From within this particular reality we’ve been conditioned to believe that it is the only reality and that we only have one life, blah, blah. However, if we look into the idea of infinite parallel realities and the idea of multiple simultaneous existences, we see that the idea of one fixed reality is nothing more than a self-imposed and self-limiting belief, albeit a belief that’s backed up by the collective agreements we’ve made.

It now seems pretty obvious to me that in truth what is really real: is that there’s only subjective reality as ideas that become reality; which spirit, us, choose to experience for our own reasons. And that we are all living multiple simultaneous lifetimes in any number of different realities and/or dimensions of existence.

So does it really matter if any particular illusional or fictional reality such as this one ceases to be?

Even if any particular version of earth is destroyed, there are an infinite number of parallel versions of earth which spirit can choose to experience via its physical counterpart, us, changing vibration in order to exist within that parallel reality. In fact, I suggest that when people you knew disappear from your reality, in whatever way they exit it, that is what is happening. They (as spirit) have chosen a different path or reality in which you as a physical being are not represented.

So coming from the perspective that there is no single, intrinsic, fundamental, inherent, objective reality that is more real than any other reality, does it really matter if this one ceases to be?

If it does matter, who does it matter to and why does it matter?

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Eddie, I imagine that in my final moments of existence, as the world is in its death throes, and I am breathing perhaps the very last lungful of air, I imagine that yes, it would matter not a bit whodunit to me...I imagine that I would be praying very much that the atheists do not have it right; that probably 200,000,000 tears in the future, cockroaches will still not have evolved very much, just as they have not for the last 200,000,000 years; and finally, I would be thinking about everyone I love very hard...

And if I do make it to heaven, and have my life review with Jesus or whoever, the first question I will be asked is, "Girl, why in God's name did you spend so much time on Inward Quest?" To which I will reply, "I dunno...I thought it was the points at first, until I realized I would never, ever catch up to Stingray, in which case, then I am not sure...I thought that perhaps maybe one of my answers might make a difference to the planet one day..." Jesus replied, "That's funny. Al Gore just came through here, and he muttered something about trying to make a difference to the planet, too..."


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I didn't realize Al Gore had an account on Inward Quest

(12 Sep '11, 18:19) Stingray

I was referring to Heaven, as Jesus was speaking after my "death", and He meant that Al Gore had just passed thru the Pearly Gates just before me...;)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(12 Sep '11, 20:36) Jaianniah

Yes, I'm quite aware of what you really meant ;)

(12 Sep '11, 21:18) Stingray

Love your answer Jai and your sense of humor.

(13 Sep '11, 04:27) Paulina 1

Jai, even if your answer was helpful to one person, it added value to All That Is, so relax :)

(13 Sep '11, 05:14) Eddie
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I'd have to say Eddie that in the bigger scheme of things and when I can tap into that higher perspective, no it really doesn't matter because I know I can never cease to be.

However, to the little self conceptualized me who is sitting here typing this answer and whom I identify with some of the time, it does matter because that self conceptualized me fears non existence.

So until we reach a point where we no longer completely identify with that small self conceptualized self non existence or death will always be a fear and thus this current reality takes on a paramount importance that may not really matter to our broader self :)


answered 12 Sep '11, 01:54

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Love your answer Michaela.

(12 Sep '11, 05:29) Paulina 1

Thanks Michaela, exactly: you exist Now, so you have always and will always exist. This question was obviously written so that you could provide the best answer :) And remember that the more we live in the Now Moment, the less time we create in which to project fear scenarios...

(13 Sep '11, 05:52) Eddie

Thanks Paulina:)

Thanks Eddie... got you loud and clear :))

(21 Sep '11, 00:03) Michaela
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Interesting question, Eddie.

I agree with you that this illusion of a single fixed reality is a self-imposed self-limiting belief but I would say it falls into the category of being a deliberate and convenient limiting belief.

I think the physical reality "game-board" provides a level of stability and focus that doesn't exist in the truly non-physical "think-it-and-you-manifest-it-immediately" levels of consciousness.

I think the key here is continuity of experience.

I see it like an interesting "position" in a game of chess.

alt text

Because all our multiple existences exist simultaneously in the past, present and future, we can see all our lifetimes in an instant and see what "position" our physical reality game-board ends up in.

And we can find those "positions" that seem interesting to us and then decide to play out the game that led to that "position" for the experience of watching the game unfold.

Without incarnating into a physical reality, we can only get the overview of a particular experience without the detail of it - like reading about the plot/review of a movie as opposed to actually sitting through the entire movie for's just not as satisfying.

So, in order to gain the experience, consciousness has no choice but to incarnate and give itself the illusion of that game being played out through the unfoldment of multiple normally-unconnected parallel realities in a self-limiting way that appears to provide that continuity of experience.

As a side note to this, I note the Pleiadian Collective say that the physical experiences of others can be "overlaid" into other consciousnesses as a substitute...but it's still not quite the same as having the authentic physical experience itself

One twist to this idea, in my view, is that past, present and future are all in a state of perpetual flux as all the lifetimes unfold simultaneously so the game position you thought you were playing towards might actually be shifting as you play the game :)

So the experience you thought your physical self was heading towards might not materialize in the way you intended.

When you are playing out that game, you really want that continuity of experience that the physical platform provides to remain intact otherwise it negates the value of the experience. We can jump around arbitrarily already in an instant from one game position to another in other levels of consciousness and so replicating that in physical reality doesn't gain anything new.

Having laid all that foundation, I think the answer to your question about does it really matter if this physical platform (Earth, for my current focus) ceases to be has to be "It Depends".

