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If so, let us all hold hands spiritually, and pray for the thousands of people in Haiti that is awaiting emergency aid. I thank you all for joinng with me in the moment to take sometime to pray for the ones' most in need of help. "May the love of God brings healing to his people!"

asked 15 Jan '10, 05:33

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Might I make a suggestion to those of you who wish to make a genuine difference to that region, whether through prayers, visualization, metaphysical requests etc?

That suggestion is to do your work only from a place of connection within yourself i.e while you are feeling good (or at least neutral) within yourself.

If you are upset or troubled by these events, then this may mean you having to avoid the news or not discussing the situation in that region with other people for a while until you can regain your inner balance.

And this may also mean you not thinking of the situation as it is now, but only keeping your focus on how you would like it to be in future.

If you are able to do your work from this place of connection within yourself, you will be able to provide some powerful metaphysical assistance.

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answered 15 Jan '10, 14:44

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Sending love and visualising abundance to the people of Haiti.

You may find this blog post I found through twitter interesting.

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answered 20 Jan '10, 07:47

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Yes I agree even though this is not a question, it is very important.


answered 15 Jan '10, 06:17

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I will pray...This may end up a "Community wiki", Elsa...


answered 15 Jan '10, 10:59

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My prayers are with them.


answered 15 Jan '10, 12:31

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I agree as well. I join with the rest of you.

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answered 15 Jan '10, 14:13

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I have got an idea like that some time ago. To meditate/pray on some problem as a group, and help people that are in need. I am planning to run this project soon.

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answered 15 Jan '10, 15:38

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