As I study the sociological, religious and political roots of various societies I am struck by a certain underlying "sameness", patterns of how people think things "should" or more powerfully things "should not" be.

We share hardwired "rules". For instance killing another person is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Having sex with another person's spouse is wrong. Envying is wrong. Even breaking in line is wrong. Cursing God is wrong. There are obviously many other examples, and isolated exceptions to the "rules".

But where do we get the idea of "right" and "wrong"? Laws are enacted. People are censured, sure, but is there some standard by which we judge -- ourselves as well as others?

A peculiarity that while so many of us espouse the importance of the "Rules of Society", we, personally break them in our own lives to some degree - some noticeable degree. We may not kill another person, but we may have a powerful desire to do so.

And we justify our desires by claiming exceptions, excuses that we would not allow others to claim. "We can kill them because they don't believe like we do." But it is wrong for them to kill us!"

So, where do "ethics" come into play and why? Are "ethics" really situational?

We are born with, hardwired, if you like, with rules we break. And often feel guilty for having done so - afterwards.


I was watching a movie recently where two men were sword fighting. They were evenly matched as far as skill level. This was not a sanctioned event, but a fight to the death. Ultimately one killed the other. The survivor was told that he did not fight with honor. He replied, "The man who fought with honor is dead. I survived."

Is a lawyer with personal ethics at a disadvantage? I have known several lawyers well enough to ask them, "How can you defend a client whom you know is guilty? How can you use your skills to get them exonerated from justifiable punishment?" They have all answered that they are merely enforcing their clients rights. I don't consider this ethical from my personal viewpoint. This was why, after two years of law school, I decided NOT to become a lawyer.

I think there is a powerful answer to my question that lies in the Law of Attraction.

footnote: in looking for tags to use with this post, I am amazed how rarely "ethics", "integrity" are used, and "honor" not at all.

EDITED 9/10/2014 Ethics, like all things come from God. We are hardwired with basic fundamentals that can help draw us closer to God if we relax, listen and take inspired action.

Ethics help us distinguish between True Joy and false joy.

There is True Joy that comes from one-ness with God. There is false joy that comes from attempted one-ness to worldly things. How can you tell the difference? True Joy is ALWAYS new! Always uplifting! Always leading us to greater Love, greater Joy -- to God.

For me, and I can only speak for myself, ethics is what I try to use to "clean the inside of my cup".

And the Law of Attraction says that if I operate from a standpoint of what I consider "unethical behavior" this is how my world will treat me. Do I need to repeat this?

asked 02 Sep '14, 09:55

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

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bill, it is a way that allows coexistence, however in an upside down world ethics are often relegated to individual preference

(03 Sep '14, 06:04) fred

Apparently most seem to think ethics, honor, morals and integrity are a construct from a "dis-empowering belief system." They do not see these as the moral absolutes as they are. Stepping on other people to get to the top or whatever it takes to me seems wrong. Trustworthiness seems like something worth having, knowing that I would keep my word and have the ethics to do so seems like a good quality to me. I really thought you would get much more positive responses toward morals.

(15 Sep '14, 12:28) Wade Casaldi

Yes, @Dollar Bill, there are moral absolutes! Thank you! I was disappointed in my answer to you because I could not seem to say what I wanted to at the time. I have been upset by some of the answers you received- I want to ask these people, "If you truly believe these things you say, then why do you not try driving on the wrong side of the road???" It seems the height of hutzpah to ignore that this is God's world. He made it, and He does not like being mocked....

(15 Sep '14, 12:46) Jaianniah

@Dollar Bill- I have been on a soapbox ever since you posted this question, and received some of the ludicrous answers you did. Even more, I have seen a great drop in attendance here- Perhaps anarchy is not proving to be "attractive"??? Wade just said to me, "Morals are absolute. Nobody here seems to want to see this." Amen!

(15 Sep '14, 12:50) Jaianniah

Here is a good article that seems very fitting about this.

(15 Sep '14, 13:00) Wade Casaldi

I was just thinking of the story of Robin Hood, people with relative morals would say probably he was good. This is because (even though) he robbed from the rich, he gave to the poor. But in reality he was both good and bad. The rich I am sure would have thought of him as bad, an example of a lack of value and personal morals that teach it is okay to do wrong as long as you justify it with right. So he was wrong stealing, but he was noble in giving to the poor. Al Capon was like that too.

