Is life or this human experience really just like one great big game of hide and seek? We have a soul contract before we come into this physical reality to grow and expand and undertake whatever this human experience entails in order for our being to grow and expand. So we are born into this world and gradually let adults, society and culture influence us to the extent our Higher Self or Source is hidden from us.Then, for a lot of us, something happens or we reach a point in this life experience that causes us to begin to awaken and seek that Source or Higher Self. So a lot of our early life we spend hiding from who we really are and then spend years seeking what we were originally hiding from - a bit of a paradox really. I'd love to hear some other opinions on this concept.

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Its a shame that we are not aware of our soul contract to expand and develop in our early life. We are born into a community so and are taught to follow their beliefs and customs. Early childhood life and religion had such an influence on my development that I find it very hard to accept new awakening in my life. We freely use terms such as mind,universal mind,subliminal mind on faith. We become philosophers and begin to question and seek answers. We read within man dwells the mind of the universe or all is mind.!,,kkKk Who discovered that? Hard to accept.

(12 Dec '11, 09:53) Austin
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Maybe we get taken in by the trappings of our culture; both good and bad. We adults are short of time, worried about our careers, taking care of children and homes, have obligations to family members (sometimes even becoming care-takers of parents or grandparents) chasing after material things and money. We worry about the economy. It's hard to be thinking of Source at times like that when we are somewhat overwhelmed and others are relying upon us.

Once we are more settled, either because we decide to be, or because of retirement, or a slowing down due to illness, we start to think again about spiritual matters and our real home, and where we will go after this incarnation or lifetime.

It is hide and seek in a way, but maybe not a deliberate game. There is ebb and flow in most things and perhaps even our spiritual lives.


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LeeAnn 1

Thanks LeeAnn. You may be right that it's not a deliberate game or maybe it is something we deliberately agreed to for the growth and expansion off our Higher Being. I guess we won't really know until we transition to the next realm or are one of the very few that reaches full enlightenment in this one.

(30 Jan '10, 01:16) Michaela

I think that the "hide & seek" nature in creation is a necessary phenomenon for the expansion of that which is all knowing.

If all that is known is contained within two books what does this creation create after the knowledge of the two books are exhausted?

So I believe a purposeful imbalance of information is maintained to create a movement in expansion and curiosity.

So if this creation forgets the information in one book & was given the capacity to have memory & thought, it tries to remember the information in the forgotten book by recalling & thinking. Invariably, instead of remembering the forgotten book, it stumbles on a new organization of memory & new possibilities of plot development.

A new book is born with the excitement "Hmm I wonder how I can improve this story from what I remember"

If you have ever balanced a broomstick in your palm you will notice that with perfect balance you are stuck in one place. The only way to move in a particular direction while maintaining the balance is to create a purposeful off balance in the direction you want to move.

I think consciousness or creation is doing the same thing.

If it maintains the position of "all knowingness", then what does it do after that? Where do you go from there? There is nothing else to know. So instead a position of "I don't know everything" is maintained.

In the human experience this "I don't know everything" takes the form of us not being able to remember our past & future simultaneous multi dimensional existences. We only know & experience "NOW".

This "NOW" is the balance point in the broomstick balancing analogy.

This way of looking at things makes sense to me. I don't know if it is "Right" but it feels right.


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The Traveller

I think your right:)

(30 Jan '10, 06:40) Roy

Thanks for that vote of confidence Roy.

(30 Jan '10, 07:18) The Traveller

This is a good question. I've noticed, over the years, there are people who know exactly what they want, and they put all their energy into achieving that end/goal. That is not typical, perhaps, for the majority of folks, probably because, as LeeAnn says, they're too invovled with getting through life. But those who dedicate themselves to one thing, and in many, it is a spiritual journey, do it without being distracted, just like anyone who becomes a musician, a scientist, a writer, or an athlete and so on. Could it then be said that they were not hiding from themselves? Could it be, also, that we are where we're supposed to be, and that we arrive at the next place at the time that we arrive there, no sooner, no later?

As children we may be open to the endless possibilities, but are unable to go in a particular direction because we have not yet become aware of our potential for empowerment. I don't think it is really playing hide and seek for the child. It definitely is for the adult. On the other hand, it may simply be the lessons to be learned are being done on a subconscious level. Getting through life events do afford evolution, even if it is not on a consious level. The bonus is being awake to the learning.


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