I enjoy empowering people and I feel like a big part of feeling empowered is faith in God. What if someone doesn't believe in God.

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Again that old adage comes to mind "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

If someone isn't asking you really can't teach them. For me, my relationship with God is a personal thing and I think if you try to push it, without the person asking, it could be detrimental and you could actually push them further away.

By all means. if the topic comes up in conversation or there is an opening,as Vesuvius pointed out, let them know how your belief and faith in God has impacted your life in a positive way.


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Share your positive experiences.

If God is a part of your life, tell them how He is, and how that makes your life better. Christians call that, "giving them your testimony." If you are clear about your relationship to God, that will illuminate your story. Your enthusiasm will make them curious to learn more.

But in my experience they must already be curious. If they have made up their mind about God already, I'm not sure there's much you can do to change their mind, other than performing a miracle. And I made up my mind a long time ago that it's not my job to "save" everyone.


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As Michaela and Vesuvius pointed out, there's that. You can't look like you're not pushing if you are pushing. The only way to not push is if the person actually have some kind of request for it. If that person who doesn't believe make questions and want to try to believe, then there's an opening. And the other way around is also true - if the person does believe but want not to believe, that's their choice, and there's an opening for making an atheist (rather than a theist).

The best thing to do to prove your behavior or belief is right is just living it on your own, with no spoken words about it. If someone asks, you respond. If not, just live your life. If it's something worth talking about, someone will ask.


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Ideally, since no one has ever seen God there is nothing to explain, except of course if you want to introduce someone to the Bible, and give them access to word of God; and let them decide for themselves if they too want to have a personal relationship with God!


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There is nothing to explain. No one needs to believe in anything.

Just treat everyone with loving kindess. That is "god" in action.




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jim 10

A possible way to explain in the following video.video. The article is an Romanian, it can be translate with Google, but the videi is spoken on Enclish.

Cross within us:


For all you


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@Stingray:) It is also for you.

(29 Jan '11, 00:08) Gleam

some clarification of who or what your God is may be helpful,
there seem to be numerous interpretations of what life is and
in particular what is going on with each of us.


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