Here's a hypothetical scenario: I was handed a lottery scratchcard, as a present. Hours before and after I was happy, high, buzzing (and in the Vortex). I scratch the card and I win top prize (thousands and thousands of $).


If I postponed the scratching of the card until later, when I was NOT happy, NOT in the Vortex, does/can that change the outcome? For argument's sake, I did not win this time (also, my feeling outside the Vortex would be that I would NOT win). Question ends here.

More of my thoughts...

We cannot prove it, but we can prove one thing that in the Vortex you win, and outside the Vortex you don't; at least, right?

It's as if the contents of the card would HAVE to change (and the universe would HAVE to synchronize by law) such that I would not win if I scratch it when I am not in the Vortex, even though I was given the card when I was in the Vortex.

We cannot prove that the contents of that card would have changed because I can only be focused in one reality.

It's a little mind-boggling. As if it doesn't matter what scratchcard it is, who's given it to me and when, it is when I am in the Vortex (as if in another reality) and scratch it when I am in the Vortex that it matters. And yet, a slight question of: if I was given the card when I was not in the Vortex, anything started/given/initiated from that not-great-feeling place is not going to be fruitful, so perhaps I must be in the Vortex when I get the card AND when I scratch it? On the other hand, if I was already in the Vortex (and because anything inspired in the Vortex remains valid even when outside the Vortex; it just doesn't resonate with the non-Vortex me), anything initiated from that great-feeling place, such as being given the lottery scratchcard, has to be fruitful; so perhaps I don't really need to be aligned in the end when I scratch it, after all? (I think I still need to be aligned in the end, no matter what; cannot receive when not aligned, right?)

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I'm no expert in the vortex or manifestation, but personally I doubt that being in the vortex at the moment of scratching the card would make any difference to the outcome. Being in the vortex previous to it might possibly lead you to take action in the first place e.g. buy a lottery ticket, or somehow lead you to where the winning ticket might be. I don't think manifestation would result in any supernatural happening like a change in the numbers on the card. I hope I've got your question right.


answered 12 Oct '14, 16:00

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