(15 Sep '14, 14:01) Wade Casaldi

Al Capon fed the poor with soup kitchens he put up in the depression, this with money he obtained through illegal methods. This is the same guy that beat one of his wise guys to death at a board meeting with a baseball bat. So he was good in feeding the poor, but was bad in many other ways.

(15 Sep '14, 14:10) Wade Casaldi
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I think people use "ethics" because that's their way to feel better with themselves: just as we're trained to look for physical solutions and align only this way, we also "must behave", if we know of no way to unconditionally align. (And because we don't know, that we don't create in the experience of others, only their vibration does.)

If we're not aware of our seeking compliance in order to find a good-feeling association to focus upon, we must comply, by the survivor instinct.

And why - because we think we must behave in order to deserve, and that we must deserve in order to survive and get what we want.

As I said already in some other thread here, Abraham at Sexuality workshop said we're looking for compliance because we don't believe in our own power to create our life, and so we're looking for an authority to behave as it says, for it to give us what we want.

All because and when we don't understand that in unconditional aligning, we hold our own power in our own hands.


answered 02 Sep '14, 17:09

Olga%20Farber's gravatar image

Olga Farber

edited 02 Sep '14, 17:12


@Olga Farber Well said. Ethics are just beliefs and an attempt to try to control circumstances and other people. They start from an dis-empowering false belief about how the world/the Universe works and try to control the uncontrollable. It doesn't work. So ethics become negotiable even for the greatest moralizers. E.g. "It is wrong to kill. But it is right to kill a "terrorist".". E.g. "It is wrong to commit suicide, but it is right if you are a suicide bomber who kills disbelievers".

(02 Sep '14, 18:51) releaser99

:) my eyes got opened to all this, when I heard Tony Robbins speak about associations. Then I started to see, how I'm trying to find an explanation of what happened/ what I did, - and all in the purpose of having a good-feeling association. Then this awareness helps to release the grip.

(03 Sep '14, 00:54) Olga Farber

@releaser99 thought crossed my mind. The terrorist that is killed is ok for one set of ethics. But the freedom fighter that is murdered is not ok for another set of ethics.

(06 Sep '14, 01:58) ursixx

@ursixx Exactly. Everyone is already defining their beliefs/ethics as they want... and they change them whenever they want as they want... even if they do not admit it. So who's right? "Everyone thinks they're right. So, the question isn't who's right or who's wrong. The question is, who is most in alignment with their Source? And who is the most allowing? And whose life is really going the best, most of the time?" - Abraham, Excerpted from the workshop: North Los Angeles on August 07, 2005

(06 Sep '14, 20:27) releaser99

@ursixx - I wish I was able to give you more than one thumbs up on your comment! Successful living is being connected to Source. This is true Joy, true Happiness.

(10 Sep '14, 08:19) Dollar Bill
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Honour, morals, ethics, religions, laws, courts, government, police, social service, military ---- are all man's ignorant attempts at fixing the symptoms because we'd rather not address the cause.

The cause is always thought. The keyword is responsbility. It's really simple. But we cannot have simple answers, can we now?

I prefer to let other people carry on with their debates and fights and arguments over honour, morals, ethics, religions, laws, courts, government, police, social service and military ---- while I try to mind my own business. I know that if I do my job, i.e. keep my thoughts on the right subjects, I will never need honour, morals, ethics, religions, laws, courts, government, police, social service or military.


answered 03 Sep '14, 16:29

cod2's gravatar image


edited 03 Sep '14, 16:31

I love your answer. ♥

(03 Sep '14, 16:48) Olga Farber

like I said before clean the inside of the cup. the outside is not that important and that is where people look. you could have simple question and simple answer. yet to hold power over other for their own ignorance and desire they tend to make things more complex to suit their desire with out it showing.

(05 Sep '14, 00:43) white tiger

@white tiger - right on! Clean the inside of the cup and the outside cleans itself!

