Say if you get a sudden strong feeling something is going to happen (be it good or bad) and it does, was that because you had that feeling and brought it into existence? Or was the situation going to happen anyway and you were being forewarned by your higher self?

asked 11 Jan '11, 15:10

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Radius 7.25

Hunches are spiritual signals from the Higher Self to point the way, to protect and support us in the physical world from the unforeseen forces of nature dangers!

As a rule I always listen to my Hunches, and on many occasions it has helped to save the day for me. Personally, I see Hunches as an alarm Clock in my Higher Self, the wake up call to alert me to get up and do something or to get refocused to see what needs to be done. Hunches can also be considered to be a message to warn against both happy and unpleasant events in ones’ life!


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A hunch is intuition wrapped up in a feeling. It can be characterized in several ways. One way is to view this as information from your higher self. Another way is to view it as a product of millions of years of evolution; your body just "knows."

People whose thinking process is clouded by faulty ideas ("I am not worthy or deserving," for example) can use these feelings to sabotage themselves. But if you are clear about what you want, hunches are the Universe's way of steering you in the right direction.


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Thanks Vesuvius, that makes sense. The reason I ask is because I was thinking about something that happened about 12 years ago. I was with 4 of my friends one summer night and we were walking through the woods. We had walked that same path for years but all of a sudden I got a real fear that something bad was going to happen, like nothing I had ever felt before. About 15 seconds later we all saw a ghost standing in front of a tree. It was really grotesque looking, with its hands on its face and an almost skull like face. We just ran as fast as we could out of the woods.

(11 Jan '11, 17:41) Radius 7.25

We have since been back many times but have never seen it since. It reminded me of something one of my Muslim friends used to say. He never used to like it when people talked about ghosts when he was there because he said that talking about them made them appear. So when I got that bad feeling, did I make the ghost appear or was it already at the tree and I was being warned about it?

(11 Jan '11, 17:44) Radius 7.25

Ask more-specific questions, get more-specific answers.

(11 Jan '11, 19:22) Vesuvius

I thought the short paragraph underneath the question was quite specific but never mind.

(12 Jan '11, 04:59) Radius 7.25

Sorry for appearing a bit cranky, but my answer is based on the more general form of your original question, not the highly specific situation you describe here.

(12 Jan '11, 15:36) Vesuvius

That's OK Vesuvius, my ghost story was just an example of this experience. I like your answer, it made a lot of sense to me. The part about your body "just knowing" is kind of comforting and makes me want to pay attention to it a lot more.

(12 Jan '11, 17:49) Radius 7.25
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a hunch is that gut feeling that you know is correct.


answered 13 Jan '11, 11:05

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It is a connection between our memory and the existing condition. If you were to try to formulate it, Memory+Experience=Hunch. Delve deeper into the structure of your memory to comprehend your current trajectory.


answered 11 Jan '11, 18:49

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