I ask this as a follow up to a question asked earlier about Prayers. I personally do not pray. I simple focus on what I want and that is how I attract what I want. But for those who believe in prayer, how does that relate to the law of attraction. Can someone explain?

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See the answers to this similar question - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6528/is-manifesting-really-a-form-of-prayer

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You pray to God with the FAITH that whatsoever you ask for in prayer will be given onto you, and you write your wish list, put it into a box, and you wait with FAITH that the LOA will give it to you. So, as you can see it is the same method, but different names are used to achieve the same outcome.

On the contrary, asking the Universe is asking God, since the Universe is God, or the One Consciousness, the One Universal Mind, but it is all from the one, and the same energy/spirit.


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I cant really, but i used to pray the asking type of prayers and now do what you do more or less.Seems to work for me. Im not saying that the asking prayer is wrong,but after years of soldiering on with it i discovered a different viewpoint and began to think about my desired outcome more.



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Prayers are petitioning God to co-create, meditation is listening to God.


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prayers may not always be for the attainment of personal gratification,
the belief that the world needs to be replenished with kindly thoughts
is more than something just back for you.


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I pray daily. For me prayers are an integral part of the LOA because you are asking specifically for what you want to manifest. The thing is you have to know how to pray. Most people infringe on others' sacred rights to free will while praying. The correct way would be, say you're praying for a loved one, always end it with "according to their will."

Thank you, namaste


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