(10 Sep '14, 08:21) Dollar Bill
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perhaps for integrity
or a reverence of life,
to enjoy a rising sun,
otherwise, it matters little


answered 06 Sep '14, 18:29

fred's gravatar image



if one cannot be trusted with the smallest thing he cannot be trusted with the big things. so if it matters little to you then it will mater little with the one that will not have integrity or a reverence of life, to enjoy a rising sun. then who can you blame? or will you change your choice or answer? Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

(08 Sep '14, 13:16) white tiger

have discernment on inside things not only on outside things. clean the inside of the cup and have mercy as you judge you will also be judge because they do the same. if a man does something and someone does the same to him who can he blame? Who is with out sin to cast the first stone? Then I would say that it matter a lot in that case. but very little on the outside things since all come from the inside going out and coming back to you. Yet if one is blind and cannot even see what he is doing-

(08 Sep '14, 13:37) white tiger

And think that is way is perfect in this imperfect world How can he guide other blind with out falling in to a ditch? If one see this he can help other that are blind and they will probably not accept it because they cannot yet see it. the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

(08 Sep '14, 13:47) white tiger

wt, it seems you know him not nor
integrity, the complete human being
is it seen in religion, politics,business, governments
who lets the blood bleed, does it know the heart

(08 Sep '14, 20:46) fred

@fred Who can say, I have made my heart clean, I am pure from my sin?" Or who can say I never made any error or did something to someone that I would not like being done to my self? then why boost or exalt one self on the outside when the inside is in opposition with one self ? For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

again I tell you blessed are the pure of heart they will see God.

(09 Sep '14, 02:47) white tiger
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Before one can talk about ethics, we must think about this question: Where do ethics come from? For, if we figure out where ethics originate, we can then decide if those ethics have a value.

There are a few places where we develop our own ethics. Surely the ethics of our parents (to a certain extent) come into play; we can also derive ethics from life experiences, especially important ones; and ethics can come from our teachers at school and church. You can probably think of more sources than these.

Broadly speaking, if we consider ourselves in God's world, then of course we would look to God for an absolute recitation of ethics. More personally, we feel bad when we do things that are "wrong"- if we felt that they were not wrong, we would not feel bad. I know that most people draw on some sort of ethic based on what God does and does not approve of. I know that for myself, I can feel inside of myself when I do something wrong. I suppose other people do not feel this...but I do. So, you see, perhaps a bit, how ethics come to be.

The value of ethics is even fuzzier than figuring out where they came from. I see the value in that keeping to a common ethic, I can stay away from being punished by society for wrongdoing. I do not like tickets. I cannot imagine being incarcerated- ugh. But I also keep these ethics because they match pretty well with my own. I do not drive down my suburban street going 100 mph, because I would hate to hit a child that happens to be in the street. Other people in my neighborhood evidently do not agree. I suppose they think that such a thing could not happen to them. I pray it does not. So one value of keeping to ethical behavior is (quite simply) to keep myself from feeling bad.

Another value is also in the "I do not want to feel bad" category. Acceptance is valuable- we like being liked. Keeping to the standards in a group helps us feel safe and gives us a sense of belonging- feelings we like. Being excluded, being hazed or chastised, feels really bad. Sometimes, we are excluded because of our looks, or clothing- why kids hurt other kids for this is beyond me. I was hazed by many as I grew up- two particular boys managed to accomplish this 11 years in a row- one of them tried it in my Senior Biology class and finally was expelled. So, even when we obey the "group rules", we will find those in that group who still will not obey all the rules. I tried to "fit in" because acceptance felt good. On a genetic level, acceptance is vital. If we are outcast, we are very unlikely to pass on our genes (i.e., getting a mate and having a child). Thus this part of ethics serves all of humanity. Conforming to the rules helps us attract mated and reproduce.


A quote from Jesuanity....:

The moral values of the universe become intellectual possessions by the exercise of the three basic judgments, or choices, of the human mind: .

  1. Self-judgment -- moral choice.

  2. Social-judgment -- ethical choice.

  3. God-judgment -- religious choice. .

~* Thus it appears that all human progress is effected by a technique of combined revelational evolution ~

@Dollar Bill says in his post this:

And the Law of Attraction says that if I operate from a standpoint of what I consider "unethical behavior" this is how my world will treat me. Do I need to repeat this?

We all struggle thus with ethics, even when we do not want to do so. But perhaps the greatest value of ethics is in helping us to make the hard choices. What choice will I make that will leave me feeling the least bad?

The LOA says that we always have many choices when faced with the future. This is where we need to be consistent. You can say that we are "conditioned". But are we? One can say that they choose to be a free-thinker. But when this "free-thinking" ends up in our death, what have we achieved? We have ethics, then, perhaps to keep us on a consistent (straight, perhaps?) path.

