The definition seems to vary with different countries and beliefs.

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I received this message this morning, I feel it fits right and time flies.

(08 Dec '13, 13:52) Roy
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To Quote the Toa Te Ching:

The sage has always no mind of his own, but makes his own the minds of all. The sage takes the good person for good for himself,
And even takes no good person for good for himself.
For his virtue is indeed good.
The sage takes the trustworthy person for trustworthy for himself,
And even takes the untrustworthy person for trustworthy for himself.
For his virtue is indeed trustworthy.
When the sage rules the universe, he will empty his own mind,
And make the people ignorant and desireless like the new born babies,
Even they want to heed the sage with listening and notice..

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I think a true Sage would be someone who would never describe themselves at that.

They are humble, would never dream of even offering their opinion unless a seeker asked them for it.

They would be someone who had learnt their craft by pure experience.

They would be someone whose experience and life proved the validity of their beliefs.

They may also be very unknown, overlooked by many and could be nearer to you than you might imagine.


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Monty Riviera

I agree with you on that @Monty Riviera since the world is blinded by their own inner division and follow the mass and what is popular they will often miss the pearl of great value. Do not be surprise at my saying for them it will come as a thief in the night and they will act like the Pharisees acted they should have clean the inside of the cup.

(13 Sep '13, 09:50) white tiger

A Sage could mean different things to different people. One example is: a Sage could be the wise old man in the village that everyone goes to for advice. So, one can refer to him as the Sage of the village, or the wise one.

A Sage could be a person full of wisdom, with different talents, and abilities. He may have the gift to heal; he may be able to provide treatment that no one else can give to you. He is highly respected for the work he does, and for some he is the answer to all problems. He could be considered to be the no all to the end all to the ones who seeks his help, and advice. His work to some is everything short a miracle.

In our modern day society, the Sage could be your Guidance Counselor at school, or someone you trust, respect, and you could go to for personal advice and guidance. This someone could help you to work towards your goals to succeed in life, or could help you to solve a difficult problem. Another example is: your next door neighbor could be the Sage, the wise person in your Community that everyone goes to for advice, and help.


answered 06 Dec '09, 23:14

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Inactive User ♦♦

I like your modern day Sage.There are so many people these days with very unique gifts who are willing to share them freely.I seem to find more and more people of all ages who just like to help others and share their knowledge.

(07 Dec '09, 03:03) Roy

It is one thing to seek the advice of the sage because you don't know what to do, and you think the sage can help.
It is another to ask god for guidance and god, through your inner feelings, gives you a clear "feeling" that you must ask guidance from the village sage.

Otherwise you maybe seeking advise from the village idiot who is dressed as a sage.


answered 06 Dec '09, 23:56

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The Traveller


I read you wide and clear. We do have to be careful of the Wolf, in sheep clothing. But I was thinking on a more positive note, such as the Sage is a decent, and honest peron,or is a person who is perhaps doing the the work of God to help and save our people from evil.

(07 Dec '09, 05:03) Inactive User ♦♦

It's just a word. It means wise old man.


answered 05 Dec '09, 04:21

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a sage is some one that know himself and other, it is someone that is not divided in himself even if the world is divided in them self around him. as long as one is intoxicated he cannot drink water, and see is own reflection. then how could he truly know him self as the light that he is? the light came to the world and darkness did not comprehend it.

you are not in darkness any more walk while you have the light.

let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

if you need a visual help:

make thine eye single. clean the inside of the cup, see your reflection on the water, get to know the light that you are until the 2 become one.

am I telling you the truth?


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white tiger

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The key in this understanding, that their love can only be addressed to God not for the others, while for the others there is only caring.

Practically, their heart can vibrate only because of God, while for the other their vibration are less than generally human (less than loving). If their awareness are directed to the others they will feel closer to emptiness, but if their awareness are directed to God (however it is), suddenly they are absorbed into loving God.

What is a Sage and what does one do ? It's obedience with loving wholeheartedly that specifically for God.

  • Sage is people with the condition always loving God wholeheartedly, caring to others wholeheartedly and implementing it mostly within ranges of obedience as previously asserted directly from God

answered 08 Dec '13, 04:21

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@Seremonia I do not agree with what you said:Practically, their heart can vibrate only because of God, while for the other their vibration are less than generally human (less than loving). If their awareness are directed to the others they will feel closer to emptiness, but if their awareness are directed to God (however it is), suddenly they are absorbed into loving God. love the neighbor as thy self. the sage is not divided between the first and the second commandment. people outside of him -

(08 Dec '13, 13:31) white tiger

are by their own choice. they praise them self and are intoxicated when they shake off their wine they will drink water. you see they have free will like everyone else. to be merciful should be as easy as drinking water. I am telling you even a innocent little child that is perfect just the fact that someone as made him suffer from the outside is enough to cause darkness in him. and require cleaning the cup and drinking water. a little child of seven days just told you this.

(08 Dec '13, 13:36) white tiger

But don't try to love ourselves with all our heart, since the energy of loving must be addressed wholeheartedly to God (with all your heart, soul and mind). Meaning, loving others shouldn't be bigger or the same as loving to God, including our obedience to God. This type of obedience obligates us to HELP (CARING) others (including our neighboor) wholeheartedly, but NOT LOVING to others as the same or bigger than to God.

(08 Dec '13, 18:28) Seremonia

You can relate this term to any possible means relevantly, but i am pointing to the essential moral teaching, rather than pointing to people outside him. Thanks :-)

(08 Dec '13, 18:29) Seremonia

you are made in the image of God ,if you do not know your self how can you know God? in the kingdom there is no division, there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark. each one of us is similar and different and we form a whole. in this world when some are divided do not know the truth they get lost and are intoxicated. then how can they make a perfect puzzle until they put every pieces together they cannot see the perfect image. all things are made of-

(10 Dec '13, 23:02) white tiger

simple things even complex things they only have more element or puzzle pieces. when one is divided or intoxicated he stop putting the pieces together, he rely only on is own praise and is own understanding not wanting to learn new things. he will say I have that many year of experience he forgot that each day brings something new, how many year did he stop is understanding to stay in truth? it is the same thing for the new wineskin that are not able to learn from the old wine if they would-

(10 Dec '13, 23:06) white tiger

That's deep really, especially on the last words "how can they make a perfect puzzle until they put every pieces together they cannot see the perfect image", thanks :-)

(10 Dec '13, 23:10) Seremonia

learn they would not make the same mistake, you see some win and loose and some loose and win. the one that win could learn why he win and better him self. and the one that loose could learn why he lost so that he might win. if the one that win does not take in the knowledge of this win he loose the opportunity to better him self. and the one that loose if he does not learn from is lost loose the opportunity to better himself so that he might win.

(10 Dec '13, 23:14) white tiger

And the answer is this "when one is divided or intoxicated he stop putting the pieces together", thanks

(10 Dec '13, 23:19) Seremonia
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