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Do you think one could not possibly exist without the other ? .. one leads to the other? .. or that religions became a block in our spiritual growth ?

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I am curious why this is made a community wiki?

(09 Aug '11, 15:54) Fairy Princess

I think that many organized religions have an agenda that misses some of the more salient points of what they purport to teach when those beliefs are extended outside of their own religion, (and sometimes within). Some extreme examples of that is that both Catholics and Protestants alike have killed many in the name of their religion through the ages, as have many other religions, occasionally resulting in the destruction of whole cultures in the belief that Christianity was the superior religion. Even now, extremists, factions and spin off sects of Christianity, (for example), have used their beliefs to suppress women and/or impose closed societies etc., How any of that has any basis in the teachings of Jesus Christ or any other enlightened teacher, I don't know

Religion also tends to be based on the teachings of people long gone, whose words have been translated many times over the years, and which are also subject to the prevailing agenda of the day. While I believe there is some limited value in that, the distortion of those teachings have effectively removed power from the people and handed it to the Church and the hierarchy that administers the services and teachings, (and the wealth they have acquired over the centuries), and then declares their 'wisdom' from their lofty positions of power.

So yes, I do think that many organized religions become a block to our spiritual growth because they often don't practice what they are supposed to preach.

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Religions become an block in your spiritual growth. Yes, you can have one without the other. But you will not because everyone has the free will choice to chose who or what they want to serve or believe in or not. While they are deciding on who it is they are colecting information on an conscious level and on an spiriual level they maybe learning. Only time will tell.

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Picking Christianity, since I believe that Jesus was/is God, there is a patern of the whole that matches the patern of the individual. In the begining, God created man (and woman). Then man taste the judgement of good and evil and was cast out of the Garden of Eden, the fall of man. Along the way, Abraham was able to connect with God and built a relationship that was passed on to his childeren and his children's children, including Isaac and Jacob. Throught this relationship grew practices that bonded man with God. These practices, over the years became religion and through man's desire for power, distorted and manipulated, the truth being hidden from the people. People were so afraid of God, they needed a priest or a prophet to talk to God for them. Then Jesus came and showed people that they had power, demonstrating it to the people and telling them that they too could do these things. Jesus showed us that we can overcome 'evil' with our faith. He taught that if we had the faith of a mustard seed we could tell a mountain to move and it would jump into the ocean. Jesus demonstrated these things in many ways. Even tearing the veil to the Holy of Holies to physically prove to the people that they could have direct access to God. Over the years, the practices that were taught became religion rather than relationship. Leaders again, through man's desire for power, distorted and manipulated, the truth being hidden from the people. It seems that every 2,000 years, there is a major change in the timeline of Christianity. (I am NOT saying that the world was created 6,000 years ago.) Here we are 2,000 ish years from the time of Jesus. There seems to be a major shift in consciousness that has been predicted. (The internet has helped to spread I am sure.) This time not only do we have physical access to God, but we are realizing that we are not even separate from God. In this process, we become aware of our ability to create our world, however far that expands. People are discovering techniques and rituals to bring results faster. This has the potential to become a religious practice, opening the door for people again, through man's desire for power, to distort and manipulate the truth hiding it from the people.

Now, like this timeline, man is born a baby, everything is good. Then one day, the person starts having negative thoughts and emotions (knowledge of good and evil). These negative thoughts and emotions separate us from God (the fall of man). They cause disease, pain, ailments in our physical body. (wailing and gnashing of teeth) One day, we realize that our thoughts and emotions are causing the pain and ailments and that if we change our thoughts and emotions (repent), we can be healed of the pain and ailments and live in a world of peace and love and joy (heaven, Garden of Eden). This is the truth that the religious leaders have kept hidden as a secret. It is the power of God in us.

In the Christian Church, they include accepting Christ as our savior in here. Which He is, but they changed the whole meaning so that we don't beleive we have the access to God that Jesus promised us. We are joint heirs of His kingdom. The church has become distorted and puts the pastor as a mediator between God and man. The church has created doctrines, so many that there are different denominations. They have created ritual where there should be relationship. They have once again separated man from God. Jesus said that He is the way, the door, etc... But they have redecorated the door with false doctrines and distractions from the truth. Jesus didn't mean that everybody has to invoke the name of Jesus on everything. But the Church has put Jesus, God, salvation, in a box and it has become, in my opinion, idolotry. Rather than worshiping God, they worship an ideal of Him that they created. It is these idols that we are warned not worship. The door that Jesus refers to is not the manmade door the Church built, but it is found in His words and teachings.

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I agree with what you have said about the church but scripture actually says, I AM the way, the door etc not I Jesus am the way etc. The only saviour is yourself your I AMness.

(12 Aug '11, 13:49) AboveBelow

Kings Mind, I understand that. I mention it because the current Christian belief is that you must know Jesus' name to find the door. When Jesus said that He is the door, He meant Himself as in His righteousness, in God. That paragraph is about how the Church has corrupted the meaning. So I will clarify that.

(12 Aug '11, 14:14) Fairy Princess

je suis = i am in french.

(28 Sep '11, 00:24) white tiger
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