I have not been able to let this question go. I feel most strongly that it is almost foolish to pretend there is no God- or that we are all "free" to do what we want. I have to stand up for my beliefs, which are based on personal spiritual experiences. This is classified in William James' lectures on The Varieties of Religious Experience as mysticism. (BTW, these lectures, collated into a book, are a really good read.) How can a person ignore the vast majority of mankind and his experience in the face of overwhelming evidence of man's spiritual nature??? How can things like Ebola and oil spills be called "meaningless" when we all evolved from this planet? It is our lifeboat. My connection to my Higher Power tells me that I must care about my planet. I also must care about the people who live on it. Moral values tell me this is right.


Jaianniah ♥


answered 02 Sep '14, 23:10

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Honor, Ethics, and Morals are important because they keep peace and order for all. If these were not observed and you couldn't trust anyone, would you have a bank account? Would anything work on a monthly billing cycle? No one would trust anyone, everything would have to be cash up front then even then you would probably get ripped off of what you would pay for and so would rather keep your money to yourself. But if no one spent money out of fear of being ripped off then the value of money would be worthless. So honor, ethics and morals even keep our money system stable.

Now lets turn to the health field, had no one ethics, morals or honor in this field, how much trust would be placed in this field? You could go to a doctor and he is suppose to cure you but instead he makes you pay up front first then to satisfy you he looks over you and tells you he has a cure that will cost you a hundred dollars now, you get the hundred and he goes into another room and gets some water and comes back and tells you to drink this down. With no honor, morals, or ethics you can't trust your doctor or any doctor even surgery takes a lot of trust!

Next we could go to our food, if the people that make our food do not make it with ethics, honor and morals who knows what they could do to it before we go to eat the food? So the only food we would trust is anything we hunt or pick for ourselves, every person separate.

What if a mother had no honor, ethics or morals, could her baby even trust her to take care of it? Not really, and with no organization with honor, morals or ethics to step in for that baby, how long would the survival of the human race last?

It reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah anything goes, no one to trust anywhere, everyone for his and her self, life and death don't matter only self preservation at all cost, crime, murder and even cannibalism are the normal everyday experience.

So the Bible has shaped America into the most powerful nation on earth because it has been founded on the absolute morals of the Bible. The greatest of these is love for your fellow humans to give them the consideration and be trustworthy, honorable, ethical and moral as we would wish they would be towards us. In other words to treat others as we would wish to treated. This one right principle when observed by the moral majority gives a foundation built on solid stone that allows everything else to flourish. This one principle, lets us have a monetary system of trade and balances, it allows us to have a heath care system that we can be cured whether from medicine or surgery and know we will be taken care of. It allows us to have supermarkets and fast food.

Everything that we take for granted is dependent on honor, morals and ethics.


answered 03 Sep '14, 15:18

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Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Sep '14, 15:49

the value of money is already worthless we human being in this world give it is value. even if the world today think that they are evolved it would not take much to see them devolve. just take out all the luxury they have and you will see them becoming animal pretty fast.

(05 Sep '14, 00:51) white tiger

wt, or come to see that there is other to get up in the morning for

(22 Sep '14, 19:57) fred

All ethics/moral code, can be summed up in one moral "love your neighbor as yourself". Would you ever want to bring harm to yourself?

If you understand what Bashar and Abrahamn says about All being One, then why would you want to hurt others in anyway? If you hurt others, then you are hurting yourself.

Loving others is loving yourself, and loving yourself is loving others; since All is One, they are both connected. Receiving is Giving, and Giving is Receiving. When you give, you are giving to yourself as you give to others.


answered 23 Sep '14, 20:02

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Most people do not understand that thoughts, emotions, and feelings are THREE different things.

You know what thoughts are. (I think I'll stop writing and go get dressed) You know what emotions are. (That makes me experience anger) Most don't know what feelings are. Feelings are a universal LANGUAGE that is common to all that exists. Psychics (real ones) are able to translate that language into your verbal language.

Emotions BLOCK feelings. Emotions block rational thoughts. Emotions block access to the frontal cortex that controls rational behavior.