If that particular game position you were aiming at is in danger of shifting too far that it wipes out the value of the experience, then it matters...unless, of course, the experience of not being able to experience a particular experience is the experience you were after :)

To my understanding, "We" - the collective bunch who are incarnating on Earth right now - have already satisfied ourselves with the experience of self-destruction in previous Earth histories (Atlantis, for example) so right now, as the game unfolds, we don't want that to happen again.

As far as I can figure out, the game position we're playing out to during this period is one of transformation of consciousness from the game position of self-limitation to one of realization that there is no limitation.

You've asked a pretty profound question there and this is tough stuff to get your head around when focused in a 3D physical reality. I'm not sure if my stab at answering it has really got to the bottom of it but maybe there's something here for someone to think about :)


answered 12 Sep '11, 08:33

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Wow Stingray this is deep but I agree with you. The game of life is truly interesting.

(13 Sep '11, 04:37) Paulina 1

Thanks for the elaboration Stingray. You know we share a lot of common views and I love channeling as well; although, as you say, you haven’t really answered the question...

(13 Sep '11, 05:49) Eddie

he you like chess me also do you play against yourself?

(16 Sep '11, 01:27) white tiger

@White Tiger - Played a lot for years (increasingly against computers in recent times) but don't really get the time these days

(16 Sep '11, 15:29) Stingray
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I disagree with your theory. I believe that apart from infinite number of planets, solar systems, and galaxies, there are also countless universes, but those universes are not parallel to our reality. When your body ceases to be, your spirit incarnates again on our planet. If Earth would be destroyed, your spirit would be incarnated on some other planet.

Your existence and the existence of Earth matters. Even if you are not sure if this reality is real, there is a reason why you are here. Even supposing that parallel realities exist, there must have been some reason why you were born in this particular one.


answered 12 Sep '11, 09:35

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I'd suggest you check out the book "The Gods of Eden" might give you a slightly different perspective on the incarnating to Earth idea. It's definitely food for thought :)

(13 Sep '11, 03:03) akaVienne

There is no wrong answer.

(13 Sep '11, 04:43) Paulina 1

Thanks asklepios. It’s great that you actually have an opinion as so many don’t :) If you’re really interested in the idea of parallel realities, watch ‘What the bleep do we know?’- It’s a good intro. Every second is a discreet universe unto itself; thus in every second, due to our choices, we’re moving through parallel versions of earth. This reality is illusional, but it’s as real as reality gets. Sure, there’s a reason for everything, but that’s not what the question asked.

(13 Sep '11, 05:50) Eddie

asklepios, re; the countless universes; from what i have read there is a hierarchy, and each man's ceiling, so to say, is another mans's floor. the ladder to immortality, or when we transmute to ethereal forms. yes other planets where we share our advanced wisdom

(14 Sep '11, 03:34) fred

each man's ceiling being another man's floor seems interesting! though this is one of the topics on which it is hard to find much information.

(14 Sep '11, 05:56) Asklepios
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Your on a wave.
Your riding that wave not the one that's coming or not the one from last week.
It is The only wave that counts. Sure your could bail out of or even eat it but it's still that wave that matters . That's the ride your on and that is where your focus is. and no doubt that there is other waves in other places at the same time but at this moment you are not there.
This is your wave this is your moment this is what matters to you


answered 12 Sep '11, 14:58

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Viva la Earth wave.

(13 Sep '11, 04:29) Paulina 1

yes well in fact it matters you came here to experience this world so did you do the best you could for you and others? would you not like it that every one achive that? or would you like it more that people makes bad choice and destroy this world? or that God use nature to destroy this world because all are wicked and he decide to make a clean up? or worse he decide to make the last judgement and no more chance for you to evolve would you like that? as for me if the world ends tomorrow by human or nature i know that i am more then this corporal form but i would like that we do not have to drink this cup. so follow the golden rule experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Sep '11, 02:26

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white tiger

Good one White Tiger. My sentiments too.

(12 Sep '11, 05:33) Paulina 1

Eddie it seems for me at least to matter, if the Earth dimension, the one that I am living in, is destroyed that would seem to matter to me very much! Now for the other infinite realities and the people living in those, it wouldn't seem to matter to them, it is not their world being blown into a million bits of space debris!


answered 12 Sep '11, 02:35

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Wade Casaldi

edited 12 Sep '11, 02:43

That's right Wade.

(12 Sep '11, 05:34) Paulina 1

All those parralel Universes and realities but guess what? We here on our most beautiful planet earth are only conscious of one. The one we are living and experiancing right here and right now on tera firma. So how come we are not conscious of all the other simultanious realities we are suposed to be experiancing? Who cares?

The only reality that is important right now is this one and I'm sure we will give the others our deserved attention when we get there or become conscious of it. Does it matter if Earth is destroyed by human hand or nature? Hell yes it matters for nobody wants this home of ours destroyed not by nature nor by our human ignorance and greed.

What we truly want is for Mother Earth to live forever or at least to not be destroyed in our lifetime. We all here should do something to look after and love our beautiful home.



answered 12 Sep '11, 05:52

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Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina Gião. Are you sure that everyone is only aware of existing on one plane of existence? Can you allow for the possibility that some are aware of their multiple simultaneous existences?

(13 Sep '11, 05:51) Eddie

Yes I can allow for my true belief is that all our existences as well as dimentions are internal (the kingdom of heaven within) and can be accessed via meditation or revere. Even I personaly have had some experiance with that but our awareness is predominantely on our life here on earth.

(13 Sep '11, 06:16) Paulina 1

In my mind humans are products of nature, we are an integral part of it...whether humans or other natural forces destroy the world is irrelevant.


answered 13 Sep '11, 08:49

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blubird two

i would not rely on the judgement of one of mankind living during the year 2011,
to decide to destroy planet earth.
nor for him to do so in the future,
so that would tend me towards nature and her ordered consciousness for her


answered 15 Sep '11, 23:39

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