It feels to me that shifting through many levels of beliefs I always end up in paradoxical state of looking at things.

For example, my belief about relationship. It always felt to me like something that chains you down, restricts you from going after what you want, because there's a lot of compromises one should do between one owns and the other person's reality. But when I learned that there could be a bond that sets you free instead, relationships took on a whole new meaning for me.

Other experience I had is emptiness that fulfills me.

I find the paradox to be the end state of believes. endless loop where something applies its principles on itself in an opposite way. It sorts of feel like I can see the truth through paradox.

What is your take on paradox? What does it mean to you?

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The paradox that you refer to is something that I have tried to comprehend as a phenomenon of continuous balance that is at the core of an otherwise outwardly chaotic imbalanced reality.

What is interesting is that this particular viewpoint of balance is not being spoken of enough concerning attraction.

It is hinted here and there, but never included as the foundation of understanding in some of the concepts where the incorporation of it answers much of the mystery in the mind/reality connection.

In simple terms, this means that anything that we experience within ourselves as a movement of energy, a feeling, a thought, a desire, a goal, a confusion, is a product of something that is in balance.

However, this balance is only available within the narrow central point of non-judgement.

We on the other hand, in our desire to experience and expand rarely are capable of this non-judgemental witnessing of the energy of creation.

We always reach to this energy with a pre-conceived judgement.

We catch one side of it because we want to use "it" to stretch our pre-conception towards the opposite of it.

So when we have a "question" and we get, let's say five answers for that question, we tend to look at each answer and say "no that's not the right answer", "OK that one is close, but even that is not what I am looking for", ", this is the answer I am looking for".

In other words, there is an inner understanding on our part, in recognizing, that we haven't found the answer to the question, until we eventually get to it.

Now does that make sense?

A question represents the Idea "I don't know the answer"

Yet we can look at various answers and say "but that is not the answer I am looking for"

How do we know that what is un-known to us is incorrect?

So somewhere within us, we know the correct "match" to our "mismatch" in the question that we ask.

That is the "other side" to the balance point that we are constantly chasing in everything we do.

In every choice we make we are making a deliberate decision of "imbalance" from the balance point so that we can chase the other side of that balance point.

It applies to everything in our existence.

Our use and existence within continuous conscious thought is what allows us to experience this phenomenon of reality in this way.

It is meant to be this way, but it was meant for us to realize our own responsibility in the consequences we create through judgement.

I'm not referring to condemnation judgement, but rather a judgement of decision.

We look at something and privately say, "That is beautiful".

Now, because we made that "judgment" about it, we are forever intertwined with that experience until we also experience the re-play of that interaction where we get a chance to say, "That is ugly" within our own privacy.

Because everything is in balance including our judgement of the thing, we found "beautiful"

We forced that "desire" of observation upon something that was vibrating in balance.

By deliberately choosing only one choice from the balance point of non-judgement, we are forced to confront the un-recognized choice from the same balance point of non-judgement.

So does that mean we should not chase "Joy"?

On the contrary, this is what the great masters of the past have said.

"We must enjoy our Joy and embrace our suffering and when we have had enough of both, seek to be free from it all through the practice of non-judgement"


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The Traveller

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Great answer The Traveller! Made me think a lot, thanks for sharing! :)

(30 Apr '12, 03:05) CalonLan

we may be the paradox
of body and spirit
at the same time
opposites yet together

what be manifestation
formed by chance or mind
from energy of spirit
paradoxically being


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Upon being born into and conditioned within this world of intellect, reason and logic, humankind believes it must have all the answers, and that is well and good. But to state that those answers must and can only be found by using the isolated mind-tool called brain to dig deeply into this reality is ultimate folly!

Not realizing that this and all realities are self-created and self-sustained illusions with infinite depth, humans dig ever deeper into its structure. Ever smaller particles are discovered by determined and conCERNed diggers, but the (God) particle remains and will remain forever elusory.

For no matter how deep the diggers dig, the one, eternal and infinite, particle alters its geometric course, at the infinite speed of no-time, to fill the illusory space which the diggers now say must contain solidity. Is this not the ultimate paradox, without end, in which the human digger’s state and demand must have an ending or a final resting place?


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Paradox of one's own reality! Fabulous Eddie. Thanks for sharing this idea. The more of invisible "chains" of reality get revealed, the closer to freedom one is. But then again, what if actually one's own reality would be the chain that sets you truly free. What a lovely paradox showing that the truth is everywhere.

(30 Apr '12, 03:08) CalonLan
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