The reason we need ethics is because we are spiritually wired for self-preservation Where all are one (as I believe) then feelings help us understand how our behaviors affect the rest of our being. They prevent us from harming the holiness of our being.

Without access to ethics, we are left with morals, but those who establish the morals are not interested in the wellness of the whole. They are interested in their own agendas.

Example: We are now entering the 6th mass extinction of life on earth. This is caused by the predominant Abrahamic religions that - being fear-based - deny members access to their feelings that convey our ethical responsibility to life. This causes them to continue to support capitalism that is destroying life on earth. Capitalism is causiing:

Climate change. It is real, and man-made.

We are running out of water. Not only are bodies of water evaporating, but the increasing population is placing greater demands on it that it can meet. Water by the Hoover Dam is own 130 feet in this decade. In Dec. 2012, the US authorized another 1,200 aquifers for destruction and declared another 150 so polluted that it's not to be used for watering crops. the CEO of Nestle wants water turned over to corporations who will manage it better because they will sell it for profits. (Apparently those who can't afford to buy it should die of thirst?) Absence of ethics led him to say that.

We are running out of arable land. Every year, we lose land the size of Rhode Island. It is turning into desert. This is because of several things: 1) bad farming practices. 2) bad animal husbandry practices. 3) climate change. There is much we can do to fix this, but to do that would harm our economy (capitalism) so we pretend that it isn't happening. Absence of ethics are causing the majority to allow this.

Exponential population growth is putting even greater demands on already-declining resources. Soon there will not be enough food or water to sustain them. Absence of ethics have caused us to hide our heads in denial.

These growing populations need housing, food, water, air, and wood. Toward that end, we are decimating the Amazon Rain Forest that is this earth's lungs. They turn CO2 into oxygen that breathing beings need. Absence of ethics are causing us to remain silent in the face of extinction of life on earth.

Our oceans are turning acidic. In this decade alone, we have lost 10% of the species in the polar regions, where such die-offs begin during mass earth extinctions. This is happening because of CO2 emissions that cause climate change. There are now warnings out about the dangers of eating most fish because of mercury pollution. Our over-fishing is causing the extinction of species.

If the acidification of our oceans kills off the crills, it kills us off, but where is the voice of alarm? It is silenced by lack of ethics and promoted by support for immoral morality that supports capitalism.

some scientists are saying that by the middle of this century, as much as 30-40% of species on earth will be extinct. that means than unless you are in your 80s, your feelings should be offering you warnings about what you are doing. The fact that there is so much silence about all of these things, tells me that it is a rare person who has access to the part of them that explains ethics to the individual.

Knowing that, can you any longer wonder about the value of ethics?


answered 26 Sep '14, 08:04

Gail's gravatar image


edited 26 Sep '14, 08:14

@Gail when you will know that every thing comes from the inside and affect the outside and that the outside after affect the inside. you will see thing differently. For the moment you fear and believe what every one say about what is going to happen, that future scare you. live in the now. stop finding person to blame or judge. because the same will be done to you. you fear pollution do you know that you make pollution just by breathing. is there some better use of the stuff around us? of-

(27 Sep '14, 11:30) white tiger

course there is but as long as people live in fear and say we can do anything we want until we die it does not matter then they do not serve them self or other. they serve their ego of fast reward what ever the cost even if it cause their own demise. to apply tag to them it is this religion or this politic does not change anything under anything or label there is people good and bad and everyone makes error.

(27 Sep '14, 11:35) white tiger

Yes, I understand how our thoughts become our realities. No question. I've been doing this very successfully since the 70s. HOWEVER: Our realities are also part of larger gestalt realities. (families, neighborhoods, towns, states, nations, religions, civic groups, etc.) These gestalt realities have their own consciousness and they create our shared realities. (this doesn't endanger me)

Do you not care that you can help people avoid this? Do You have empathy? Or do you lack ethics?

(28 Sep '14, 12:58) Gail

By the way, the future doesn't scare me. I'm an old lady. It is not MY life that is in danger from this crisis in the making. It's not my intent to blame anyone. It is my intent to say that we have the responsibility to fix this no matter who/what caused it. It is my intent to make people aware so that they can fix it.

I also disagree with you that there is good and bad in everyone. We are amazing creatures! it is ignorance that causes mistakes. Ignorance is not bad--unless it's willful

(28 Sep '14, 13:17) Gail
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