central heating and a warm bed!

I think you need an attitude adjustment! Watch those trees bud up as winter wanes, and walk outside, bundled up, and be sure to get plenty of Vitamin D. Take a supplement if you need to, and you will feel better.

Happy Fall, everyone! (Today is the first day of fall (September 22, 2012.)

Peace and Falling Leaves,



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